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[General Discussion] Sakura Festival Main Quest

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Sakura Festival Mainquest

Lvl Requirement: 110

Total Rewards:
Total exp: 14,250,000,000
Total credit: 213,500
Total gold: 36,400,000

Hi Everyone! This is my first time making a guide! So please advise me with anything you think I could improve on! 
Died many times in the process, but it was all worth it! Hope you all like it!  


Elites do not count in the kills.

To get to Fox Shrine, it is not from Ninja Land, but Sakura Valley.

Beware of aggressive monsters!

Sakura Valley (Only Elite-Twin Candle Ghosts, Elite-Orange Kitties, Elite-Crandeer are aggro)
Fox Shrine (Only Elites)
Ninja Land (All Elites are aggro, but for regular monsters, only Green Dracomums, Bluesea Monkey, Unearthly Warrior, Decayed Trooper, Kitty Bandit, and Restless Red Brolly are aggro.)
Hot Spring Resort (Only Elite-Blueflame Pups, Elite-Tub Monkeys, Elite-Hot Spring Takos are aggro)
Jade Tassel City (Instance/ All Aggro)

To start:
Find Raziel in each faction’s city.


Aurora City (267, 93)

Breezewood (176, 133)

Dark City (283, 134)

Iron City (96, 91)


Angelic Help

1. Go to Samara Woods and look for Onmyouji Skye.

Onmyouji Skye, Samara Woods (69, 141)

2. Collect colored Magatama from the following creatures:
     25 Withered maneaters (Red Magatama)
     25 Greencap Mushrooms (Blue Magatama)
     25 Green hedgehogs (Yellow Magatama)
     25 Prune Onigiris (Green Magatama)
     25 Glowlake Kappa (White Magatama).

Withered Maneater, Samara Woods (279, 19)

Green Mushroom, Samara Woods (124, 61)

Green Hedgehog, Samara Woods (30, 57)

Prune Onigiri, Samara Woods (34, 133)

Glowlake Kappa, Samara Woods (174, 84)

3. Give the Magatamas to Onmyouji Skye.

4. Defeat 75 Threeway Kappas.

Threeway Kappas, Samara Woods (229, 126)

5. Talk to Onmyouji Skye to get your reward.

REWARD: 550,000,000 EXP/ 8,000 Cred/ 1,400,000 Gold

Abnormal Happenings

1. Go to Edo City and talk to Fuyuki.

Fuyuki, Edo City (46, 109)

2. Obtain a strange device from the Redrune Vase Imps. (Drop Quest)

Redrune Vase Imp, Edo City (37, 28)

3. Talk to Fuyuki again.

4. Find the remaining strange devices: from Bunsen Sprites, and Jumpy Blue Brollies. (Drop Quest)

Bunsen Sprite, Edo City (153, 92)

Jumpy Blue Brolly, Edo City (255, 28)

5. Talk to Fuyuki to get your reward.

REWARD: 1,000,000,000 EXP/ 16,000 Cred/ 2,800,000 Gold

Creature Attack

1. Talk to Kaine at the Joy Festival.

Kaine, Joy Festival (112, 161)

2. Defeat the following monsters: 100 Green Smilies, 100 Prawn Sushis, and 100 Kitsune Boys.

Green Smiley, Joy Festival (281, 87)

Prawn Sushi, Joy Festival (203, 102)

Kitsune Boy, Joy Festival (178, 137)

3. Talk to Kaine.

4. Defeat these monsters: 200 Twin Candle Ghosts.
NOTE: Watch out for the AGGRESSIVE Elite-Twin Candle Ghost! They’re red, and hit more! ):

Twin Candle Ghost, Sakura Valley (244, 74)

After you finish you’ll get a message like so:

5. Find the survivors nearby to get your reward. (Referring to the npc near the monsters, Nanako)

Nanako, Sakura Valley (255, 74)

REWARD: 1,600,000,000 EXP/ 24,000 Cred/ 4,100,000 Gold

Evil Scheme

1. Just beat them up until they’re willing to talk! Defeat 200 Moss Sprites.
NOTE: Although there are Elite-Moss Sprites, they are NOT AGGRESSIVE! :D Yay!!

Moss Sprite, Sakura Valley (74, 25)

After bullying them into talking, a message like this appears:

Poor Thing :c

2. Take the missives to Onmyouji Skye. (The guy we talked to in Samara Woods!)

3. Defeat the monsters guarding the Poison Brewer: 100 Orange Kitties, 100 Pink Kitties.
NOTE: Elite-Orange Kitties are AGGRESSIVE, and there are no Elites for Pink Kitties.

Orange Kitty, Sakura Valley (259, 153)

Pink Kitty, Sakura Valley (139, 157)

4. Get rid of the poison inside the Poison Brewer.

Poison Brewer, Sakura Valley (63, 94)

5. Report to Onmyouji Skye.

REWARD: 1,600,000,000 EXP/ 24,000 Cred/ 4,100,000 Gold

1. Talk to Priestess Moonless at Fox Shrine.

Moonless, Fox Shrine (212, 258)

2. Defeat the invading monsters: 100 Green Snails, 100 Creepy Dolls, 100 Redrune Hounds.

Green Snail, Fox Shrine (50, 45)

Creepy Doll, Fox Shrine (121, 56)

Redrune Hound, Fox Shrine (110, 226)

3. Report to Moonless.

4. Defeat the invading monsters: 100 Restless Accursed, 1 Accursed Damon (Boss).
This was hard since there was a lot of AGRESSIVE elites nearby. cute34rabbit

Restless Accursed (201, 240)

Accursed Damon (208, 252)

5. Talk to Moonless to get your reward.

REWARD: 1,850,000,000 EXP/ 27,500 Cred/ 4,800,000 Gold

Hidden Message

1. Find the words written on the back of the hidden tablet in the Hot Spring Pavilion.
Watch out for Elite-Blueflame Pup near the sign, they are AGRESSIVE!
If you have fast Movement Speed, you can try outrunning them and luring them away. Since that's what I did.cute68rabbit
But don't leave your char there afk, since they come back sometimes.

2. Look for any Strange Markings on the Blueflame Pups. (Drop Quest)
They can Thunderstrike you. (the Chaos spell) cute33rabbit

Blueflame Pup, Hot Spring Resort (149, 89)

Once you find the right pup, a message like so will appear:

3. Tell Moonless about what you discovered.

4. Examine the Tub Monkeys to find 1 Red Marking, and the Fandance Foxes to find 1 Green Marking. (Drop Quest)

Tub Monkey, Hot Spring Resort (71, 31)

Fandance Fox, Hot Spring Resort (232, 150)

5. Talk to Moonless to get your reward.

REWARD: 2,100,000,000 EXP/ 32,000 Cred/ 5,500,000 Gold

Collect as you Travel

1. Give the list to Sakon in Ninja Land

Sakon, Ninja Land (253, 35)

2. Collect the materials for the anvil: 1 Thunderdrake Raimu (Boss) (Deco Belt), 200 Green Dracomums (Front Teeths)

Thunderdrake Raimu, Ninja Land (246, 33)
He lurks around Sakon.

Green Dracomum, Ninja Land (132, 45)

3. Give the materials to Sakon.

4. Collect the materials for the hammer: 1 Ghostly Sanosuke (Boss) (Sharp Talon), 200 Kitty Thieves (Fur Coats).
Kitties are super hard cute52rabbit, since they have high resistance to spells/high spl def, and AGGRESSIVE Elite-Kitty Thief (They have even higher spell resistance/spl def!)

Tip: Lure out the Elite-Kitty Thieves away from the dead-end box where NPC Kamakura is, so you can defeat the Kitty Thieves in peace!

Ghostly Sanosuke, Ninja Land (278, 139)

Kitty Thief, Ninja Land (145, 129)

5. Ask Ukon to craft the hammer.

Ukon, Ninja Land (15, 151)

REWARD: 2,400,000,000 EXP/ 35,000 Cred/ 6,200,000 Gold

New Beginnings

1. Talk to Malfy at the Fox Shrine.

Malfy, Fox Shrine (201, 176)

2. Collect the following items: (Drop Quest)
        1 Bottle of Halos Wine from Killer Maids in Fox Shrine
        1 Bunch of Tamamono Fur from Kitty Bandits in Ninja Land
        1 King Ashuro's Relic from Fanholder Foxes in Hot Spring Resort.

Killer Maid, Fox Shrine (170, 249)
AO map coordinate for Killer Maid is (158, 220), but I thought that was too near the Hounds.

Kitty Bandit, Ninja Land (37, 120)

Fanholder Fox, Hot Spring Resort (168, 134)

3. Head towards the shadowy top-left hand corner of Ninja Land and destroy the Thunderspear there.

4. Take the ruined pieces of the weapon to Moonless. (She is in Fox Shrine!)

REWARD: 2,900,000,000 EXP/ 43,500 Cred/ 7,500,000 Gold


sky-- for accompanying me 
Guyon for helping me in Ninja Land 
Prim for forgiving me for accidentally luring Elite-Green Snails 
Everyone for love and support 

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Amazing guide Monica,and thanks so much for helping me on the main quests!! I had so much fun ^~^.

Wish I could give you karma D:

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Rewarded, digested and snatched for the Guide Index. Thanks Lulu ~

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thankyou lulu nubby <3 YC-Monkey229

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YC-Monkey170  la quest si Estas Dura > :D

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nice, thanks