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[Guides and Tutorials] Making Money Fusing Food

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Hello! I thought I'd contribute a little and give a brief guide on food fusion and how to make some decent money off of it.

There's lots of ways of making money in AO and this might not be the most efficient (there is luck involved) but at least you're pretty much guaranteed to make a profit.
It's not that time consuming, but if you're already good on money you might want to stick to farming monsters with alts. :)

So lets get started!


What You Will Need
Lv 91+ Producer - You don't have to be able to harvest lv 91 materials, but making lv 10 food is the most efficient for fusing food.

Now, leveling a producer is ridiculously tedious and I strongly recommend using a Sakura Box from the Item Mall on your producer, instantly taking it to level 130 along with all skill levels. You also get a free 60-day high-level robot as well as 60-day 5x XP/Skill XP/50% Collect/Manufacture Stones and some more goodies. For only 399 AG this is a sweet deal indeed, especially for producers.

Some Start-Up Money - Fusing food is not free and you do unfortunately need some gold to get you started. How much money you need kind of depends on how much food you want to fuse at the same time, but I recommend having somewhere between 30-50 million gold.

That's really all you need!


Optional Stuff
Collect/Manufacture Cards - Simply for speeding up the process of acquiring the materials needed to make the food. These cards do generally cost at least 1 million each and only lasts 30 minutes, so I wouldn't really recommend buying them.
However if you're able to get them from making alts everyday(I will not touch on that subject in this guide) feel free to use them or sell them ^^

Remember you do get 50% reduction stones from the Sakura Box.

The Space Infinite Set - Having the entire set gives you a 10% gathering speed increase which is nice. Acquiring it though is a bit time consuming and you need to be able to kill the bosses (easy with a Sakura Box'd Main). I'll link a guide on how to get the set below:

Other Collect/Manufacture Buffs - There are tons of different consumable items that can reduce collect/manufacture time. They usually cost around 100-200k each and lasts 30 minutes. A good one is the Spicy Turkey from the 2014 Thanksgiving event (limited amount now obviously). It reduces both collect and manufacture time by 12%.

Pimped Robot - You can reduce the collect/manufacturing time by inserting cores in your robot. Cores are expensive though and I wouldn't recommend using one on your 60-day robot anyway.

You can also use Lucky Hammers (keyword being "lucky") and hope to get a collect/manufacture line. :)
Level 70 robots can get up to 14%.

Now that you know what you need, let's move on to the actual fusing!


Fusing Food
Most people would agree that the best food for fusing is lv-10 Sea-land burgers and lv-10 Delicious burgers, that's also what I use.

It's up to you how much food you want to fuse but I prefer to hoard a lot of food before I start fusing. I typically get around 3k sea-land and 3k delicious. Making that amount of food will cost you 35.1 million by the way. Fear not though because you will easily make more than that from selling the outcome of your fusion!
With 80% collect/manufacture reduction getting this much food typically takes me almost two days. The actual fusion, once you get the hang of it, takes around 30 minutes.

You can obtain some achievements from fusing so I would recommend doing all fusion on your main character. :)

Alright so I won't go in-depth about how to fuse. Regular fusion potions are good enough for fusing food, you might want to switch to lucky fusion potions once you hit tier-1 (more on that later). Lucky fusion potions are only obtainable from super-terra though and cost 8k each IIRC.
You put Delicious burgers as the assistant item and sea-land burgers as the main.

Here is a link that will be your holy bible when it comes to fusing:

You'll need to look at this while reading the guide in order to follow.
It is in Spanish though, do you speak it? I sure don't. Relax, it's easy to use, also Google-Translate is a thing.
Simply scroll down a bit and click on the tabs titled "Grupo"

Each tab shows a list of items and all items listed in a tab belongs to the same tier, well somewhat at least (more on that later).
You want to fuse items listed under the same tab together in order to get the best result. Most people would refer to the items listed under the third tab from the left as tier-1, it's a bit misleading though in my experience because I don't think these tiers are set in stone.

Let me elaborate: Even though some items might be listed as being in the same tier, fusing them together might be more prone to yield a poor result. You almost always advance a tier by fusing two items of the same tier together, but fusing say, red light rune piece with swiftness scroll which are listed as tier two you'll very likely get one of the canisters which are at the bottom of tier two.

This is pure speculation on my part, and I might be wrong, but I think there are more tiers than this and I would rather consider canisters to be tier-2.5. So even though 6-star piercing hammers and 10-star piercing hammers are tier-1, fusing 6-star with 6-star will most likely give you clean gems, high-effect red/blue potions or 7-star hammers, which are a bit further down on the list of "tier-1" items.

This is also why you want to fuse level 10 food and not level 6 food which appear to be on the same tier but they're really not.

As a general rule of thumb I try to fuse items that are as close as possible to each other on the list.

So, now that you have a nice reference list of fusion outcomes and you know what to fuse with what, let's make some money!


Dolla' Dolla' Bills Y'all
Here I'll go through which items are worth saving when getting them and how much you might look to sell them for. The prices are obviously subject to change and may differ from server to server. I play on Chronos and the prices I list are what works on that server at the time of writing this guide~~

I generally make at least 100-200 million profit each time I fuse, not too shabby eh?

Depending on how many different items you decide to save and sell you'll likely not get much higher than tier2-3 by fusing food. But that's fine because tier-1 contains a lot of items that will sell for good gold.

A brief list on the "big" money items:
Enhanced Revival Scrolls [tier-2] - 3-4 million each
High Effect Pet Strike/Speed Scrolls [tier-1] - 1.5-2 million each
Wild Attack Scroll [tier-2] - 1-1.5 million each
Senior Fast/Strike Scroll Bar [tier-1] - 1-1.5 million each
Area/City Teleportation Scrolls [tier-3/4] - 1-2m each

Don't forget that if you get these items you'll get 10 of them! So That's 30-40 million from Enhanced Revival Scrolls!

A lot of items from tier-1 and 2 are worth at least 500k each but some sell better than others. You could for example sell Red Light Rune Piece for 1 million each, but it will take you a while to get rid of them, while all your Pet Strike/Speed cards will most likely be bought at the same time from one person.
It's up to you if you want to save all these items and try to sell them, but I will list them for you!

Rather Easy To Sell Items:
Mid-effect Pet's Red/Blue Potion [tier-0] - 50-60k each (10-12m/bundle)
High-Effect Pet Stat Potions [tier-1] - ~500k each
High Effect Pet Strike/Speed Scrolls [tier-1] - 1.5-2m each
Enhanced Revival Scrolls [tier-2] - 3-4m each
Senior Fast/Strike Scroll Bar [tier-1] - 1-1.5m each
Wild Attack Scroll [tier-2] - 1-1.5m each

Items That Will Sell At A Slow Pace:
Area/City Teleportation Scrolls [tier-3/4] - 1-2m each
Spacious Iron Bank/Shop [tier-1/2] - 1-1.5m each
Level 100 Gems [tier-2] - 700k-1m each
Pet Strike/Speed Cards [tier-1] - 500-800k each
Effective Scroll Bars (att/sa/def/sdef) [tier-2] - ~800k each
Revival Scroll [tier-3] - 1.5-2m each
Super Orange Potion [tier-3] - 700k-1m each
Master's Love [tier-2] - 500k-800k each
Canisters [tier-2] - Not sure, 500k-1m?

That's about it!
Remember to fuse items that are as close as possible with each other on the list and you'll almost always advance to the next tier or at least get items further down on the same tier.
Fusing an item on tier-2, for example, with a tier-1 as assist will likely yield another tier-2 item or a tier-1, which could be useful if you want to stay on that tier when fusing (some tiers have pretty crappy items).

When fusing sea-land with delicious burgers it feels like there's a 60-70% chance of advancing to tier-0, i.e 5-star hammers, juices, regular and pet hp/mp pots. However when you get other food or 4-star hammers I tend to fuse them like this:

braised fish/4-star hammer as main and mixed grill, and soups as assist.


I think that about covers it. If you have any further questions or if anything was unclear I'd be happy to try and answer/explain!

This was my first guide so thoughts about it is appreciated. Be gentle~~

If you want to throw me a message in-game my main character is named DeusEx (Chronos).

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Posted on 2015-04-20 01:38:09 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice! Might try fusing for fun soon ^_^

Posted on 2015-09-03 13:29:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

This might be a bit of a late reaction to the guide, but I just read it for the first time.
It's really helpfull, but I do have a question. Could it be that food above lvl 10 can't be fused?
Because I tried to fuse some lvl 12 Delicious Burgers and it said that the item couldn't be fused.
So does that mean that only food between lvl 4 and lvl 10 can be fused, or did I do something wrong?

Chef (Cooking lvl 245)
Posted on 2015-09-03 15:15:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

food above lvl 10 doesnt work

Posted on 2015-09-05 07:21:33 | Show thread starter's posts only

i have tried fusing lvl 1-10 food and lvl 17 food.. but doesnt work

Posted on 2015-09-07 16:55:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

I did try again with lvl 10 food and it worked perfectly. But anything above that does, indeed, not work.
What kind of lvl 10 food did you use? Because a lvl 10 soup for example isn't lvl 10 food if I remember correctly. Soups have a higher lvl than the rest of the food. I used the lvl 10 Big Hamburgers and it worked just fine :)

Chef (Cooking lvl 245)
Posted on 2015-09-15 15:03:02 | Show thread starter's posts only

i tryied all lvl food''hamburger..all..can u make some screenshits for me pls?

Posted on 2016-08-05 19:57:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

very nice guide also, if you're fusing mango juice and vegetable juice, does it matter which goes in main and which goes in assistant?

Posted on 2016-08-13 09:35:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

I think the wiki is outdated cause it saya I can fuse red pots but I cant. Or Im getting this wrong?

Posted on 2016-08-13 22:11:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

So, what tier does level 10 burgers fall? Cause I can't find them on the list