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[Guides and Tutorials] King of the Ancient Arena

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I saw that there are guides for the 1st and second main quest of dino but not for the 3rd so i decided to make one as well(this is my first guide so go easy on me please=c)The monsters for all these quests can be found in dinosaur arena(instance)
meaning of the colors: these mobs are in the first part. these can be found after bosen dino(first boss). these can be found after the 2nd boss. and this are bosses this are npcs/locations
all monsters can be found inside the instance(dinosaur arena) except for the 4th part of "Big Feast"
Tale of dragon and tiger

location: Kong in hoca village

requirements: lvl 105+
The monsters for this quest can be found in dinosaur arena(instance)
1.kill 35 clawed swift dragons. this needs to be done within 30minutes after accepting the quest.
there are about 20 in the instance before the first boss so i recommend killing all,going out,disband team,team again and kill untill you hit 35kills.
2.go back to kong
3.kill 35 sharp fang tigers. again within 30minutes after accepting the quest
there are only 15of these so you need to kill all of them 2 times and then enter even a 3rd time for the last 5

4. return to kong

reward:60.000.000exp 15.000credits 2.000.000gold

Century Evolution chain

location:merwin in shilly desert
requirements: lvl 105+
1. go to dino arena and defeat crystal dragon turtle and get 10turtle eggs. its not a 100% drop but there should be enough to finish it at once
2.catch blade thorny dragons 20male and 20female ones
there aren't enough to complete the quest in 1run,it can be done in 2but it isnt guaranted
3.find the ancient dinosaur remains.
4.defeat Thunder dragons and bring back 15muscle chips
5. return to merwin

Reward: 80.000.000exp 17.500credits 2.500.000gold

Return of prodigal son

Location: Lady gurkha in hoca village

requirements:lvl 105+
1.defeat barren warriors to get antidote
kill dragon bladers(20) to cure them

2. go back to lady gurkha

reward: 75.000.000 exp 16.000credtis 2.000.000gold

Big Feast

Location: Landlord Doo in hoca village
requirements: lvl 105+
1. collect 20portions of chewy turtle meat(can be obtained from killing flaming turtle dragon)and 20portions  of delicious shrimp meat(can be obtained from killing Mystic huge shrimps)
2.return to landlord Doo
3. go to king of sauces
4. defeat 45winged mobs(any flying mob) and 60knights(any rider mob)(in hoca village)

5. return to king of sauces

6.return to landlord doo
Reward: 75.000.000exp 17.500credits 4.500.000gold

Great Strenght

Location: John Michael in Hoca Village

Requirements: lvl 105+
1.kill 35 Barren warriors(see previous quests) and 30 adventure chair ralons

2.kill 30 horned bump dragons and 30bloody thorn dragons

3. return to john michael
Reward: 80.000.000exp 19.000credits 3.000.000gold

Burning Fighting Soul!

Location: Elder Moore in Hoca village

Requirements: completed: "Follow up a victory"(last quest from 1st main dino quests)
1. defeat Bosen Dino(1st boss)

2. defeat the magic dragon ambassador(2nd boss)(dont kill the dragon)

3. defeat the disaster dragon cartastolov(3rd boss)

4. return to Elder Moore

Reward: 90.000.000 exp 20.000credits 4.000.000gold

King of Ancient fighter

Location: Elder Moore in Hoca village(see Burning Fighting soul!)
Requirements: complete: "Burning Fighting Soul!"
1.Defeat Dragon Emperor Rex(last boss)

2.return to elder moore
Reward: 150.000.000 30.000credits 6.000.000gold

I would like to thank Darklink16 and Darkblood, couldn't have finished without them

If you did all the dino quests in order this should be your result

Total Reward: 610.000.000exp 135.000credits 24.000.000gold
I hope this helped everyone and if you have any questions,hints/tips just pm me here or pm/mail me in game(superstan)

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Posted on 2015-02-25 07:39:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

oh nice Guide ~
i did those long time ago but ... in Big Feast quest i reached 3rd part which says :" Find King of Sauces, the seasoning master for Doo outside of the village" at this part most of ppl stopped and didnt know what to do ~ like me
and just holded the quest along for years :s
Hope you find the answer YC-Monkey170

Posted on 2015-02-25 09:47:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

This will help when i finally start questing and stop hanging around in pvp all the time xd.

Posted on 2015-02-25 09:49:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

king of sauces is an npc in hoca village haha

Posted on 2015-02-25 09:51:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

o_o for real ??? omg YC-Monkey225
thanks for telling me , i'll go finish the missing piece XD !!!