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[Guides and Tutorials] Cowboy 2nd Main Quest?

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Or Achievement Quest....

Shiny Gold
Talk to Cavando

1.Kill Brown Treeman until Crystal Gold Ore drops.

2.Talk to Dorasha

3.Talk to Cavando

Reward:84091000 exp,3700 credit,666000 gold

Gift of Love
Talk to Dorasha (Steam Town)

1.Collect fresh ingredients:
100 Bluevine Gome
100 Muddy Alligator
1 Flaming Alcohol (Winemaker Ara) 5000g

2.Talk to Dorasha

3.Get a pocket-sized barrel from the Red Woodman
Kill Flametree Imp (instead of Red Woodman) until pocket-sized barrel drops.

4.Talk to Dorasha

5.Talk to Cavando (Goldhill)

Reward:168182000 exp,7200 credits,1331000 gold

Secret Mine
Talk to Foreman Rice (Agysical Tunnel)

1.Help look for the stuff that the Crimson Rune Dogs stole
Kill 200 Crimson Rude Dogs

2.Talk to Foreman Rice

3.Check the situation at the mine:
Talk to Jess and Jeb

4.Talk to Foreman Rice

5.Talk to Zodo (Yeeha Bar)

Reward:126136000 exp,5500 credit,999000 gold

Manpower and Resources (After getting the credit to Secret Mine quest)

1.Talk to Mayat (Sunset Valley)

2.Help drive away the creatures that are interfering  with Mayat’s work
100 Brown Shoe Detectives

3.Talk to Mayat

4.Talk to Zodo

5.Talk to Foreman Rice (Yeeha Bar)

6.Talk to Zodo

Reward:210227000 exp,9000 credit,1665000 gold

Hand Them Over
Talk to Mayat (Sunset Valley)

1.Talk to Zasha (Sunset Valley)

2.Help Collect the following sources
50 Woodsorrel Skaters
50 Beanie Sprouts
50 Purple Shoe Detectives
50 Lakeside Doll
30 Red Dusty Soil (Red Soil) it can’t be glitched,but it respawns after 30 secs.(125,106).After 5 mins it can be done.

3.Talk to Zasha

4.Clear a safe path
Kill 100 Megaflame Elders

5.Talk to Mayat

Reward:336364000 exp,14600 credit,2664000 gold

Gift of Love

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No one picture?

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it give archiv?

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Yes it give you the achievement Mining Enthusiast

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You could hve explained beter where the mobs\npcs are locatated and from wich mobs you drop the materials you need for completing the quest.
Try to make it easy to understand, how more explanation, how beter.

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