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[Guides and Tutorials] lakeside moon(sakura 2nd quests)

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Countless Mushrooms
Aika in Samara Woods

1.kill 200 Greencap Mushrooms

2. go to Andoga in Edo City

3. return to Aika(samara woods)

Rewards: 480.000.000 exp 7.000 credits 1.000.000 gold

Excellent Supplements
Requirements: finish countless mushrooms
Andoga in Edo City
1.kill 100 Carved Vase Gnomes and Salmon Sushi to get Lively Droplets and Lively Rice Grains

2.return to Andoga(edo city)
3.Kill Phantsam Reian

4.return to Andoga(edo city)
5.go to Aika(samara woods)

Rewards: 580.000.000 exp 8.000 credits 1.200.000 gold

The General's Past
Mimai in Edo City
1.kill 200 Blue Jumpy brollies

2.kill Centennial Storm

3.return to Mimai9(edo city)

Rewards: 680.000.000 exp 10.000 credits 1.300.000 gold

Future Agreements
Requirements: finish the general's past
Mimai in Edo City
1. talk to Tsukiga in Fox Shrine

2.kill 200 Raging Wanderers to Tsukiga(fox shrine)
4. talk to Tokiya(fox shrine)
5.kill Redrune Hounds to obtain scroll A(luck drop) and Killer Maid to get scroll B(luck drop) to Mimai(edo city)

Rewards: 960.000.000 exp 14.000 credits  1.900.000 gold

Moonlit Memories
Requirements:finish future agreements
Mimai in Edo City
1.go to Hot Spring Resort and kill
50 Tub Monkeys,Fanholder Foxes and Blueflame Pups

2.return to Mimai(edo city)
3.use the mirror in Hot Spring Resort(167,65)

4. return to Mimai(edo city)

Rewards: exp 15.000 credits 2.100.000 gold

Difficult Decision
Requirements: finish Moonlit Memories
Mimai in Edo City
1.kill Awkward Maids to get sealed document(luck drop)

2.return to Mimai(edo city)
3.kill Massive Durage(Edo City),Monkey Lord Yoni(Hot Spring Resort),Hound Deity Sha(Fox Shrine) to Mimai(edo city)

Rewards: exp 16.000 credits 2.300.000 gold

Total Rewards: 4.800.000.000 exp 70.000 credits 9.800.000
I would like to thank Love™ and StewieZz

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LOL fail at attaching pictures YC-Monkey141

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i forgot to actually add the pics on 2 places XD

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Really nice :) only remember one thing bro is "2nd quest" no "2nd main quest" xD