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[Guides and Tutorials] Space Cowboy Drops

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Posted on 2014-05-31 07:23:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

For those who like my format. Proper monster names and item names. Sadly I only have "data" up to Cowboy.

Flamebeast Warrior115GoldhillDragon  Colossus Blade(Lv110 Sword),GoodDragon Colossus Blade(Lv110 Sword),Evil  Dragon's Eye(Lv110 Sword),Springtide Boots(Lv110 mantle Feet),GoodSpringtide  Boots(Lv110 mantle Feet),Holy Feather Boots(Lv110 mantle Feet),W.Plan2:Dragon  Colossus Blade(Lv115 Plan),A.Plan2:Springtide Boots(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Red  Light Rune(  Gem),
Rusthammer Warrior115GoldhillTeeth  Blade(Lv110 ShadowBlade),GoodTeeth Blade(Lv110 ShadowBlade),Dark Curse(Lv110  ShadowBlade),Cosmic Boots(Lv110 vestment Feet),GoodCosmic Boots(Lv110  vestment Feet),Flamen Sandals(Lv110 vestment Feet),W.Plan2:Teeth Blade(Lv115  Plan),D.Plan2:Cosmic Boots(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Orange Light Rune(  Gem),
Bloodbone Dragon117GoldhillDragon's  Chine Scythe(Lv110 Spear),GoodDragon's Chine Scythe(Lv110 Spear),Chine of  Wooloss(Lv110 Spear),Cosmic Gown(Lv110 vestment Body),GoodCosmic Gown(Lv110  vestment Body),Flamen Gown(Lv110 vestment Body),W.Plan2:Dragon's Back  Scythe(Lv115 Plan),D.Plan2:Cosmic Gown(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Yellow Light  Rune(  Gem),
Periviolet Dragon117GoldhillAnima  War Hammer(Lv110 Axe),GoodAnima War Hammer(Lv110 Axe),Glass's Shock(Lv110  Axe),Rainbow Necklace(Lv110 Trinket),GoodRainbow Necklace(Lv110 Trinket),Holy  Silver Brooch(Lv110 Trinket),W.Plan2:Anima War Hammer(Lv115 Plan),Craft  Recipe 2:Rainbow Necklace(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Green Light Rune(  Gem),
Orange Leafy Sphere119GoldhillWar  Ram Bone Bow(Lv110 Bow),GoodWar Ram Bone Bow(Lv110 Bow),Pan's Rescue(Lv110  Bow),Springtide Wristlet(Lv110 mantle Hand),GoodSpringtide Wristlet(Lv110  mantle Hand),Holy Feather Wrist(Lv110 mantle Hand),W.Plan2:War Ram Bone  Bow(Lv115 Plan),A.Plan2:Springtide Wristlet(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Blue Light  Rune(  Gem),
Petal Sphere119GoldhillElegant  Wand(Lv110 Staff),GoodElegant Wand(Lv110 Staff),Blood of Adonis(Lv110  Staff),Cosmic Cuffs(Lv110 vestment Hand),GoodCosmic Cuffs(Lv110 vestment  Hand),Flamen Cuffs(Lv110 vestment Hand),Craft Recipe 2:Elegant Wand(Lv115  Plan),D.Plan2:Cosmic Cuffs(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Purple Light Rune(  Gem),
Brown Treeman121GoldhillCosmic  Hood(Lv110 vestment Head),GoodCosmic Hood(Lv110 vestment Head),Flamen  Crown(Lv110 vestment Head),Titan Cuffs(Lv110 garment Hand),GoodTitan  Cuffs(Lv110 garment Hand),Wrist Armor of Holy Field(Lv110 garment  Hand),Springtide Hood(Lv110 mantle Head),GoodSpringtide Hood(Lv110 mantle  Head),Holy Feather Helmet(Lv110 mantle Head),D.Plan2:Cosmic Hood(Lv115  Plan),A.Plan2:Titan Cuffs(Lv115 Plan),A.Plan2:Springtide Hood(Lv115  Plan),Flawed Red Light Rune(  Gem),
Ghostflame Imp122GoldhillElf  Shield(Lv110 Shield),GoodElf Shield(Lv110 Shield),Tooth Shield(Lv110  Shield),Titan Armor(Lv110 garment Body),GoodTitan Armor(Lv110 garment  Body),Holy Silver Armor(Lv110 garment Body),Titan Heavy Boots(Lv110 garment  Feet),GoodTitan Heavy Boots(Lv110 garment Feet),Holy Silver Boots(Lv110  garment Feet),A.Plan2:Elf Shield(Lv115 Plan),A.Plan2:Titan Armor(Lv115  Plan),A.Plan2:Titan Heavy Boots(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Orange Light Rune(  Gem),
Chainsaw Cactus124GoldhillSky  Cloak(Lv110 Back),GoodSky Cloak(Lv110 Back),Eagle Feather Mantle(Lv110  Back),Springtide Armor(Lv110 mantle Body),GoodSpringtide Armor(Lv110 mantle  Body),Holy Feather Armor(Lv110 mantle Body),Titan Helmet(Lv110 garment  Head),GoodTitan Helmet(Lv110 garment Head),Holy Silver Helmet(Lv110 garment  Head),D.Plan2:Sky Cloak(Lv115 Plan),A.Plan2:Springtide Armor(Lv115  Plan),A.Plan2:Titan Helmet(Lv115 Plan),Flawed Yellow Light Rune(  Gem),
Dazed Cactus124GoldhillBitter  Bite(Lv120 ShadowBlade),GoodBitter Bite(Lv120 ShadowBlade),Endless  Torture(Lv120 ShadowBlade),Desert Wind Cap(Lv120 mantle Head),GoodDesert Wind  Cap(Lv120 mantle Head),Evil Killer's Cap(Lv120 mantle Head),Wild Beast  Cuffs(Lv120 garment Hand),GoodWild Beast Cuffs(Lv120 garment Hand),Rage  Cuffs(Lv120 garment Hand),W.Plan2:Bitter Bite(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Desert Wind  Cap(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Wild Beast Cuffs(Lv125 Plan),Green Light Rune(  Gem),
Chief Roloma125GoldhillSky  Ripper(Lv120 Sword),GoodSky Ripper(Lv120 Sword),Nisrok's Wings(Lv120  Sword),Desert Fur Boots(Lv120 mantle Feet),GoodDesert Fur Boots(Lv120 mantle  Feet),Evil Killer's Boots(Lv120 mantle Feet),Cardinal Shoes(Lv120 vestment  Feet),GoodCardinal Shoes(Lv120 vestment Feet),Isis Shoes(Lv120 vestment  Feet),W.Plan2:Sky Ripper(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Desert Fur Boots(Lv125  Plan),D.Plan2:Cardinal Shoes(Lv125 Plan),Rosemary SPA Bathtub(Lv120  Robot)Fantastic Ostrich(Lv120 Ride),Pestle(   Pestle),Blue Light Rune(   Gem),Ultra Mighty Fruit(   General),
Withervine Odifal127GoldhillLove  Bow(Lv120 Bow),GoodLove Bow(Lv120 Bow),Lovely Venus(Lv120 Bow),Nature  Symbol(Lv120 Trinket),GoodNature Symbol(Lv120 Trinket),Nature's Calling(Lv120  Trinket),Wild Beast Boots(Lv120 garment Feet),GoodWild Beast Boots(Lv120  garment Feet),Rage Boots(Lv120 garment Feet),W.Plan2:Love Bow(Lv125  Plan),C.Plan2:Nature Symbol(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Wild Beast Boots(Lv125  Plan),Elegant Camel(Lv120 Ride)Circus Panda Robot(Lv120 Robot),Pestle(  Pestle),Purple Light Rune(  Gem),Ultra Mars' Fruit(  General),
Bandit Pingle130GoldhillEagle  Wand(Lv130 Staff),GoodEagle Wand(Lv130 Staff),Sadell's Doomsday(Lv130  Staff),Murderers Helmet(Lv130 garment Head),GoodMurderers Helmet(Lv130  garment Head),Thunder Helmet(Lv130 garment Head),Unicorn Armor(Lv130 mantle  Body),GoodUnicorn Armor(Lv130 mantle Body),Shuttle Armor(Lv130 mantle  Body),Craft Recipe 2:Eagle Wand(Lv135 Plan),D.Plan2:Murderers Helmet(Lv135  Plan),D.Plan2:Unicorn Armor(Lv135 Plan),Frozen White Bear(Lv130 Ride)Carp  Robot(Lv130 Robot),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure  Red Light Rune(  Gem),Ultra Magic  Fruit(  General),
Muddy Alligator131Steam  TownHell  Attack(Lv120 Spear),GoodHell Attack(Lv120 Spear),Hell Doom Rider(Lv120  Spear),Cardinal Gown(Lv120 vestment Body),GoodCardinal Gown(Lv120 vestment  Body),Isis Gown(Lv120 vestment Body),Burning Sun Mantle(Lv120  Back),GoodBurning Sun Mantle(Lv120 Back),Fiery Doomsday(Lv120  Back),W.Plan2:Hell Attack(Lv125 Plan),D.Plan2:Cardinal Gown(Lv125  Plan),D.Plan2:Burning Sun Mantle(Lv125 Plan),Orange Light Rune(  Gem),
Tomato Gator131Steam  TownEvil  Eye Wand(Lv120 Staff),GoodEvil Eye Wand(Lv120 Staff),Burning Dragon(Lv120  Staff),Wild Beast Armor(Lv120 garment Body),GoodWild Beast Armor(Lv120  garment Body),Rage Armor(Lv120 garment Body),Cardinal Hat(Lv120 vestment  Head),GoodCardinal Hat(Lv120 vestment Head),Isis Cap(Lv120 vestment  Head),C.Plan2:Evil Eye Wand(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Wild Beast Helmet(Lv125  Plan),D.Plan2:Cardinal Hat(Lv125 Plan),Yellow Light Rune(  Gem),
Bluevine Gnome133Steam  TownStorm  Thorn(Lv120 Axe),GoodStorm Thorn(Lv120 Axe),Tsubasa's Attack(Lv120 Axe),Wild  Beast Helmet(Lv120 garment Head),GoodWild Beast Helmet(Lv120 garment  Head),Rage Helmet(Lv120 garment Head),Cardinal Gloves(Lv120 vestment  Hand),GoodCardinal Gloves(Lv120 vestment Hand),Isis Gloves(Lv120 vestment  Hand),W.Plan2:Storm Thorn(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Wild Beast Helmet(Lv125  Plan),D.Plan2:Cardinal Gloves(Lv125 Plan),Green Light Rune(  Gem),
Gigaball Vine133Steam  TownRuby  Shield(Lv120 Shield),GoodRuby Shield(Lv120 Shield),Seraph's Staring(Lv120  Shield),Desert Wind Armor(Lv120 mantle Body),GoodDesert Wind Armor(Lv120  mantle Body),Evil Killer's Armor(Lv120 mantle Body),Desert Fur Gloves(Lv120  mantle Hand),GoodDesert Fur Gloves(Lv120 mantle Hand),Evil Killer's  Cuffs(Lv120 mantle Hand),A.Plan2:Ruby Shield(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Desert Wind  Armor(Lv125 Plan),A.Plan2:Desert Fur Gloves(Lv125 Plan),Blue Light Rune(  Gem),
Notti Cactus135Steam  TownVital  Steel Blade(Lv130 ShadowBlade),GoodVital Steel Blade(Lv130  ShadowBlade),Blurred Dark Angel(Lv130 ShadowBlade),Murderers Legguard(Lv130  garment Feet),GoodMurderers Legguard(Lv130 garment Feet),Thunder  Legguard(Lv130 garment Feet),W.Plan2:Vital Steel Blade(Lv135  Plan),D.Plan2:Murderers Legguard(Lv135 Plan),Pure Purple Light Rune(  Gem),
Chainsaw Stalker136Steam  TownDragon's  Outburst(Lv130 Spear),GoodDragon's Outburst(Lv130 Spear),Saphy's Sigh(Lv130  Spear),Celestial Hood(Lv130 vestment Head),GoodCelestial Hood(Lv130 vestment  Head),Arcane Hood(Lv130 vestment Head),W.Plan2:Dragon's Outburst(Lv135  Plan),D.Plan2:Celestial Hood(Lv135 Plan),Pure Red Light Rune(  Gem),
Incy Weasel137Steam  TownGigantic  Steel Blade(Lv130 Sword),GoodGigantic Steel Blade(Lv130 Sword),Powerful  Chop(Lv130 Sword),Unicorn Leggings(Lv130 mantle Feet),??Unicorn  Leggings(Lv130 mantle Feet),Shuttle Boots(Lv130 mantle Feet),Murderers  Cuffs(Lv130 garment Hand),GoodMurderers Cuffs(Lv130 garment Hand),Thunder  Cuffs(Lv130 garment Hand),W.Plan2:Gigantic Steel Blade(Lv135  Plan),D.Plan2:Unicorn Leggings(Lv135 Plan),D.Plan2:Murderers Cuffs(Lv135  Plan),Pure Orange Light Rune(  Gem),
Purple Shoe Investigator137Steam  TownEnergy  Shield(Lv130 Shield),GoodEnergy Shield(Lv130 Shield),Yula's Trap(Lv130  Shield),Celestial Cuffs(Lv130 vestment Hand),GoodCelestial Cuffs(Lv130  vestment Hand),Arcane Gloves(Lv130 vestment Hand),The Northern King(Lv130  Trinket),GoodThe Northern King(Lv130 Trinket),Rosie's Training(Lv130  Trinket),D.Plan2:Energy Shield(Lv135 Plan),D.Plan2:Celestial Cuffs(Lv135  Plan),Craft Recipe 2:The Northern King(Lv135 Plan),Pure Yellow Light  Rune(  Gem),
Blue Robodog139Steam  TownThorny  Mantle(Lv130 Back),GoodThorny Mantle(Lv130 Back),Thorn Spirit Wing(Lv130  Back),Murderers Armor(Lv130 garment Body),GoodMurderers Armor(Lv130 garment  Body),Thunder Armor(Lv130 garment Body),D.Plan2:Thorny Mantle(Lv135  Plan),D.Plan2:Murderers Armor(Lv135 Plan),Pure Green Light Rune(  Gem),
Mini Robodog139Steam  TownNight  Walker(Lv130 Axe),GoodNight Walker(Lv130 Axe),Hedice's Burst(Lv130  Axe),Unicorn Hood(Lv130 mantle Head),GoodUnicorn Hood(Lv130 mantle  Head),Shuttle Hood(Lv130 mantle Head),Celestial Boots(Lv130 vestment  Feet),GoodCelestial Boots(Lv130 vestment Feet),Arcane Boots(Lv130 vestment  Feet),W.Plan2:Night Walker(Lv135 Plan),D.Plan2:Unicorn Hood(Lv135  Plan),D.Plan2:Celestial Boots(Lv135 Plan),Pure Blue Light Rune(  Gem),
Phantasm Jadore140Steam  TownRaging  Chord(Lv130 Bow),GoodRaging Chord(Lv130 Bow),Shrewd Eye(Lv130 Bow),Celestial  Gown(Lv130 vestment Body),GoodCelestial Gown(Lv130 vestment Body),Arcane  Clothing(Lv130 vestment Body),Unicorn Cuffs(Lv130 mantle Hand),GoodUnicorn  Cuffs(Lv130 mantle Hand),Shuttle Cuffs(Lv130 mantle Hand),W.Plan2:Raging  Chord(Lv135 Plan),D.Plan2:Celestial Gown(Lv135 Plan),D.Plan2:Unicorn  Cuffs(Lv135 Plan),Rose Demon(Lv130 Ride)Spring Colored Robot(Lv130  Robot),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Purple  Light Rune(  Gem),Ultra Evil  Fruit(  General),
Brown Shoe Spy143Steam  TownHeart  Wand(Lv140 Staff),GoodHeart Wand(Lv140 Staff),Manlida's Favorite(Lv140  Staff),Thorn Breastplate(Lv140 mantle Body),GoodThorn Breastplate(Lv140  mantle Body),Jungle Warrior Armor(Lv140 mantle Body),Ripper Cuffs(Lv140  garment Hand),GoodRipper Cuffs(Lv140 garment Hand),Destroyer Cuffs(Lv140  garment Hand),Craft Recipe 2:Heart Wand(Lv145 Plan),D.Plan2:Thorn  Breastplate(Lv145 Plan),D.Plan2:Ripper Cuffs(Lv145 Plan),Summer Robot(Lv140  Robot)Moon Unicorn(Lv140 Ride),Pestle(   Pestle),Flawless Red Light Rune Piece(   Gem),Ultra Target Potion(   General),
Steelclaw Saigozon145Steam  TownTime  Traveller(Lv140 Sword),GoodTime Traveller(Lv140 Sword),Immortal Needle(Lv140  Sword),Thorn Legguard(Lv140 mantle Feet),GoodThorn Legguard(Lv140 mantle  Feet),Jungle Warrior Boots(Lv140 mantle Feet),Flexible Cuffs(Lv140 vestment  Hand),GoodFlexible Cuffs(Lv140 vestment Hand),Colorful Feather Gloves(Lv140  vestment Hand),W.Plan2:Time Traveler(Lv145 Plan),D.Plan2:Thorn Legguard(Lv145  Plan),D.Plan2:Flexible Cuffs(Lv145 Plan),Ursus(Lv140 Ride)Carp Robot(Lv140  Robot),Pestle(  Pestle),Flawless Orange  Light Rune Piece(  Gem),Ultra Agility  Potion(  General),
Impulsive Singer145Yeeha  BarEndless  Thorn(Lv140 ShadowBlade),GoodEndless Thorn(Lv140 ShadowBlade),Eternal  Nightmare(Lv140 ShadowBlade),W.Plan2:Endless Thorn(Lv145 Plan),Flawless  Yellow Light Rune Piece(  Gem)
Dessicated Singer146Yeeha  BarUniversal  Core(Lv140 Shield),GoodUniversal Core(Lv140 Shield),Life Trace(Lv140  Shield),Thorn Cuffs(Lv140 mantle Hand),GoodThorn Cuffs(Lv140 mantle  Hand),Jungle Warrior Cuffs(Lv140 mantle Hand),D.Plan2:Universal Core(Lv145  Plan),D.Plan2:Thorn Cuffs(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Green Light Rune Piece(  Gem),
Red Woodman147Yeeha  BarFlexible  Gown(Lv140 vestment Body),GoodFlexible Gown(Lv140 vestment Body),Colorful  Feather Gown(Lv140 vestment Body),D.Plan2:Flexible Gown(Lv145 Plan),Flawless  Blue Light Rune Piece(  Gem)
Flametree Imp148Yeeha  BarBeast's  Horn(Lv140 Bow),GoodBeast's Horn(Lv140 Bow),Clalitan's Request(Lv140  Bow),Ripper Legguard(Lv140 garment Feet),GoodRipper Legguard(Lv140 garment  Feet),Destroyer Legguard(Lv140 garment Feet),W.Plan2:Beast's Horn(Lv145  Plan),D.Plan2:Ripper Legguard(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Purple Light Rune  Piece(  Gem),
Droplet Doll149Yeeha  BarPolar  Light(Lv140 Trinket),GoodPolar Light(Lv140 Trinket),Taliesin Mark(Lv140  Trinket),Ripper Armor(Lv140 garment Body),GoodRipper Armor(Lv140 garment  Body),Destroyer Armor(Lv140 garment Body),Craft Recipe 2:Polar Light(Lv145  Plan),D.Plan2:Thorn Head Band(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Red Light Rune Piece(  Gem),
Pinky Babe150Yeeha  BarDiamond  Explorer(Lv140 Axe),GoodDiamond Explorer(Lv140 Axe),Deep Digging(Lv140  Axe),Thorn Head Band(Lv140 mantle Head),GoodThorn Head Band(Lv140 mantle  Head),Jungle Warrior Hood(Lv140 mantle Head),W.Plan2:Diamond Explorer(Lv145  Plan),D.Plan2:Ripper Armor(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Orange Light Rune Piece(  Gem),
Stoneshoe Kit151Yeeha  BarBloody  Sting(Lv140 Spear),GoodBloody Sting(Lv140 Spear),Gigantic Cat(Lv140  Spear),Flexible Boots(Lv140 vestment Feet),GoodFlexible Boots(Lv140 vestment  Feet),Colorful Feather Boots(Lv140 vestment Feet),W.Plan2:Diamond  Explorer(Lv145 Plan),D.Plan2:Flexible Boots(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Yellow Light  Rune Piece(  Gem),
Bootcap Weasel152Yeeha  BarRipper  Hood(Lv140 garment Head),GoodRipper Hood(Lv140 garment Head),Destroyer  Hood(Lv140 garment Head),D.Plan2:Ripper Hood(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Green Light  Rune Piece(  Gem)
Walking Beer Barrel153Yeeha  BarSaint  Mantle(Lv140 Back),GoodSaint Mantle(Lv140 Back),Lion King Mantle(Lv140  Back),Flexible Hood(Lv140 vestment Head),GoodFlexible Hood(Lv140 vestment  Head),Colorful Feather Headwear(Lv140 vestment Head),D.Plan2:Saint  Mantle(Lv145 Plan),D.Plan2:Flexible Hood(Lv145 Plan),Flawless Blue Light Rune  Piece(  Gem),
Blue Barrel Cannon153Yeeha  BarFeather  Knife(Lv150 ShadowBlade),GoodFeather Knife(Lv150 ShadowBlade),Watter's  Touch(Lv150 ShadowBlade),Steel Hood(Lv150 garment Head),GoodSteel Hood(Lv150  garment Head),Magma Hood(Lv150 garment Head),W.Plan2:Touch of Evil Wat(Lv155  Plan),D.Plan2:Magma Hood(Lv155 Plan),Pieces of Purple Holy Cross(  Gem),
Tree King Hanvil155Yeeha  BarFeather  Sword(Lv150 Sword),GoodFeather Sword(Lv150 Sword),Angela's Feather(Lv150  Sword),Sparrow Cuffs(Lv150 vestment Hand),GoodSparrow Wristlet(Lv150 vestment  Hand),Flora Cuffs(Lv150 vestment Hand),Steel Heavy Boots(Lv150 garment  Feet),GoodSteel Heavy Boots(Lv150 garment Feet),Magma Boots(Lv150 garment  Feet),W.Plan2:Angela's Feather(Lv155 Plan),D.Plan2:Flora Wristlet(Lv155  Plan),D.Plan2:Magma Boots(Lv155 Plan),Bouncing Rabbit(Lv150  Robot)Pestle(  Pestle),Pieces of Red  Holy Cross(  Gem),Ultra Healing  Potion(  General),
Blue Clover Alien157Yeeha  BarButterfly  Staff(Lv150 Staff),GoodButterfly Staff(Lv150 Staff),Bela's Dance(Lv150  Staff),Steel Cuffs(Lv150 garment Hand),GoodSteel Cuffs(Lv150 garment  Hand),Magma Cuffs(Lv150 garment Hand),Tempest Boots(Lv150 mantle  Feet),GoodTempest Boots(Lv150 mantle Feet),Shell Shoes(Lv150 mantle  Feet),Craft Recipe 2:Bela's Dance(Lv155 Plan),D.Plan2:Magma Cuffs(Lv155  Plan),D.Plan2:Shell Shoes(Lv155 Plan),Loud Sheep(Lv150 Ride)Pestle(  Pestle),Pieces of Orange Holy Cross(  Gem),Ultra Magic Potion(  General),
Crazy Cannon Maxus160Yeeha  BarNight  Walker Bow(Lv150 Bow),GoodNight Walker Bow(Lv150 Bow),Soulless Cutter(Lv150  Bow),Tempest Cuffs(Lv150 mantle Hand),GoodTempest Cuffs(Lv150 mantle  Hand),Shell Cuffs(Lv150 mantle Hand),Sparrow Boots(Lv150 vestment  Feet),GoodSparrow Boots(Lv150 vestment Feet),Flora Boots(Lv150 vestment  Feet),W.Plan2:Soulless Cutter(Lv155 Plan),D.Plan2:Shell Cuffs(Lv155  Plan),D.Plan2:Flora Boots(Lv155 Plan),Thunderbolt Carriage(Lv150 Ride)Golden  Rat(Lv150 Robot),Pestle(  Pestle),Pieces  of Yellow Holy Cross(  Gem),Ultra  Mighty Fruit(  General),
Onion Dweller155Agyscal  TunnelHurricane  Axe(Lv150 Axe),GoodHurricane Axe(Lv150 Axe),Clair's Turmoil(Lv150  Axe),W.Plan2:Clair's Turmoil(Lv155 Plan),Pieces of Green Holy Cross(  Gem)
Periwinkle Ballman156Agyscal  TunnelSpinning  Spear(Lv150 Spear),GoodSpinning Spear(Lv150 Spear),Twisted Ada(Lv150  Spear),W.Plan2:Twisted Ada(Lv155 Plan),Pieces of Blue Holy Cross(  Gem)
Crimson Rune Dog157Agyscal  TunnelSparrow  Gown(Lv150 vestment Body),GoodSparrow Gown(Lv150 vestment Body),Flora  Gown(Lv150 vestment Body),Tempest Hood(Lv150 mantle Head),GoodTempest  Hood(Lv150 mantle Head),Shell Hood(Lv150 mantle Head),D.Plan2:Flora  Gown(Lv155 Plan),D.Plan2:Shell Hood(Lv155 Plan),Pieces of Purple Holy  Cross(  Gem),
Fanged Pink Hound159Agyscal  TunnelElegant  Steel Shield(Lv150 Shield),GoodElegant Steel Shield(Lv150 Shield),Cloud  Shield(Lv150 Shield),Steel Armor(Lv150 garment Body),GoodSteel Armor(Lv150  garment Body),Magma Armor(Lv150 garment Body),D.Plan2:Cloud Shield(Lv155  Plan),D.Plan2:Magma Armor(Lv155 Plan),Pieces of Red Holy Cross(  Gem),
Citrus Cannoneer159Agyscal  TunnelCrystal  Tear(Lv150 Trinket),GoodCrystal Tear(Lv150 Trinket),Bonnie's Crystal  Secret(Lv150 Trinket),Tempest Jacket(Lv150 mantle Body),GoodTempest  Jacket(Lv150 mantle Body),Shell Light Armor(Lv150 mantle Body),Craft Recipe  2:Wendy's Crystal Secret(Lv155 Plan),D.Plan2:Shell Light Armor(Lv155  Plan),Pieces of Orange Holy Cross(   Gem),
Grassy Cannoneer160Agyscal  TunnelKing's  Mantle(Lv150 Back),GoodKing's Mantle(Lv150 Back),Mech Armor Mantle(Lv150  Back),Sparrow Hood(Lv150 vestment Head),GoodSparrow Hood(Lv150 vestment  Head),Flora Hood(Lv150 vestment Head),D.Plan2:Mech Armor Mantle(Lv155  Plan),D.Plan2:Flora Hood(Lv155 Plan),Pieces of Yellow Holy Cross(  Gem),
Beany Vine Imp161Agyscal  TunnelDragon  Pestle(Lv160 Axe),GoodDragon Pestle(Lv160 Axe),Dragon Phegers' Power(Lv160  Axe),Hidden Wristlet(Lv160 mantle Hand),GoodHidden Wristlet(Lv160 mantle  Hand),Night Goblin's Cuffs(Lv160 mantle Hand),W.Plan2:Force of the Dragon  Phegerse(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Strong Fang Wristlet(Lv165 Plan),Broken Green  Cross Rune(  Gem),
Raging Bignonia162Agyscal  TunnelSix  Prong Staff(Lv160 Staff),GoodSix Prong Staff(Lv160 Staff),St. Azrael's  Wing(Lv160 Staff),Hidden Boots(Lv160 mantle Feet),GoodHidden Boots(Lv160  mantle Feet),Night Goblin's Boots(Lv160 mantle Feet),Craft Recipe 2:Saint  Atzna Wing(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Strong Fang Boots(Lv165 Plan),Broken Blue  Cross Rune(  Gem),
Bony Soldier163Agyscal  TunnelLucid  Ring(Lv160 Trinket),GoodLucid Ring(Lv160 Trinket),Waller's Magic Eye(Lv160  Trinket),Prayer Hood(Lv160 vestment Head),GoodPrayer Hood(Lv160 vestment  Head),Crazy Bee's Hood(Lv160 vestment Head),Craft Recipe 2:Waller's Peeping  Eye(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Magic Bee Headwear(Lv165 Plan),Broken Purple Cross  Rune(  Gem),
Restless Skeletrooper163Agyscal  TunnelBeast  Teeth(Lv160 ShadowBlade),GoodBeast Teeth(Lv160 ShadowBlade),Mars' Thousand  Blade(Lv160 ShadowBlade),Prayer Boots(Lv160 vestment Feet),GoodPrayer  Boots(Lv160 vestment Feet),Crazy Bee's Boots(Lv160 vestment  Feet),W.Plan2:Mitsy Blade Slay(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Magic Bee Boots(Lv165  Plan),Broken Ruby Cross Rune(  Gem),
Violet Witch Megan165Agyscal  TunnelTooth  Blade(Lv160 Sword),GoodTooth Blade(Lv160 Sword),Wooth's Claw Scar(Lv160  Sword),Prayer Wristlet(Lv160 vestment Hand),GoodPrayer Wristlet(Lv160  vestment Hand),Crazy Bee's Cuffs(Lv160 vestment Hand),W.Plan2:Wusy's Claw  Scar(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Magic Bee Wristlet(Lv165 Plan),Golden Armor  Carriage(Lv160 Ride),Pestle(   Pestle),Broken Amber Cross Rune(   Gem),Ultra Mars' Fruit(   General),
Turbo Cannoneer Tina167Agyscal  TunnelSpider  Teeth(Lv160 Spear),GoodSpider Teeth(Lv160 Spear),Sephena's Sin(Lv160  Spear),Hidden Armor(Lv160 mantle Body),GoodHidden Armor(Lv160 mantle  Body),Night Goblin's Armor(Lv160 mantle Body),W.Plan2:Serphyna's Crime(Lv165  Plan),D.Plan2:Strong Fang Armor(Lv165 Plan),Hamster Chef(Lv160  Robot),Pestle(  Pestle),Broken Yellow  Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Magic  Fruit(  General),
Silvery Valora170Agyscal  TunnelShaking  Bow(Lv160 Bow),GoodShaking Bow(Lv160 Bow),Archer Kinet(Lv160 Bow),Radiation  Hood(Lv160 garment Head),GoodRadiation Hood(Lv160 garment Head),Stirring  Crystal Helmet(Lv160 garment Head),W.Plan2:Arrow Kelit(Lv165  Plan),D.Plan2:Crystal Soul Helmet(Lv165 Plan),Carrot Clunker(Lv160  Robot),Fantastic Sheep(Lv160 Ride),Pestle(   Pestle),Broken Green Cross Rune(   Gem),Ultra Evil Fruit(  General),
Firefly Imp165Sunset  ValleyPrayer  Gown(Lv160 vestment Body),GoodPrayer Gown(Lv160 vestment Body),Crazy Bee's  Gown(Lv160 vestment Body),Hidden Cap(Lv160 mantle Head),GoodHidden Cap(Lv160  mantle Head),Night Goblin's Hood(Lv160 mantle Head),D.Plan2:Magic Bee  Gown(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Strong Fang Hood(Lv165 Plan),Broken Blue Cross  Rune(  Gem),
Mageflame Elder166Sunset  ValleyVortex  Eye(Lv160 Shield),GoodVortex Eye(Lv160 Shield),Horn Dragon Sella's Head(Lv160  Shield),Radiation Armor(Lv160 garment Body),GoodRadiation Armor(Lv160 garment  Body),Stirring Crystal Armor(Lv160 garment Body),D.Plan2:Head of the Horned  Dragon Sailer(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Crystal Soul Armor(Lv165 Plan),Broken  Purple Cross Rune(  Gem),
Beanie Sprout167Sunset  ValleyWing  Mantle(Lv160 Back),GoodWing Mantle(Lv160 Back),Fire Phoenix Wing(Lv160  Back),Radiation Boots(Lv160 garment Feet),GoodRadiation Boots(Lv160 garment  Feet),Stirring Crystal Leggings(Lv160 garment Feet),Radiation Wristlet(Lv160  garment Hand),GoodRadiation Wristlet(Lv160 garment Hand),Stirring Crystal  Cuffs(Lv160 garment Hand),D.Plan2:Phoenix' Wing(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Crystal  Soul Legguard(Lv165 Plan),D.Plan2:Crystal Soul Cuffs(Lv165 Plan),Broken Ruby  Cross Rune(  Gem),
Graystone Sprout168Sunset  ValleyButterfly  Coat(Lv170 mantle Body),GoodButterfly Coat(Lv170 mantle Body),Hunting Tribe  Coat(Lv170 mantle Body),Phoenix Boots(Lv170 vestment Feet),GoodPhoenix  Boots(Lv170 vestment Feet),Maple Red Boots(Lv170 vestment  Feet),A.Plan2:Falconer's Vest(Lv175 Plan),D.Plan2:Burgundier's Shoes(Lv175  Plan),Amber Cross Rune(  Gem),
Brown Shoe Detective169Sunset  ValleyOverlord  Mantle(Lv170 Back),GoodOverlord Mantle(Lv170 Back),Soaring Wing(Lv170  Back),Crystal Steel Boots(Lv170 garment Feet),GoodCrystal Steel Boots(Lv170  garment Feet),Ice Sealed Heavy Boots(Lv170 garment Feet),Crystal Steel  Armor(Lv170 garment Body),GoodCrystal Steel Armor(Lv170 garment Body),Ice  Sealed Armor(Lv170 garment Body),D.Plan2:Soaring Phaeton(Lv175  Plan),A.Plan2:Boreal Greaves(Lv175 Plan),A.Plan2:Boreal Plate(Lv175  Plan),Gold Cross Rune(  Gem),
Purple Shoe Detective170Sunset  ValleyDemon's  Blade(Lv170 ShadowBlade),GoodDemon's Blade(Lv170 ShadowBlade),Demon's Blood  Sacrifice(Lv170 ShadowBlade),Crystal Steel Helmet(Lv170 garment  Head),GoodCrystal Steel Helmet(Lv170 garment Head),Ice Sealed Helmet(Lv170  garment Head),W.Plan2:Sacrificium Djinn(Lv175 Plan),A.Plan2:Boreal Helm(Lv175  Plan),Malachite Cross Rune(  Gem),
Lakeside Doll172Sunset  ValleyMechanical  Shield(Lv170 Shield),GoodMechanical Shield(Lv170 Shield),Hot Wheel(Lv170  Shield),Butterfly Hood(Lv170 mantle Head),GoodButterfly Hood(Lv170 mantle  Head),Hunting Tribe Cap(Lv170 mantle Head),A.Plan2:Oriental Steamroller(Lv175  Plan),A.Plan2:Falconer's Cap(Lv175 Plan),Sapphire Cross Rune(  Gem),
Woodsorrel Skater172Sunset  ValleyBlade  Slay(Lv170 Spear),GoodBlade Slay(Lv170 Spear),Martial Slay(Lv170  Spear),Butterfly Cuffs(Lv170 mantle Hand),GoodButterfly Cuffs(Lv170 mantle  Hand),Hunting Tribe Gloves(Lv170 mantle Hand),W.Plan2:Divine Gnasher(Lv175  Plan),A.Plan2:Falconer's Brace(Lv175 Plan),Amethyst Cross Rune(  Gem),
Eagle Eye Shooter173Sunset  ValleyFang  Pendant(Lv170 Trinket),GoodFang Pendant(Lv170 Trinket),Ancient Dragon  Teeth(Lv170 Trinket),Phoenix Hood(Lv170 vestment Head),GoodPhoenix Hood(Lv170  vestment Head),Maple Red Hood(Lv170 vestment Head),Magic Wing Sword(Lv170  Sword),GoodMagic Wing Sword(Lv170 Sword),Dead Soul's Wing(Lv170  Sword),C.Plan2:Ancient Dragon Fang(Lv175 Plan),D.Plan2:Burgundier's  Crown(Lv175 Plan),W.Plan2:Death Wings(Lv175 Plan),Ruby Cross Rune(  Gem),
Violet Shooter174Sunset  ValleyDragon  Claw Hammer(Lv170 Axe),GoodDragon Claw Hammer(Lv170 Axe),Sun Dragon  Claw(Lv170 Axe),W.Plan2:Daybreak Slasher(Lv175 Plan),Amber Cross Rune(  Gem)
Mouthy Natkle175Sunset  ValleyFork  Staff(Lv170 Staff),GoodFork Staff(Lv170 Staff),Ancient Demon Sound(Lv170  Staff),Phoenix Wristlet(Lv170 vestment Hand),GoodPhoenix Wristlet(Lv170  vestment Hand),Maple Red Wristlet(Lv170 vestment Hand),Crystal Steel  Cuffs(Lv170 garment Hand),GoodCrystal Steel Cuffs(Lv170 garment Hand),Ice  Sealed Cuffs(Lv170 garment Hand),C.Plan2:Archfiend's Pitch(Lv175  Plan),D.Plan2:Burgundier's Wristlets(Lv175 Plan),A.Plan2:Boreal  Gauntlets(Lv175 Plan),Clear Robert(Lv170 Robot)Vegetarian Swift Dragon(Lv170  Ride),Pestle(  Pestle),Gold Cross  Rune(  Gem),Ultra Mars' Fruit(  General),
Commander Greenstar177Sunset  ValleyMagic  Blade Bow(Lv170 Bow),GoodMagic Blade Bow(Lv170 Bow),Dragon Strike(Lv170  Bow),Phoenix Gown(Lv170 vestment Body),GoodPhoenix Gown(Lv170 vestment  Body),Maple Red Gown(Lv170 vestment Body),Butterfly Boots(Lv170 mantle  Feet),GoodButterfly Boots(Lv170 mantle Feet),Hunting Tribe Boots(Lv170 mantle  Feet),W.Plan2:Dragon Smasher(Lv175 Plan),D.Plan2:Burgundier's Gown(Lv175  Plan),A.Plan2:Falconer's Boots(Lv175 Plan),Dull Triceratops(Lv170 Ride)Ocean  Gold Crab(Lv170 Robot),Pestle(   Pestle),Malachite Cross Rune(   Gem),Ultra Magic Fruit(   General),
Indiana Bette180Sunset  ValleyFin  Spear(Lv180 Spear),GoodFin Spear(Lv180 Spear),Disorder Dragon Scale(Lv180  Spear),Lotus Cuffs(Lv180 garment Hand),GoodLotus Cuffs(Lv180 garment  Hand),Magic Blade Cuffs(Lv180 garment Hand),W.Plan2:Seine's Scales(Lv185  Plan),A.Plan2:Hellion Blade Cuffs(Lv185 Plan),Heavy Armor Triceratops(Lv180  Ride),Noble Crab Robot(Lv180 Robot),Pestle(   Pestle),Pure Sapphire Cross Rune(   Gem),Ultra Evil Fruit(   General),
Assault Barrel180Desolate  RuinsLotus  Helmet(Lv180 garment Head),GoodLotus Helmet(Lv180 garment Head),Magic Blade  Helmet(Lv180 garment Head),A.Plan2:Hellion Blade Helm(Lv185 Plan),Pure  Amethyst Cross Rune(  Gem)
Colorwhirl Cannon180Desolate  RuinsBlood  Scar Blade(Lv180 ShadowBlade),GoodBlood Scar Blade(Lv180  ShadowBlade),Wreckage(Lv180 ShadowBlade),Springtide Wristlet(Lv180 vestment  Hand),GoodSpringtide Wristlet(Lv180 vestment Hand),Flaming Cuffs(Lv180  vestment Hand),W.Plan2:The Destroyer(Lv185 Plan),D.Plan2:Flaming Cuffs(Lv185  Plan),Pure Ruby Cross Rune(  Gem),
Unholy Knight182Desolate  RuinsPower  Blade(Lv180 Sword),GoodPower Blade(Lv180 Sword),Deicide(Lv180  Sword),W.Plan2:Eidolon Slayer(Lv185 Plan),Pure Amber Cross Rune(  Gem)
Spiritfire Knight182Desolate  RuinsForest  Boots(Lv180 mantle Feet),GoodForest Boots(Lv180 mantle Feet),Dragon Bone  Boots(Lv180 mantle Feet),Springtide Boots(Lv180 vestment Feet),GoodSpringtide  Boots(Lv180 vestment Feet),Flaming Boots(Lv180 vestment Feet),A.Plan2:Drake  Bone Boots(Lv185 Plan),D.Plan2:Flaming Shoes(Lv185 Plan),Pure Gold Cross  Rune(  Gem),
Viridian Hound184Desolate  RuinsShield  of Dark Galaxy(Lv180 Shield),GoodShield of Dark Galaxy(Lv180 Shield),Ancient  Dragon(Lv180 Shield),A.Plan2:Ancient Dragon(Lv185 Plan),Pure Malachite Cross  Rune(  Gem)
Armaphage Dog185Desolate  RuinsSpringtide  Gown(Lv180 vestment Body),GoodSpringtide Gown(Lv180 vestment Body),Flaming  Gown(Lv180 vestment Body),D.Plan2:Flaming Robe(Lv185 Plan),Pure Sapphire  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Pink Turbo Cannon186Desolate  RuinsThorny  Axe(Lv180 Axe),GoodThorny Axe(Lv180 Axe),Endless Slay(Lv180 Axe),W.Plan2:The  Merciless(Lv185 Plan),Pure Amethyst Cross Rune(  Gem)
Blue Range Cannon187Desolate  RuinsFour-wing  Mantle(Lv180 Back),GoodFour-wing Mantle(Lv180 Back),Dragon Bone Mantle(Lv180  Back),Forest Cuffs(Lv180 mantle Hand),GoodForest Cuffs(Lv180 mantle  Hand),Dragon Bone Cuffs(Lv180 mantle Hand),D.Plan2:Drake Bone Cape(Lv185  Plan),A.Plan2:Drake Bone Cuffs(Lv185 Plan),Pure Ruby Cross Rune(  Gem),
Deep Sea Octoman188Desolate  RuinsStar  Pendant(Lv180 Trinket),GoodStar Pendant(Lv180 Trinket),Spell Star(Lv180  Trinket),Springtide Hood(Lv180 vestment Head),GoodSpringtide Hood(Lv180  vestment Head),Flaming Hood(Lv180 vestment Head),C.Plan2:The Pentagram(Lv185  Plan),D.Plan2:Flaming Crown(Lv185 Plan),Pure Amber Cross Rune(  Gem),
Redclaw Alien189Desolate  RuinsForest  Light Armor(Lv180 mantle Body),GoodForest Light Armor(Lv180 mantle  Body),Dragon Bone Light Armor(Lv180 mantle Body),Lotus Heavy Boots(Lv180  garment Feet),GoodLotus Heavy Boots(Lv180 garment Feet),Magic Blade  Boots(Lv180 garment Feet),A.Plan2:Drake Bone Mail(Lv185 Plan),A.Plan2:Hellion  Blade Boot(Lv185 Plan),Pure Gold Cross Rune(   Gem),
Basit Turret190Desolate  RuinsIce  Crystal Bow(Lv180 Bow),GoodIce Crystal Bow(Lv180 Bow),Wind Soaring(Lv180  Bow),Forest Hood(Lv180 mantle Head),GoodForest Hood(Lv180 mantle Head),Dragon  Bone Helmet(Lv180 mantle Head),W.Plan2:Gusts' Wing(Lv185 Plan),A.Plan2:Drake  Bone Helmet(Lv185 Plan),Meaty Swift Dragon(Lv180 Ride),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Malachite Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Target Potion(  General),
Twilight Guardian Kaz193Desolate  RuinsFeather  Snake Staff(Lv180 Staff),GoodFeather Snake Staff(Lv180 Staff),Merquly's  Info(Lv180 Staff),Lotus Armor(Lv180 garment Body),GoodLotus Armor(Lv180  garment Body),Magic Blade Armor(Lv180 garment Body),C.Plan2:Mcquery's  Message(Lv185 Plan),A.Plan2:Hellion Blade Plate(Lv185 Plan),Earth Creation  Robert(Lv180 Robot),Pestle(   Pestle),Pure Sapphire Cross Rune(   Gem),Ultra Agility Potion(   General),
Brilliant Nawalya195Desolate  RuinsSharp  Blade Sword(Lv190 Sword),GoodSharp Blade Sword(Lv190 Sword),Maple Dance  Hood(Lv190 vestment Head),GoodMaple Dance Hood(Lv190 vestment  Head),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Amethyst  Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Healing  Potion(  General)
Tizzy Skeletrooper190Forbidden  SectorTribe  Cap(Lv190 mantle Head),GoodTribe Cap(Lv190 mantle Head),Frost Heavy  Boots(Lv190 garment Feet),GoodFrost Heavy Boots(Lv190 garment Feet),Pure Ruby  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Dual Axeman191Forbidden  SectorTattoo  Shield(Lv190 Shield),GoodTattoo Shield(Lv190 Shield),Frost Helmet(Lv190  garment Head),GoodFrost Helmet(Lv190 garment Head),Pure Amber Cross  Rune(  Gem)
Mouthy Illusia192Forbidden  SectorEagle  Feather Mantle(Lv190 Back),GoodEagle Feather Mantle(Lv190 Back),Tribe  Boots(Lv190 mantle Feet),GoodTribe Boots(Lv190 mantle Feet),Pure Gold Cross  Rune(  Gem)
Vampy Flower192Forbidden  SectorBook  of Wisdom(Lv190 Trinket),GoodBook of Wisdom(Lv190 Trinket),Frost Cuffs(Lv190  garment Hand),GoodFrost Cuffs(Lv190 garment Hand),Pure Malachite Cross  Rune(  Gem)
Falconia Thief193Forbidden  SectorFrost  Armor(Lv190 garment Body),GoodFrost Armor(Lv190 garment Body),Tribe  Wristlet(Lv190 mantle Hand),GoodTribe Wristlet(Lv190 mantle Hand),Pure  Sapphire Cross Rune(  Gem)
One-eyed Bandit194Forbidden  SectorSun  Bow(Lv190 Bow),GoodSun Bow(Lv190 Bow),Maple Dance Boots(Lv190 vestment  Feet),GoodMaple Dance Boots(Lv190 vestment Feet),Pure Amethyst Cross  Rune(  Gem)
Fiery Dual-Wielder195Forbidden  SectorMoon  Shadowtooth(Lv190 Spear),GoodMoon Shadowtooth(Lv190 Spear),Pure Ruby Cross  Rune(  Gem)
Ruby Shooter196Forbidden  SectorSnake  Axe(Lv190 Axe),GoodSnake Axe(Lv190 Axe),Pure Amber Cross Rune(  Gem)
One-eyed Tracker198Forbidden  SectorBlood  God's Thorn(Lv190 ShadowBlade),GoodBlood God's Thorn(Lv190 ShadowBlade),Pure  Gold Cross Rune(  Gem)
Stealth Searcher200Forbidden  SectorTribe  Armor(Lv190 mantle Body),GoodTribe Armor(Lv190 mantle Body),Maple Dance  Wristlet(Lv190 vestment Hand),GoodMaple Dance Wristlet(Lv190 vestment  Hand),Pure Malachite Cross Rune(  Gem)
Combateer Paroti200Forbidden  SectorFrost  Staff(Lv190 Staff),GoodFrost Staff(Lv190 Staff),Maple Dance Gown(Lv190  vestment Body),GoodMaple Dance Gown(Lv190 vestment Body),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Sapphire Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Magic Potion(  General)
Royal Dalwa203Forbidden  SectorFlame  Holy Bow(Lv200 Bow),GoodFlame Holy Bow(Lv200 Bow),Fang Helmet(Lv200 garment  Head),GoodFang Helmet(Lv200 garment Head),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Amethyst Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Mighty Fruit(  General)
Commander Taiter205Forbidden  SectorFrost  Staff(Lv200 Staff),GoodFrost Staff(Lv200 Staff),Prophet Boots(Lv200 vestment  Feet),GoodProphet Boots(Lv200 vestment Feet),Beast Bone Gloves(Lv200 mantle  Hand),GoodBeast Bone Gloves(Lv200 mantle Hand),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Ruby Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Mars' Fruit(  General),
Starcore Ashe200Mundo  WarshipTemptation  Blade(Lv200 ShadowBlade),GoodTemptation Blade(Lv200 ShadowBlade),Pure Amber  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Carnivorous Flora200Mundo  WarshipBeast  Bone Cap(Lv200 mantle Head),GoodBeast Bone Cap(Lv200 mantle Head),Pure Gold  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Meerkat Gunner202Mundo  WarshipProphet  Hood(Lv200 vestment Head),GoodProphet Hood(Lv200 vestment Head),Beast Bone  Boots(Lv200 mantle Feet),GoodBeast Bone Boots(Lv200 mantle Feet),Pure  Malachite Cross Rune(  Gem)
Milky Way Cop202Mundo  WarshipDim  Worm Shield(Lv200 Shield),GoodDim Worm Shield(Lv200 Shield),Pure Sapphire  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Spaceout Cactus205Mundo  WarshipShadow  Mantle(Lv200 Back),GoodShadow Mantle(Lv200 Back),Soul Hammer(Lv200  Axe),GoodSoul Hammer(Lv200 Axe),Pure Amethyst Cross Rune(  Gem)
Starbarrel Mech205Mundo  WarshipLife  Ring(Lv200 Trinket),GoodLife Ring(Lv200 Trinket),Azrael Scimitar(Lv200  Sword),GoodAzrael Scimitar(Lv200 Sword),Pure Ruby Cross Rune(  Gem)
Starry Eagle Lieutenant208Mundo  WarshipBeast  Bone Light Armor(Lv200 mantle Body),GoodBeast Bone Light Armor(Lv200 mantle  Body),Pure Amber Cross Rune(  Gem)
Outerspace Tourist208Mundo  WarshipProphet  Gown(Lv200 vestment Body),GoodProphet Gown(Lv200 vestment Body),Pure Gold  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Carnivorous Flora Type A208Mundo  WarshipFang  Boots(Lv200 garment Feet),GoodFang Boots(Lv200 garment Feet),Prophet  Wristlet(Lv200 vestment Hand),GoodProphet Wristlet(Lv200 vestment Hand),Pure  Malachite Cross Rune(  Gem)
Titanium Brain210Mundo  WarshipFang  Armor(Lv200 garment Body),GoodFang Armor(Lv200 garment Body),Pure Sapphire  Cross Rune(  Gem)
Saturn Visitor212Mundo  Warship
Mars Visitor212Mundo  Warship
Starway Cruiser215Mundo  WarshipBone  Soul Spear(Lv200 Spear),GoodBone Soul Spear(Lv200 Spear),Fang Cuffs(Lv200  garment Hand),GoodFang Cuffs(Lv200 garment Hand),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Amber Cross Rune(  Gem)
Mech Brain Galin220Mundo  WarshipAxe  of Rex(Lv210 Axe),GoodAxe of Rex(Lv210 Axe),Scattering Khalar(Lv210  Sword),GoodScattering Khalar(Lv210 Sword),Dragonbone Cuirass(Lv210 mantle  Body),GoodDragonbone Cuirass(Lv210 mantle Body),Aquamoon Cuffs(Lv210 vestment  Hand),GoodAquamoon Cuffs(Lv210 vestment Hand),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Malachite Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Magic Fruit(  General),
ET Queen Aylena220Mundo  WarshipHoly  Gourd-Staff(Lv210 Staff),GoodHoly Gourd-Staff(Lv210 Staff),Overlord's  Lance(Lv210 Spear),GoodOverlord's Lance(Lv210 Spear),Aquamoon Mantle(Lv210  vestment Body),GoodAquamoon Mantle(Lv210 vestment Body),Ensorcelled  Gauntlets(Lv210 garment Hand),GoodEnsorcelled Gauntlets(Lv210 garment  Hand),Pestle(  Pestle),Pure Sapphire  Cross Rune(  Gem),Ultra Evil  Fruit(  General),

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thank you! this is alot easier to follow. awesome!

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so pro jim YC-Monkey180
thanks =D

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Only bosses drop Staves??? No mobs?? Cry cry YC-Monkey148

The name is the game...
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does the moobs in forbiden sector drop s class things or are locked?

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I've been trying to drop in colorwhirl cannon and these give Ruby Cross Rune, not pure...

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does the "Turbo Cannoneer Tina" drops 160 ride too? or only 160 bot?
anyone dropped 160 ride from that boss? :o

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Quick question : Has the meaty swift dragon ( Lv 180 ride dropped by Basit Turret) been unlocked yet? I had been camping it for weeks in Snow realm but got nothing and one of my friends said it wasn't droppable yet.


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Did someone dropped the 180 triceratops in sunset? or it is locked?

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Not sure, but i hope in tree are unlockable
>I guess triceratops are dropped by onion boss or the hedgehog boss in jade garden