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[Guides and Tutorials] Demons Destroyed(east orient instance quests)

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Fragrant Spices
Requirements: lvl 110+
Head Chef Waldemar in Angelic Cave

1. kill Ghost Maid untill you get 15 spices(luck drop)

2. return to Waldemar

Rewards: 150.000.000 exp 20.000 credits 3.500.000 gold

Loyalty and Courage
Requirements: lvl 110+
Retired Hero Yale in Angelic Cave
1.kill Wired Zombie Baby,Giant Swordsman,Cloud Thunderer(60in total)

2.return to Yale
3.kill Fallen Lion King,Flutter Ghost Maid,Purply Zombie King(40 in total)

4. return to Yale

Rewards: 150.000.000 exp 20.000 credits 3.500.000 gold

Requirements: lvl 110+
Ajax in Angelic Cave
1.find Old man Gert(284.84)(east gate then north)

talk to him and you will teleport back to Ajax
2. talk to Ajax

Rewards: 200.000.000 exp 22.500 credits 2.000.000 gold

Paint your Emotions
Requirements: lvl 110+
Young Master Clive in Butterfly Garden

1. stand behind the bars of the west gate
2.stand behind the bars of the east gate
3.stand behind the bars of the north gate
4.return to Clive

Rewards: 180.000.000 exp 18.000 credits 6.000.000 gold

Land of Our Ancestors
Requirements: lvl 110+
Major General Den in Dyna City

1.defeat 35 Cloudfire Ox

2.return to Den
3. kill 35 Grand BBQ Bread

4.return to Den

Rewards: 220.000.000 exp 27.500 credits 5.500.000 gold

Insane Beast
Requirements: lvl 115+
Grandmaster Leroy in Butterfly Garden
1.Defeat Infernal Tornado Tiger(west gate boss)

2. return to Leroy

Rewards: 250.000.000 exp 30.000 credits 5.000.000 gold

War Against demons
Requirements: lvl 115+
Lance in Butterfly Garden
1.Defeat Acrimon The Destroyer(east gate boss)

2. return to Lance

Rewards: 300.000.000 exp 35.000 credits 8.000.000gold

Tyrant's end
Requirements: lvl 115+
Grand Secretary Rin in Butterfly Garden
1. defeat empress nephile(last boss)

2.return to Rin

Rewards: 350.000.000 exp 40.000 credits 12.000.000gold

Total Rewards: 1.800.000.000 exp 213.000 credits 45.500.000 gold
if you did all east quests in order,gratz this is your resultI would like to thank RavenclawS2,Dxmorgan and PH4NT0M,couldnt have done this without them.
if you have any questions,comments etc. pm/mail me in game or pm me here

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Very nice guide Stan!! :D

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nice guide :)
last pic thou YC-Monkey148

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I see dead people  YC-Monkey19

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Hey dude, any tip for beat Acrimon?, already fighting against him but his damage is already brutal...

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You just need enough stats tbh, if you are in Pegasus, I can help you :o. Should be able to kill him easily at this day and age of AO but I guess there are always new players XD

Pegasus and Chronos
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Let people know what server and who you are in game. It should be very easy for any higher level person to help you fast.

Mackie 231

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Alan J. Mackie
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Need arch guest shuwa y_y

Lmfao your life :<