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[Guides and Tutorials] Saving the Scout

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Elites DON'T count as kills

It's An Emergency
Requirements: lvl 150+
Anton in JoyFestival to Shayan
2.kill 100 Green Smileys to Shayan
4.kill 100 Poison Prawn Sushi to  Shayan to Anton to Nayo in Sakura Valley for your reward

Rewards: exp 16.000credits 2.300.000 gold

Save Me!
Requirements: complete quest “It'sAn Emergency”
Nayo in SakuraValley
1.collect 100 Earth Essence by killing Moss Sprites
and 100 Bugtrap Leaves by killing Fragrant Bugtraps to Nayo to Caito in Joy Festival
4.return to Nayo for your reward

rewards: 1.300.000.000 exp 19.000credits 2.700.000 gold

Mysterious Pink Mist
Baelor in SakuraValley
1.collect 100 Crandeer Hide by killing Crandeer
collect 100 Kitty Tails by killing Orange Kitty

2.return to Baelor
3.go to Dano in Fox Shrine

4.return to Baelor to Dano to Baelor for your reward

Rewards: 1.500.000.000 exp 22.000credits 3.000.000 gold

He's Not Back Yet
Requirements: lvl 195+
Lilu in SakuraValley
1.go to Ninja Land and find Duga

2.Kill Dark Jumpy Brolly to get 200 old cotton

3.return to Duga
4.Kill Ghostly Sanosuke

5.return to Duga to Lilu(Sakura Valley)  for your reward

Rewards: 1.800.000.000 exp 25.000credits 3.500.000 gold

Missing Friend
Requirements: lvl 195+
Tavi in Hot SpringResort

1.go to Ninja Land and find Tanu
2.kill 200 Unearthly Warriors to get Warrior Blade Pieces

3.return to Tavi(hot spring resort)
4.Kill Red General Fusho to Tanu(ninja land)
6.Talk to Tavi(hot spring resort) for your reward

Rewards: exp 28.000credits 3.900.000 gold

Total Rewards: 7.800.000.000 exp110.000 credits 15.400.000 gold

I would like to thank 2 cute girls RavenclawS2 and Faeryall

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Tiny bonus from yours sincerely Santa-san for Stan's lovers :

Enjoy the nice view of his crotch ~

P.s. He doesn't wear panties. He confessed it himself.

P.p.s. Good job on the guide.


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Nice guide as always! :3

with a more decent position of stan haha

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Here's a rare pic of Raven Bluebeard :

~Yours truly, santa san


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U did again! Awesome team /Rface12