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[Guides and Tutorials] Because of love(2nd orient main quest)

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once again i couldn't find a guide so i decided to make one.i hope you guys enjoy it^^(NPC/location. normal mob. Boss
Stolen Scripts
requirements: lvl 120+NPC:master tripeta(hazelnut ridge)

1. kill 100 monkey magicians
2. return to master tripeta
3. kill monkey king ujo to von' bolt

Rewards: 67.500.000 exp 10.000 credits 1.900.000 gold

Spring Peaches
requirements: finished "Stolen scripts quest"
NPC:von' bolt(hazelnut ridge) to collect the ingredients:100 sweet peaches(kill monkey kid)and 1 sugar(buy for 3k from yoke in dyna city)

2. return to von' bolt(hazelnut ridge)
3.kill Lantern wraith in angelic cave
4. return to master tripeta(1st quest)

Rewards: 81.000.000 exp 12.000credits 2.280.000 gold
The Crying Bird
Requirements: lvl 100+
NPC:Bauloo bird in emerald shores

1.recover bauloo bird's ?? from the evil sprites(luck drop)

2.give the hairpin to old champ in gaia valley

3.get mirror from thunderers(luck drop)
4.return to old champ

Rewards: 33.750.000 exp 5.000 credits 950.000 gold
Perhaps a Wife
Requirements: finished "The Crying bird quest"
NPC: old champ
1.bring the mirror to Longine in emerald shores

2.kill 100 battleaxe soldiers(angelic cave) to jade in emerald shores with longine
5.kill demonic turtle zatan

6.return to bauloo bird

Rewards: 94.500.000 exp 14.000 credits 2.660.000 gold
Unwavering Love
Requirements:finished "Perhaps a Wife quest"
NPC: Bauloo bird
1. get the rings from Punkfish King Shreke(port cherube)
]2.give the ring to longine(emerald shores) to Bauloo bird(longine will appear)

4.keep talking to Bauloo bird

Rewards: 47.250.000 exp 7.000 credits 1.330.000 gold

Total Reward: 324.000.000 exp 48.000 credits 9.120.000 gold

if you have any questions,improvements or whatever let me know,pm me here or pm/mail me ingame otherwise you can also contact me on my ao fb: angel superstan

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Improvements : Increase spacing between pictures; it kind of looks like a clusterfuck in some places.