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[Guides and Tutorials] Sakura Festival - Drop List

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Posted on 2014-05-29 12:40:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here is the droplist for Sakura Festival.  /Rhuli1


Wither Flower - lv120 sword, lv120 L boots, lv120 red rune
Swing Flower - lv120 bow, lv120 H boots, lv120 orange rune
Green Mushroom - lv120 spear, lv120 m.robe, lv120 yellow rune
Baby Mushrooms - lv120 staff, lv120 h.armor, lv120 green rune
Grass Hedgehog - lv120 axe, lv120 h helm, lv120 blue rune
Poison Hedgehog - lv120 shield, lv120 l armor, lv120 purple rune
Plum Onigiri - lv120 ninjutsu, lv120 l cap, lv120 red rune
Purple Onigiri - lv120 cloak, lv120 m hood, lv120 orange rune
Kappa - lv120 Acc, lv 120 l cuffs, lv120 yellow rune
Kappa Baby - lv120 m shoes, lv120 h cuffs, lv120 m gloves, lv120 green rune
[Boss] Megalodon Paige - lv130 staff, lv130 h helm, lv130 l armor, lv130 mage ride: Unicorn, lv130 green rune
[Boss] Hedgehog Warrior - lv130 bow, lv130 m robe, lv130 l cuffs, lv130 robot: Carp, lv130 blue rune
[Boss] Onigiri sun pill - lv130 spear, lv130 m hood, lv130 l cap, lv130 robot: Spring colored, lv130 purple rune[/I]


Purple Vase demon - lv130 ninjutsu, lv130 h boots, lv130 cloak, lv130 red rune
Green Vase Demon - lv130 shield, lv130 m shoes, lv130 h.armor, lv130 orange rune
Green Lights - lv130 sword, lv130 h cuffs, lv130 l boots, lv130 yellow rune
Blue Core demon - lv130 axe, lv130 m gloves, lv130 Acc, lv130 green rune
Green Umbrella - lv140 ninjutsu, lv140 h helm, lv140 m hood, lv140 blue rune
Blue umbrella - lv140 spear, lv140 shield, lv140 l boots, lv140 purple rune
Salmon sushi - lv140 cloak, lv140 h cuffs, lv140 l armor, lv140 red rune
Mustard sushi - lv140 bow, lv140 h boots, lv140 m boots, lv140 orange rune
Ugly Girl - lv140 sword, lv140 Acc, lv140 h.armor, lv140 yellow rune
Ugly Sister - lv140 axe, lv140 l cap, lv140 m gloves, lv140 green rune
[Boss] Magic Bottleking - lv140 staff, lv140 m robe, lv140 l cuffs, lv140 green rune
[Boss] Storm Umbrella - lv150 bow, lv150 l cuffs, lv150 m shoes, lv150 warrior ride: Carriage, lv150 robot: Mouse, lv150 blue rune
[Boss] Giant Sushi - lv150 staff, lv150 h cuffs, lv150 l boots, lv150 mage ride: Sheep, lv150 robot: Rabbit, lv150 purple rune


Shiv Clown - lv150 axe, lv150 l cap, lv150 h.armor, lv150 shield, lv150 red rune
Green Clown - lv150 ninjutsu, lv150 h helm, lv150 m robe, lv150 trinket, lv150 orange rune
Chive Bumps - lv150 sword, lv150 m gloves, lv150 h boots, lv150 yellow rune
Strawberry Buns - lv150 spear, lv150 l armor, lv150 m hood, lv150 cloak, lv150 green rune
Shrimp sushi - lv160 axe, lv160 l cuffs, lv160 blue rune
Poison Sushi - lv160 sword, lv160 m gloves, lv160 purple rune
Earth Fox - lv160 spear, lv160 Acc, lv160 red rune
Green fox - lv160 ninjutsu, lv160 m shoes, lv160 orange rune
Kappa Soldiers - lv160 cloak, lv160 mante cap, lv160 yellow rune
Kappa Thieves - lv160 shield, lv160 h.armor, lv160 green rune
[Boss] Onigiri Emperor - lv160 staff, lv160 l boots, lv160 warrior ride: Armored carriage, lv160 robot: Rabbit, lv160 green rune
[Boss] Shadow Fox - lv160 bow, lv160 h helm, lv160 m hood, lv160 robot: Mouse,lv160 mage ride: Sheep, lv160 blue rune
[Boss] Kappa Ronin - lv170 bow, lv170 m robe, lv170 warrior ride: Triceratops, lv170 robot: Crab, lv170 purple rune


Little Goblin  - lv160 h cuffs, lv160 m robe, lv160 red rune
Fairy moss - lv160 l armor, lv160 h boots, lv160 orange rune
incense fresh cordyceps  - lv170 l armor, lv170 m shoes, lv170 yellow rune
Green Cage  - lv170 cloak, lv170 m shoes, lv170 green rune
Horns Deer  - lv170 ninjutsu, lv170 blue rune
required angle chuanlord  - lv170 shield, lv170 l cap, lv170 purple rune
shuangzhuzhouyao - lv170 spear, lv170 red rune
Orange Kitten  - lv170 Acc, lv170 m hood, lv170 orange rune
Meow pink  - lv170 axe, lv170 h.armor, lv170 yellow rune
Kappa Thief  - lv170 sword, lv170 green rune
[Boss] Corolla Princess  - lv170 staff, lv170 m gloves, lv170 mage ride: Raptor, lv170 robot: Robert, lv170 green rune
[Boss] xena cage dancers toxic honey  - lv180 bow, lv180 m cuffs, lv180 warrior ride: Triceratops, lv180 robot: Robert, lv180 blue rune
[Boss] Sumo Li Shiji - lv180 spear, lv180 h boots, lv180 robot: Crab, lv180 purple rune


Green Octopus  - lv170 h cuffs, lv170 l cuffs, lv170 red rune
Octopus soldiers  - lv170 l boots, lv170 h helm, lv170 orange rune
Blue Dog  - lv180 l cap, lv180 h cuffs, lv180 yellow rune
Jade dog  - lv180 h helm, lv180 green rune
Top Bowl Monkey  - lv180 ninjutsu, lv180 blue rune
Green Monkey  - lv180 sword, lv180 purple rune
Pink Onigiri - lv180 l boots, lv180 m shoes, lv180 red rune
Green Onigiri - lv180 shield, lv180 l armor, lv180 orange rune
Fan Charm Fox - lv180 m robe, lv180 yellow rune
Fan Elf fox  - lv180 axe, lv180 green rune
[Boss] Evil Eye Captain  - lv180 staff, lv180 h.armor, lv180 mage ride: Raptor, lv180 green rune
[Boss] Spa Monkey Yuji  - lv190 bow, lv190 warrior ride: Atv, lv190 robot: Pharaoh civet, lv180 blue rune
[Boss] Evil Umbrella Fox - lv190 sword, lv190 l cuffs, lv190 mage ride: Puppy, lv180 purple rune


Green Snail  - lv180 cloak, lv180 l cuffs, lv180 red rune
Pale snail  - lv180 Acc, lv180 m hood, lv180 orange rune
Bad Baby Ghost - lv190 l armor, lv190 m shoes, lv190 yellow rune
Poke poison girl  - lv190 cloak, lv190 h boots, green rune
Bald ronin - lv190 ninjutsu, lv190 blue rune
Wraith ronin  - lv190 shield, lv190 h cuffs, lv190 purple rune
Red Grain Dog dog - lv190 spear, lv190 m gloves, lv190 red rune
Purple Dog - lv190 Acc, lv190 m hood, lv190 orange rune
Cursed Mother - lv190 axe, lv190 yellow rune
Cursed wraith  - lv190 l boots, lv190 h helm, lv190 green rune
[Boss] Giant Snail Pitt - lv190 staff, lv190 l cap, lv190 robot: Dog, lv190 green rune
[Boss] Jade Inugami - lv200 bow, lv200 m gloves, lv190 blue rune
[Boss] Grudge Devil - lv200 spear, lv200 h boots, lv190 purple rune


Brown Dragon  - lv190 h.armor, lv190 red rune
Green Dragon - lv190 m robe, lv190 orange rune
Night Umbrella - lv200 l cap, lv200 h cuffs, lv190 yellow rune
Wraith Umbrella - lv200 h helm, lv190 green rune
Samurai - lv200 ninjutsu, lv190 blue rune
Decadent samurai - lv200 sword, lv190 purple rune
Warm monkey - lv200 l boots
Sea monkey - lv200 shield, lv190 orange rune
Black Cat thief - lv200 m robe, lv190 yellow rune
Vigorous Thief - lv200 axe, lv190 green rune
[Boss] Magic Dragon - lv210 spear, lv210 M cuffs, lv190 green rune
[Boss] Red Armor Toyohide - lv210 swords, lv210 m shoes, lv190 blue rune,
[Boss] the soul of umbrella - lv210 staff, lv210 h boots, lv190 purple rune


Giant Stag Horn  - Lv200 Staff
Lantern Umbrella  - Lv200 H.Armor
mint rice group - Lv200 L armor
tea stuffed octopus sushi  - Lv200 cloak
Blood Kappa  - Lv200 Acc
Springs Monkey  - Lv200 L cuffs, Lv200 M gloves
Lord Monkey Fist  - Lv210 bow, Lv210 H.Armor
xieyuquanyao  - Lv210 L armor, Lv210 M hood
erotic bell Fox  - Lv210 M robe, Lv210 H helm
beam cat Emon  - Lv210 Ninjutsu, Lv210 L boots, Lv210 L cuffs
meow yokozuna Takanohana - Lv210 axe, Lv210 M hood
cursing princess  - Lv210 shield, Lv210 H boots, Lv210 H cuffs
tied generals - Lv210 cloak, Lv210 L cap, Lv210 H boots
[BOSS] onegin proud ancient King of Ghosts  - Lv220 axe, Lv220 spear, Lv220 H cuffs, Lv220 M robe
[BOSS] dream fox Tamamo- Lv220 Staff, Lv220 Ninjutsu, Lv220 L cuffs, Lv220 H.Armor
[BOSS] thunder Bazhe Asura king - Lv220 bow, Lv220sword, Lv220 M gloves, Lv220 L armor

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Posted on 2014-05-29 14:22:05 | Show thread starter's posts only

Good job this is incredibly usefull! Tho I still cant kill some bosses in this expansion x_x

Posted on 2014-05-29 16:22:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice man, thanks u for post! YC-Monkey229

Posted on 2014-06-03 16:28:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

what's Acc

Posted on 2014-06-03 20:21:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Accessories, or Trinket..

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Posted on 2014-06-06 16:23:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

whats ninjutsu?

The name is the game...
Posted on 2014-06-06 20:34:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

Shadow Blade

Stupid people shout louder than the smart to cover up their stupidity.
Posted on 2014-06-13 04:05:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

190 gem is lock??....:< got lvl 170 gem only...

edit for below:
was ab in ninja n got gem lvl 170 only instead lvl 190/ i guess max lvl gem can be drop atm is lvl 170??..

sory bad englis hope u understand

[ Last edited by soldier888 at 6-13-2014 19:20 ]

Posted on 2014-06-13 16:54:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

Same.. Pretty sure 180 and 190 are locked. Least in Sakura..

Posted on 2014-06-15 00:54:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

my friend dropped 190 s class spear in fox shrine so they are not locked :O