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[Guides and Tutorials] Angel online for IPOD/ANDROID GUIDE

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Hello humans this small guide will show you are software that help you to keep track of AO and also log you back in if you should get >DC<. I should say its just a remote software that displays your pc screen on your ipod and also lets you control it with a mouse alright lets get started. YC-Monkey180  YC-Monkey134

1. Go to the site you see in the picture

2.[attach]72450[/attach] download/install the software

3. click next and let it install

4. It should open showing you internal IP and external IP and port go to settings and set a password.

5. Next go on your ipod/android type inside your market/ipod store Jumione you may have to pay 0.99 cents or you can get it for free if your ipod is jailbroken but it is for free. Open the software on your phone and click the plus sign and type in the info on your pc the IN IP and EXN IP and port.
I will make a video soon so if you face any problem feel free to message me thank you. P.S Do not complain and how it lags a little i said it helps you to log your account back if it should dc or if you need to repair while you are not around your pc >.>

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Off topic...Clean. That. Desktop. cute52rabbit   but awesome background @.@  

Example for a neat desktop.

Clean yours.

On topic: decent-ish guide~  cute2rabbit

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OnTopic: Very helpful.
OffTopic: Decide on a browser. FireFox or Chrome xd

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OT: Agree with you.Clean that desktop.

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check it ;p mhahahaa [img] [/img]

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Your image failed~  :3

Edit: Yay you fixed it! o: but still a mess thats just like walking
into a messy room and pushing everything to the walls.. its still not clean.. D:

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Just computer have to online to play angels online from my phone? Really?

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I don't like that program he uses, I prefer Teamviewer xD
and no. those programs show u ur PC screen on ur other device. u need internet to use it, but the opened programs on ur PC use ur PC wifi-or whatever u use- connection.

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