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[Guides and Tutorials] Cowboy Bebop - Drop List

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Posted on 2013-04-14 10:13:37 | Show thread starter's posts only

Something to look forward to.
Here is the drop list for the cowboy bebop expansion.


  Monster Name


  Gold mine

  Blazing Orc Warrior

  Lv110 knife: Fire Dragon Claymore, quality Fire Dragon Claymore Tarrasque Eritrea  multi pupil

Lv110 light shoes: green hunting boots, quality greenery hunting boots, the holy serpent  eagle feather boots advanced weapons book: the Tarrasque Eritrea multi pupil,  Advanced armor book: holy serpent eagle feather boots

Gem: Lv110 defective red  runes

  Brown hammer Orc Warrior

  Lv110 edge: the sand waterfall tooth edge, high-quality sand waterfall tooth blade,  devoid of humanity patricide

Lv110 law shoes: meteorite offering boots, quality meteorite offering boots, the illusion  priests sandals Advanced weapons book: devoid of humanity patricide, Advanced  tailors books: the illusion of priests sandals

-Gem: Lv110 flaws orange  light Rune

  Red bone Triceratops

  The Lv110 gun: Longji giant sickle, quality the Longji giant sickle, Uranus spine

The Lv110 robe: meteorite offering gowns, quality meteorite vestments, illusion priest  shirt Advanced weapons book: Uranus spine, Advanced tailor book: the illusion  of priests shirt

Gem: Lv110 defects yellow  Rune

  The purple smoke Triangle Dragon

  The Lv110 Hammer: the Morning Star meow spiritual Warhammer, quality the Morning Star meow  spirit Warhammer, photo Glass of shock,

Lv110 jewelry: Rainbow Crystal Necklace, quality rainbow crystal necklace, the  sanctuary brooch advanced weapons book: Glass that frankly, advanced craft  books: sanctuary brooch

Gem: Lv110 green Rune  flaws

  Orange leaf ball

  Lv110 bow: War sheep bones  bow, the quality war sheep bones bow, Paine's Redemption

Lv110 light hand: green cuff, quality the green wrist, holy a buzzard feather Bracers  Advanced weapons book: Paine of salvation, advanced armor book: Holy eagle  feather wrist

  Blu-ray Rune
gem: Lv110 defects

  Petals ball

  The Lv110 rod: elegance Staff, quality elegance Staff, Adonis' blood

Lv110 law hand: meteorite Gauntlets quality meteorite Gauntlets, illusion priests  Gauntlets advanced craft books: Blood of Adonis, Advanced tailor book: the  illusion of priests Gauntlets

Gem: Lv110 flaws violet  Rune

  Palm trees, people

  Lv110 law head: meteorite method Crown, quality meteorite Law crown, the illusion of  priests Law crown

Lv110 heavy hand: Giant Handguards quality giant hand A sacred field Wristguards

Lv110 Light head: green turban, high-quality green turban, the holy serpent eagle feather  war helmet Advanced tailors books: the illusion of the priests law crown,  advanced armor book: sacred field of wrist armor, advanced armor book: holy  eagle feather war helmet

Gem: Lv110 defective red  runes

  Blue Flame Dryad

  Lv110 shield: Wizard angle shield, quality Wizard angle shield the Tarrasque teeth  shield

Lv110 heavy clothing: Giant Battlegear, quality giant armor, sacred areas of silver armor

Lv110 heavy shoes: Giants re-boots, quality giant heavy boots, sacred areas of heavy boots  Advanced Armor book: Tarrasque the tooth shield, advanced armor book: the  sacred silver armor in the field, advanced armor book: sacred field of heavy  boots

-Gem: Lv110 flaws orange light  Rune

  Chainsaw cactus

  Lv110 Cloak: sky capes, quality Sky cloaks, Griffin feather shawl

Lv110 light clothing: green safari, quality greenery hunting, holy eagle feather Battlegear

  The Advance tailor
Lv110 heavy  clothing: giant Platehelm, quality giant battle helmet,  sacred field Yinkui book: Griffin feather shawl, advanced armor book: the  holy eagle feather Armor, advanced armor book: sacred field Yinkui

Gem: Lv110 defects yellow  Rune

  Blankly cactus

  Lv120 edge: pain Bite  quality pain of bite, diss the endless torture

Lv120 light head: the desert the Herd cap, high-quality desert Herd cap, hovering hunting  feather hat

Lv120 heavy hand: ran beast wrist, quality Ben beast wrist, violent impact of the wrist  advanced weapons book: Meredith's endless torment, advanced armor book:  hovering hunting feather hat, advanced armor book: violent shocks wrist

Gem: Lv120 green rune

  Green face Chiefs Luo Luoma

  The Lv120 knife: the Ripper soku, quality Ripper soku, Nice Locke wing

Lv120 light shoes: desert heat resistant boots, high quality the desert heat resistant  boots, hovering hunting boots

The Lv120 method shoes: the the Cardinal Law boots, high-quality Cardinal Law  boots, Ai Xisi law shoes Advanced weapons book: wing Nice Locke, Advanced  armor book: hovering hunting boots, Advanced tailor Book: Ai Xisi, law, shoes

  Mounts mech: the Lv120 rosemary SPA bathtub, Lv120 psychedelic crest ostrich  strengthen hammer

The gem: Lv120 Blu-ray study the great wrestlers fruit Rune

  Kuteng strange Ward hair

  Lv120 bow: love Shortbow  quality love Shortbow, deep love of Venus

Lv120 jewelry: natural character pattern, high quality natural character pattern, Call  of the Wild

Lv120 heavy shoes: Ben beast heavy boots, quality Ben beast heavy boots, the violent shock  Boots Advanced weapons book: deep love Venus, advanced technology book: The  Call of the Wild, advanced armor book: violent shock boots

  Mounts mech: Lv120 gorgeous camel, Lv120 juggling panda the mech strengthen  hammer

  Ultimate God of War fruit
gems: Lv120 purple rune

  The pink hair bandits Ping grams

  Lv130 the stick: Xiangying Staff, and the quality XIANGYING Staff, Sangdedaier the end of

Lv130 heavy head: Valorous helmet quality intrepid helmet Thunder pounce helmet

Light clothing Lv130: the horned beast armor, quality the horned beast Armor, spine Lin A Advanced  shuttle needle craft book: the end of Sangdedaier, advanced armor book:  Thunder pounce helmet, advanced armor book: spine Lin shuttle needle armor

  Mounts mech: Lv130 the frosty polar bear, Lv130 carp-machine
  strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv130 the clean red light Rune Ultimate magical fruit

  Vapor town

  Dust on crocodile stick

  Lv120 gun: hell break,  quality hell break, purgatory doomsday apostles

The Lv120 robe: Cardinal Robe quality Cardinal robe, Aixi Si robe

Lv120 Cloak: Advanced the hot sun the cloak, quality hot sun cloak, flame doomsday  weapons book: the purgatory doomsday apostles, Advanced tailor Book: Ai Xisi  robes, Advanced tailor books: flame doomsday

The gems: Lv120 Orange light Rune

  Ketchup crocodile Acts

  Lv120 the stick: evil eye wand, wand of quality evil eye, blanch the dragon

Lv120 heavy clothing: Ben beast armor quality Ben beast armor, violent impact armor

Lv120 head of law: Cardinal crown of the head, of quality Cardinal head crown, of Ai Xisi  Law crown Advanced craft books: blanch dragon, advanced armor book: violent  impact armor, Advanced tailor books: Ai Xisi Law crown

The gem: Lv120 yellow runes

  Blue vine strange

  Lv120 hammer: Storm hit thorn the quality storm hit thorn method Eaton's death

Lv120 heavy head: Ben beast helmet, quality Ben beast helmet violent impact helmet

The Lv120 law hand: Cardinal gloves, quality Cardinal glove, Ai Xisi cuff advanced weapons  book: Law of Eaton's death, advanced armor book: violent impact helmets,  Advanced Tailoring book: Ai Xisi cuff

Gem: Lv120 green rune

  Giant ball Man

  Lv120 shield: Ruby Shield, quality ruby shield, Sa Lafen the gaze

Lv120 light clothing: desert wind loading, quality desert wind loading, hovering hunting Armor

Lv120 light hand: Desert Leather Gloves, quality desert Leather Gloves, hovering hunting  wrist advanced armor book: Sa Lafen watchful eye, Advanced Armor books:  hovering hunting the Armor, advanced armor book: hovering hunting wrist

The gem: Lv120 Blu-ray Rune

  Nasty fairy Tsai

  Of Lv130 edge: strangulation steel wing blade, Quality strangulation steel wing edge,  piece wing black angel

Lv130 heavy shoes: Valorous Leggings, quality Valorous Leggings Thunder pounce Leggings  advanced weapons book: piece wing black angel, advanced armor book: Thunder  pounce Leggings

Gem: Lv130 clean purple  Rune

  Chainsaw bullies

  The Lv130 gun: Scalebane sudden, high-quality Scalebane conflict, Safi Ross sigh

The Lv130 law head: Tianheng Law crown, quality days Heng Law crown, Arcane Subtlety the  head crowns Advanced weapons book: Safi Ross sigh, advanced tailors books:  Arcane exquisite crown of the head

Gem: Lv130 clean red Rune

  Boots small and medium-sized ferret

  Lv130 knife: the chip giant steel blade, high-quality sheet steel giant blade, Atlas  giant chopped

The Lv130 light shoes: angle beast Leggings, Quality horned beast the leggings, spine Lin  shuttle thorn boots

Lv130 the heavy hand of: Valorous Gauntlets quality Valorous Gauntlets Thunder pounce care, hand  Advanced weapons book: Atlas giant chop Advanced Armor book: spine Lin shuttle  thorn boots, advanced armor book: Thunder pounce care hand

Gem: Lv130 clean orange  Rune

  Purple boots scouts

  Lv130 shield: Shing gas shield, Shield of quality Sheng gas, wave secluded pull  enchantment

Lv130 law hand: Tianheng Gauntlets quality Tianheng Gauntlets Arcane exquisite gloves

Lv130 jewelry: North Lord, the Lord of quality North, of Luoxi the trials advanced  armor book: wave secluded pull enchantment, Advanced tailor books: Arcane  exquisite gloves, advanced technology book: Luoxi trials

Gems: Lv130 clean yellow  Rune

  Blue robot dog

  The Lv130 Cloak: hedgehog spine cloak, quality hedgehog spines cloak, the barbed spines  creatures of wing

Lv130 heavy clothes: Valorous Kennedy A quality intrepid Caine A, Thunder lap armor Advanced  tailors books: the barbed spines creatures Wings, advanced armor book:  Thunder lap armor

The gem: Lv130 clean green Rune

  Mini robot dog

  Lv130 ax: Dark Walker,  quality dark Walker, Black Otis crack

The Lv130 the light head: angle Shoutou crown, quality the angle Shoutou crown, spine Lin shuttle  crown of the head

The Lv130 method Shoes: Tianheng law shoes, high-quality day value method shoes, Arcane subtlety  shoes Advanced weapons book: Black Otis' crack, advanced armor book: spine  Lin shuttle crown of the head, Advanced tailor books: Arcane subtlety shoes

Gem: Lv130 clean blue Rune

  Psychedelic crocodile king Jiade slightly

  Lv130 bow string: furious days, quality fury days chord, Gelbart sharp eye

The Lv130 Robe: Tianheng vestments, quality Tianheng vestments Arcane exquisite coat

Lv130 Light Hand: the the horned beast Gauntlets quality horns Gauntlets, spines forest shuttle  Gauntlets Advanced weapons of books: Gelbart's sharp eye, Advanced Tailoring  book: Arcane subtlety coat, advanced armor book: spine Lin shuttle Gauntlets

  Mounts mech: rose Huanshou Lv130, Lv130 Spring Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros  mech strengthen hammer

Gem: Lv130 clean violet  pole devil fruit Rune study

  The space boots probe Pangrui

  Lv140 the stick: Sweetheart Staff, and quality sweetheart Staff, cotton Randa Favorites

Lv140 light clothing: barbed spine Breastplate Breastplate of quality barbed spines Morino Ji  Xing Jing A

Lv140 heavy hand: tear Gauntlets quality Ripper Gauntlets, Armageddon Gauntlets advanced  craft books: cotton Randa's favorite, advanced armor book: Morino the Jixing  crystal A, advanced armor book: Armageddon Gauntlets

  Mounts mech: Lv140 midsummer Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros mech, Lv140  moonlight unicorns
strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv140 perfect red  runes Ultimate Hit syrup

  Tiezhao Sele Sen

  Lv140 sword: trip a quality trip immortal needle inverse

Lv140 light shoes: thorn spine Leggings, high-quality barbed spines Leggings, Morino Fleet  of Foot boots

Lv140 hands of law: Smart Gauntlets quality Smart Gauntlets, God mapping color feather  gloves Advanced weapons book: immortal pin inverse, advanced armor book:  Morino Striding boots, Advanced tailor book: God mapping color feather gloves

  Strengthen mounts mech: the Lv140 dawn brown bear, Lv140 carp machine hammer

Gem: Lv140 perfect orange  Rune Ultimate sensitivity syrup

  The babble Ha Bar

  Mutation Chanter

  Advanced weapons Lv140 edge: endless thorns  quality endless Sting, long-lasting wake dream book: long-lasting wake of a  dream

Gem: Lv140 perfect yellow  Rune

  Drying chant by

  Lv140 shield: Vientiane movement, quality Vientiane movement, world track

Lv140 light hand: the barbed spine Gauntlets quality barbed spines Gauntlets, Morino Jixing  the Advanced Armor Gauntlets book: the trajectory of the world, advanced  armor book: Morino Fleet of Foot Gauntlets

Gem: Lv140 perfect green  Rune

  Akagi people

  The Lv140 robe: Smart vestments quality Smart vestments, God mapping color feather robe  Advanced tailor book: God Reflecting feather robe

Gem: Lv140 perfect Blu-ray  Rune

  Flame treefolk,

  Lv140 bow: the odd beast of Feng-Jian, quality odd beast Feng-Jian, Kela Li Da petition

Lv140 heavy shoes: Ripper Leggings, quality tear Leggings, destroyed book days off Leggings  Advanced weapons: Kela Li Da's petition, advanced armor book: Armageddon  Leggings

Gem perfect: Lv140 purple rune

  Water droplets doll

  Lv140 jewelry: Polar Light, quality Polar Light, Ta Liexin imprint

Lv140 heavy clothing: Ripper armor, quality Ripper armor, the armor of Advanced technology  books Armageddon: Talie Xin mark of advanced armor book: Morino Fleet of Foot  crown of the head

  A perfect
gem: Lv140 red rune

  Pink round baby

  Lv140 Hammer: crystal diamond explorers, high quality crystal diamond explorers,  Holmes Phil's deep Horiuchi

Lv140 light head: barbed spine headband, quality barbed spines headband, Morino Jixing the  head crowns Advanced weapons book: Holmes Phil deep Hori, advanced armor  book: Armageddon armor

Gem: Lv140 perfect orange  Rune

  Stone boots ferret children

  The Lv140 gun: hemophagocytic barb, quality Hemophagocytic, barb, Lu Fasi giant anchor

The Lv140 method Shoes: Smart Law shoe, quality Smart law shoes, God Ying Choi Yu Law boots  Advanced weapons book: Lu Fasi giant anchor, Advanced tailor book: God Ying  Cai Yu Law boots

Gem: Lv140 perfect yellow  Rune

  The boots in police ferret

  Lv140 heavy head: Ripper helmet quality Ripper Helmet, Helmet Advanced Armor book  Armageddon: Armageddon helmet

Gem: Lv140 perfect green  Rune

  Self-propelled beer kegs

  Lv140 Cloak: God of War Cloak quality bucket God cloak lion overlord cloak

Lv140 head of law: Smart crowns, quality Smart crowns, God mapping color feather headdress  Advanced tailor books: cloak of lion overlord, Advanced tailors books: God  mapping color feather headdress

Gem: Lv140 perfect Blu-ray  Rune

  Blue color cask gun

  Lv150 edge: falling plume  of Kariya, quality falling feather Kariya, evil spirits Walt touch of

Lv150 heavy head: steel weapons helmets, high-quality steel weapons helmets, blasting rock  thunder helmet Advanced weapons of books: the touch of evil spirits Walter,  advanced armor books: explosion rocks skies helmet

Gem: Lv150 purple  fragments of the Holy Cross

  Of Zi Yan tree Han-Wales

  Lv150 Sword: Sword of the flight feathers, a quality flight feathers Sword, Blazing  Angela Yu

Lv150 law hand: Spirit of bird wrist quality spiritual bird wrist secret language of  flowers God Wrist

The Lv150 weight shoes: the steel heavy weapons boots, high-quality steel Takeshige boots, blasting  rock thunder Leggings Advanced weapons of books: Blazing Angela Yu, Advanced  tailor book: the flower God passphrase wrist, advanced armor books: explosion  rocks skies Leggings

  Strengthen the hammer mounts mech: Lv150 bouncing bunny machine

Gem: Lv150 the red Holy  Cross debris Ultimate Life Potion

  The extraterrestrial gentleman Blue Fortunately  grass

  The Lv150 stick: Butterfly and wand, quality Butterfly and wand, flower after Tony Dora  Pina dance

Lv150 heavy-handed: steel arms to protect hands and arms to protect quality steel hands,  blasting rock thunder Gauntlets

Lv150 light shoes: pneumatic boots, high quality pneumatic boots, climbing boots Yue scales  will advanced craft books: flower Tony Dora Pina dance, advanced armor book:  explosion rocks skies Gauntlets, advanced armor book: climbing the Yue scutes  they boots

  Mounts mech: Lv150 Bleater strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv150 orange light  Holy Cross debris Ultimate Magic Potion

  Crazy three guns Max

  Lv150 bow: the Night Walker Bow, Bow quality Night Walker, Imperius flying wing Nu Kate

Lv150 light hand: pneumatic Gauntlets quality pneumatic hand guard, climbed Yue Gauntlets

Lv150 law shoes: bird Ling Boots, Boots quality bird Ling, Flora, Mari Boots Advanced weapons  books: Imperius flying wing Nu Kate, advanced armor book: climbing Yue  Gauntlets Advanced tailors books: flowers God passphrase Boots

  Strengthen the hammer mounts mech: Lv150 Kuangchong carriage, Lv150 gold  mouse machine

Gem: Lv150 yellow Holy Cross  debris study great wrestlers fruit

  Silver silicon trenches

  The green onion Sand people

  Lv150 ax: Hurricane Axe,  quality hurricane Axe, wind Jing Ke Leiya the disturbance Advanced weapons of  books: Wind Jing Ke Leiya disturbance

Gem: Lv150 green Holy  Cross debris

  Blue-violet ball people

  Lv150 gun: auger gun,  quality auger gun Babel auger Edda Advanced weapons book: Babel auger Edda

Gem: Lv150 Blu-ray  fragments of the Holy Cross

  Red pattern mechanical dog

  Lv150 robe: Spirit of bird  robe, quality Spirit Sparrow robe, spent mysterious syntax gowns

Lv150 light head: pneumatic crowns, quality pneumatic crowns, climbing Yue the scutes head  crown Advanced dressmaker book: flower mysterious syntax gowns, advanced  armor book: climbing Yue the scutes head crown

Gem: Lv150 purple  fragments of the Holy Cross

  Gangya matte finish dog

  Lv150 shield: fit steel shield, high-quality fit Gangdun eddy Nebula Shield

Lv150 Heavy clothing: steel Wu Armour, quality steel weapons armor, blasting rock thunder  armor advanced armor book: shield eddy nebula, advanced armor book: blasting  rock thunder armor

Gem: Lv150 red fragments  of the Holy Cross

  Orange small gunner

  Lv150 jewelry: crystal emerald teardrop quality crystal emerald teardrop, Wendy grain  frozen secret

Lv150 Light clothing: pneumatic jacket, quality pneumatic DuanYi, climbing Yue the scutes  light armor advanced craft books: Wendy grain frozen secret, advanced armor  book: climbing Yue Scalemail light armor

Gem: Lv150 orange light  Holy Cross debris

  Lavender small gunner

  The Lv150 cloak: Zunwang Cloak, the quality Zunwang cloak, motorized light A Cloak

Lv150 head of law: spiritual bird miter, quality Spirit Sparrow miter, spent mysterious syntax  crown the advanced tailor Book: the motorized light Cloak Advanced tailor  books: flower mysterious syntax crown

Gem: Lv150 yellow Holy  Cross debris

  Pea vine strange

  Lv160 hammer: the dragon roar Juchui the quality the dragon roar Juchui, dragon Feige Si  combat power

Lv160 light hand: the latent Gauntlets, high-quality latent the Gauntlets popular night  Gauntlets Advanced weapons book: the dragon Feige Si Battle force, advanced  armor book: popular night Gauntlets

Gem: Lv160 damaged the  green Holy Cross character text

  Ferocious purple vine

  Lv160 stick: Six-wing wand, high-quality six-winged wand, Sheng Azi that light wing

Lv160 the lighter shoes: latent leather boots, quality latent boots, popular Night Creatures  Boots Advanced technology books: Sheng Azi that light wing, advanced armor  book: popular Night Creatures Boots

Gem: Lv160 damaged Blu-ray  Holy Cross character text


  The the Lv160 jewelry: Refreshing the edges, quality Refreshing edges, Werribee peep Magic Eye

Lv160 the law head: pray the Law crown, quality pray Law crown, the magic bee violence  headdress Advanced technology book: Waller's prying eyes, advanced the  Tailoring book: the magic bee violence headdress

Gem: Lv160 damaged violet  characters in the text of the Holy Cross

  Yuanhun Skeleton Warrior

  Lv160 edge: blood beast's  teeth, high-quality blood beast's teeth, Smits, 1000 edge chaos chopped

The Lv160 method Shoes: pray to make boots, quality pray make boots, magic bee violence Act  boots Advanced weapons book: Smits 1000 blade chaos chopped, Advanced tailors  books: the magic bee violence law boots

The gem: Lv160 damaged red Holy Cross character text

  Purple the shaman wheat roll

  Lv160 sword: chaos Feng inverse teeth, quality chaos Feng inverse teeth ust reverse  claw wounds

Lv160 the law hand: pray the wrist, quality pray so that the wrist magic bee violence wrist  Advanced weapons book: ust the inverse claw wounds, advanced tailor book: the  magic bee violence wrist

  Mounts mech: Lv160 shining armor war wagon strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv160 the damaged orange light Holy Cross character Man Ultimate God of War fruit

  Turbine gunner Tina

  Lv160 gun: dark Spider  tooth, the teeth of the high-quality dark spider, Se Feinuo of dangerous  drugs

  Advanced weapons book
Lv160 light  clothing: latent Leather, Quality the latent Leather, popular  Night Creatures Armor: Se Feina dangerous drugs, advanced armor book: popular  Night Creatures Armor

  Mounts mech: Lv160 kitchen god wonderful mouse mech strengthen hammer

Gem: Lv160 damaged the  yellow St. 10 characters text Ultimate magic fruit

  The white hair Meiyaoweila children

  Lv160 bow: Wan nail  Frightened, quality Wan vector Frightened thousand arrows based caliente

Lv160 heavy head: nuclear financial helmet, quality nuclear Financial helmet, crystal  heart soul helmet Advanced weapons book: thousand arrows based caliente,  Advanced Armor books: The Heart of the Matter helmet

  Mounts mech: Lv160 radish jet rabbit mech, Lv160 odd linghuan sheep,  strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv160 damaged green  Holy Cross pole devil fruit character text study

  Eve off the canyon

  Firefly flame tree demon

  Lv160 robe: pray so that  the robe, quality pray so that the robe magic bee storm robe

Lv160 Light head: latent fur hat, high-quality latent fur hat, popular the Night Creatures  crowns Advanced tailor the book: the magic bee violence robe, advanced armor  book: The popularity of the crown of the head of the Night Creatures

Gem: Lv160 damaged Blu-ray  Holy Cross character text

  Spellfire elders

  Lv160 shield: Eye of the vortex, quality vortex Eye, the angle Longsai pull first

Lv160 heavy clothing: nuclear melt heavy armor, high-quality nuclear the financial heavy  armor, crystal heart soul armor advanced armor book: the ceratopsian Cerato  first, advanced armor book: Heart of the Matter armor

Gem: Lv160 damaged violet  characters in the text of the Holy Cross

  Pods seedlings

  The Lv160 Cloak: Wings Cloak, quality wing Cloak, Wings of Phoenix

Lv160 heavy shoes: nuclear financial re-boots, high-quality nuclear melt heavy boots, Heart  of the Matter Leggings

The Lv160 heavy hands: the nuclear melt Gauntlets quality nuclear melt Gauntlets crystal heart soul  Gauntlets Advanced tailor books: Wings of the Phoenix, advanced armor book:  The Heart of soul Leggings, advanced armor book: The Heart of the soul  Gauntlets

The gem: Lv160 damaged red Holy Cross character text

  Greystone seedlings

  Lv170 light clothing: hidden butterfly jacket, the quality implicit butterfly jacket, fast  hunting tribes jacket

The Lv170 law shoes: Huang Hua Boots, quality Huang Hua Boots, the red maple Boots Advanced  Armor book: fast hunting tribes jacket, Advanced tailor books: The red boots

Gem: Lv170 orange light  Holy Cross character text

  Brown boots detectives

  The Lv170 Cloak: Overlord the cloak, quality Overlord cloak, flying wings

Lv170 heavy shoes: crystal steel heavy boots, high-quality crystal steel heavy boots,  frozen Boots

The Lv170 heavy clothing: the grain of steel armor, high-quality grain steel  armor, ice armor advanced tailor book: flying wings, advanced armor book: The  Frozen heavy boots, advanced armor book: The Frozen armor

The gem: Lv170 yellow St. ten characters in text

  Hyun purple boots Detective

  Lv170 Blade: The Demon Blade, quality Demon Blade Demon Blood Sacrifice

Lv170 heavy head: the crystalline steel helmets, high-quality crystal steel helmet, frozen  helmet Advanced weapons book: the devil's blood sacrifice, advanced armor  book: The Frozen helmet

Gem: Lv170 green Holy  Cross character text

  Lake doll

  Lv170 shield: mechanical Shield of quality machinery Shield, Hot Wheels

Lv170 light head: hidden butterfly crown of the head, the the quality implicit butterfly  crown of the head, the fast hunting tribes fur hat Advanced Armor book: Hot  Wheels, advanced armor book: fast hunting tribe fur hat

Gem: Lv170 Blu-ray Holy  Cross character text

  The the fats Sauce grass skateboarders

  Lv170 gun: chaos edge of  the cut, quality chaos edge of the cut, Zhenwu Pa chopped

Lv170 Light Hand Gauntlets: hidden butterfly, the quality implicit butterfly Gauntlets, the fast  hunting tribes gloves Advanced weapons book: Zhenwu Pa chop, advanced armor  book: fast hunting tribes gloves

Gem: Lv170 Holy Cross  purple character text

  Sharp eye shooter

  The Lv170 Jewelry: ivory pendant, high quality ivory pendant, ancient Aralia

The Lv170 law head: Phoenix warfarin crown, quality Phoenix warfarin crown, red maple Law  crown

Lv170 Sword: the magic wing Sword, Sword of quality magic wing, wing advanced technology  of the souls of the book: Elder Aralia, Advanced tailors books: The red miter  Advanced weapons of books: the souls of the wing

Gem: Lv170 red Holy Cross  character text

  Charm Purple shooter

  Lv170 Mace: the Alondra Juchui, the quality Longzhaogou Juchui bifida day Alondra  Advanced weapons book: crack Alondra

Gem: Lv170 orange light  Holy Cross character text

  Mouth Kao Nuo Keke

  Lv170 stick: tuning fork wand, quality tuning fork wand, Swire devil mysterious tone

Lv170 law hand: Huang Hua wrist, the quality Phoenix Chinese wrist, red maple wrist

Lv170 Heavy Hand: crystal steel Gauntlets, high-quality grain steel hand guard, frozen  Gauntlets Advanced technology books: Swire devil mysterious tone, Advanced  tailor books: The red wrist, advanced armor book: The Frozen Gauntlets

  Mounts mech: Lv170 sweep Robert Lv170 vegetarian Raptor
  strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv170 yellow Holy  Cross character text Ultimate God of War fruit

  The gray dish rulers Green Star

  Lv170 bow: Felblade of bow  the quality Felblade Bow, broken Dragon Strike

The Lv170 robe: Phoenix Chinese robe, quality Phoenix Chinese robe, red maple robe

Lv170 Light shoes: hidden butterflies boots, the quality implicit butterfly boots, the fast  hunting tribes boots Advanced weapons book: broken dragon Strike, Advanced  tailors books: The red robe, advanced armor book: fast hunting tribes boots

  Mounts mech: Lv170 blankly Triceratops, Lv170 marine gold crab strengthening  hammer

Gem: Lv170 green Holy  Cross character text Ultimate magical fruit

  Indian shooter Bate

  The Lv180 gun: fins guns, quality fins guns, of wines, fish dragon's scales

Lv180 heavy hand: the red lotus Gauntlets, quality Honglianyou Gauntlets, the magic blade  Gauntlets Advanced weapons book:, altered fish dragon scales, advanced armor  Book: Magic Flute Gauntlets

  Mounts mech: Lv180 heavily armed Triceratops, Lv180 noble crab mech  strengthen hammer

Gem: Lv180 clean blue Holy  Cross pole devil fruit character text study

  Fallen ruins

  The red cypress sniper barrel

  For Lv180 heavy head: the red lotus helmet, high-quality red lotus helmet, Magic Flute helmet  Advanced Armor books: Magic Flute helmet

Gem: Lv180 a clean violet Holy Cross character text

  Camouflage gun

  Lv180 Blade: Blade of the bloodstains, quality bloodstains blade, burst

Lv180 the law hand: green wrist, quality greenery wrist, Blazing wrist advanced weapons  book: burst, Advanced tailor Book: Blazing wrist

Gem: Lv180 clean red Holy  Cross character text

  Blue Flame Swordsman

  Lv180 knife: Blade of power quality and power of the blade, the murderers of God  Advanced weapons of books: Murder of God

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  To injustice Fire Knight

  Lv180 light shoes: secret forest, boots, the quality secret forest boots ancient keel boots

The Lv180 law shoes: green boots, quality greenery Boots, the Blazing boots Advanced Armor  books: ancient keel leather boots, Advanced tailors books: Blazing Boots

Gem: Lv180 clean yellow  Holy Cross character text

  Brilliant Green Steel Talons dogs

  Lv180 shield: the Dark Galaxy Shield, quality Diablo Galaxy Shield, the ancient dragons  Advanced armor book: ancient dragons

Gem: Lv180 clean green  Holy Cross character text

  The Magic Steel fighters dogs

  Lv180 robe: green robe,  high-quality green robe, the Blazing robe Advanced the dressmaker book:  Blazing robe

Gem: Lv180 clean Blu-ray  Holy Cross character text

  Matte finish turbine gun

  Lv180 ax: edge thorn Axe,  quality blade thorns Axe, Endless chop Advanced weapons of books: Endless  chopped

Gem: Lv180 a clean violet Holy Cross character text

  Sky blue long-range guns

  Lv180 Cloak: four wing Cloak, high-quality four-winged cloak, ancient keel cloak

Lv180 light hand: Advanced tailor books secretary Lin Gauntlets Gauntlets of high quality  secret forest the gauntlets, ancient keel: Ancient keel cloak, advanced armor  and book: Ancient keel Gauntlets

Gem: Lv180 clean red Holy  Cross character text

  Shallow sea octopus people

  The Lv180 jewelry: Star Pendant, quality Star Pendant, Arcane Pentacle

Lv180 head of law: green Law crown, quality greenery Law crown, the Blazing Law crown Advanced  craft books: Arcane pentagram Advanced tailor book: Blazing Law crown

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  Red claw aliens

  Lv180 Light clothing: the secret forest light armor, a quality secretary Lin light armor, ancient  keel light armor

Lv180 heavy shoes: red lotus heavy boots, quality the red lotus heavy boots, heavy boots  Advanced Felblade armor book: the ancient the Keel light armor, advanced armor  book: Felblade heavy boots

Gem: Lv180 clean yellow  Holy Cross character text

  Strafing guns tabe Fest

  Lv180 bow: ice crystals  wing bow, high-quality ice wing bow, Wind soar

Lv180 light head: secret forest crown of the head, the quality secret forest crowns,  ancient the keel Platehelm advanced weapons book: soaring wind, advanced  armor book: Ancient keel Platehelm

  The horse mech: the Lv180 love meat Raptor strengthen the hammer

Gem: Lv180 clean green  Holy Cross character text Ultimate Hit syrup

  Wisp Konoe long Quaison

  The Lv180 stick: 'Yi Zhang Yu, quality Yu Yi Zhang, Mercury Information

Lv180 Heavy clothing: red lotus armor, quality Honglianyou armor, the magic blade armor  advanced craft books: Mercury, advanced armor book: magic blade armor

  Mounts mech: Lv180 strengthen epoch Robert Hammer

Gem: Lv180 clean blue  characters in the text of Holy Cross Ultimate sensitivity syrup

  Colorful Queen Na Wei Asia

  Lv190 sword: barbed edge sword, high quality barbed edge sword

The Lv190 law head: the maple dance Law crown, high-quality maple dance miter strengthen hammer

Gem: Lv180 a clean violet Holy Cross character text Ultimate Life Potion

  Mysterious closed area

  Little drunk skeleton soldiers

  Lv190 light head: tribal fur hat, high quality tribal fur hat

Lv190 heavy shoes: Icy heavy boots, quality Icy heavy boots

Gem: Lv180 clean red Holy  Cross character text

  Floating Double Axes Hand

  Lv190 Shield: Shield of the fire lines, high-quality fire lines Shield

Lv190 heavy head: Icy helmet, quality Icy helmet

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  Psychedelic mouth flower

  The Lv190 Cloak: eagle feather cloak, quality eagle feather cloak

Lv190 light shoes: tribal leather boots, quality tribal boots

Gem: Lv180 clean yellow  Holy Cross character text

  Vermilion teeth flowers

  The Lv190 jewelry: The Book of Wisdom, quality the book of wisdom

Lv190 heavy hand: Icy Gauntlets quality ice knot Gauntlets

Gem: Lv180 clean green  Holy Cross character text

  Purple Falcon thieves

  The Lv190 heavy clothing: Icy armor, quality Icy armor

The Lv190 light hand: tribal wrist, high quality tribal wrist

Gem: Lv180 clean Blu-ray  Holy Cross character text

  One-eyed bandit

  Lv190 Bow: Bow of the sun,  high quality sun Bow

The Lv190 law shoes: maple dance boots, high-quality maple dance boots

Gem: Lv180 a clean violet Holy Cross character text

  Firefly color double GUNNER

  Lv190 edge: the Darkmoon Shadowfang quality Darkmoon Shadowfang

Gem: Lv180 clean red Holy  Cross character text

  Avision sniper

  Lv190 ax: the feathered serpent god Axe, quality feathered serpent god ax

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  One-eyed Chaser

  To Lv190 gun: blood god thorn, quality blood Thorns

Gem: Lv180 clean yellow  Holy Cross character text

  Night implicit search No.

  Lv190 light clothing: tribal light armor, high-quality tribal light armor

Lv190 law hand: maple dance wrist, high-quality maple dance wrist

Gem: Lv180 clean green  Holy Cross character text

  The brilliant A Wuhun Peiluo Di

  Lv190 stick: crystal tower Yi Zhang, quality crystal tower Yi Zhang

Lv190 Robe: the maple dance robe, high-quality maple dance Robe strengthen the hammer

The gems: Lv180 clean Blu-ray the Holy Cross character text Ultimate Magic Potion

  Armored spend Houdaiweier

  Lv200 Bow: the flame patterns Saint bow, quality the flame patterns Saint bow

Of Lv200 heavy head: giant dental helmets, high-quality giant tooth helmet strengthen the  hammer

Gem: Lv180 a clean violet Holy Cross character text to study the great wrestlers  fruit

  UFO Commander Tate

  The Lv200 stick: Shuangxue Staff, quality Shuangxue Staff

The Lv200 law shoes: Prophet Boots, quality Prophet Boots

Lv200 light hand: monster bone gloves, strengthen the quality monster bone gloves hammer

Gem: Lv180 clean red Holy  Cross character text Ultimate God of War fruit

  Gemenos warships

  Star of nuclear dust embers

  Lv200 Blade: Blade demon confusion of quality demon confusion Blade

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  Universe piranha

  Lv200 light head: the monster bone fur hat, quality monster bone fur hat

Gem: Lv180 clean yellow  Holy Cross character text

  The mongoose fast gun Xia

  The Lv200 law head: Prophet Law crown quality Prophet miter

Lv200 Light shoes: monster the bone leather boots, quality monster bone boots

Gem: Lv180 clean green  Holy Cross character text

  Ultra Galaxy Police Dog

  Lv200 shield the: nether insect shield, quality nether insect shield

Gem: Lv180 clean Blu-ray  Holy Cross character text

  Space cactus

  The Lv200 Cloak: Shadowcraft Cloak, quality Shadowcraft Cloak

Lv200 Hammer: war spirit Juchui, quality battle soul Juchui

Gem: Lv180 a clean violet Holy Cross character text

  Satellite tonneau mech

  The Lv200 Jewelry: Ring of life, the quality of life of the Ring

The Lv200 knife: Death machete, quality Death machete

Gem: Lv180 clean red Holy  Cross character text

  Star vultures Captain

  Lv200 light clothing: monster bone light armor, high-quality behemoth bone light armor

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  The sky diffuse tourists

  Lv200 the the robe: Prophet robe, Quality Prophet robe

Gem: Lv180 clean yellow  Holy Cross character text

  Cosmic piranha subspecies

  Lv200 heavy shoes: giant teeth heavy boots, the quality Dreadfang heavy boots

The Lv200 law hand: Prophet the wrist, Quality Prophet Wrist

Gem: Lv180 clean green  Holy Cross character text

  Poly-titanium steel Senao

  Lv200 heavy clothing: giant teeth armor quality giant teeth armor

Gem: Lv180 clean Blu-ray  Holy Cross character text

  Saturn visitors


  Mars visitors


  Star Cruiser

  The Lv200 guns: bone soul rifles, quality bone soul spear

Lv200 Heavy Hands: the giant teeth Gauntlets, quality the giant teeth Gauntlets strengthening  hammer

Gem: Lv180 clean orange  light St. 10 character text

  Jason Knight

  Lv210 bow: San Eagle  crossbow, quality Holy Eagle crossbow

Lv210 Blade: dark Fei magic thorn, of quality dark Fei Magic thorn

Lv210 heavy clothing: Magic weapons armor and of quality magic weapons armor

The Lv210 light hand: keel wrist, quality the keel wrist strengthening hammer

The gem: Lv180 clean yellow St. 10 characters Man Ultimate God of War fruit

  The giant machinery brain gray Gong

  Lv210 ax: Long Wong god  ax, quality Dragon Emperor Shen Fu

Lv210 sword: casual night two swords, high-quality casual night two swords

Lv210 light clothing: keel light armor, high-quality keel light armor

Lv210 law hand: the Suigetsu wrist, quality Suigetsu wrist strengthening hammer

Gem: Lv180 clean green St.  10 character text Ultimate magical fruit

  Different esculenta Houailian

  The Lv210 stick: Staff of the gourd, quality gourd Staff

The Lv210 gun: King Gunslinger quality Overlord Gunslinger

Lv210 robe: Suigetsu robe,  quality Suigetsu robe

Of Lv210 heavy hand: Magic weapons Gauntlets Gauntlets of quality magic weapons strengthen  the hammer

Gem: Lv180
Clean blue Holy Cross pole devil fruit character text study


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Moving this back to G&T since it should be relevant now.

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Thanks u for post manYC-Monkey34

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wich mobs drops 190 / 200 spear? dun understand so good hahah sorry if anyone can tell me plox :D

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I dropped a 190 spear from fiery dual wielder in forbidden sector map of cowboy land and 190 bow from one-eyed bandit in the same map

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Desolate Ruins (Fallen Ruins) - Unholy knight ( Blue Flame Swordsman) drops 170 orange rune, not 180 YC-Monkey165

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What drops 190-200 Staff? anybody know?

The name is the game...
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Original posted by jason1911 at 6-4-2014 04:43
Commander Taitor - Forbidden Sector (200 staff/ 200 vest shoes/ 200 mantle gloves)
Not Sure what boss in Forbidden Sector drops 190 Staff :S
But i knw the Snail boss in Fox Shrine also drops 190 Staff ...

No mobs drop Staff in cowboy? Like in snow? Only bosses? YC-Monkey158

The name is the game...