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[Guides and Tutorials] Pet Capture Achievement Monster Locations 1-12

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This is my guide for Achiement Pet Capture. Hope this helps! YC-Monkey160

Lv 1 Monster Hunter
Crystal Lizard - Wishing Tear Boss
Red-hooded Skeleton Header (Skull Leader) - Shadowy Path Boss
Giant Cat Cinlo - Shadowy Path Boss
Monkey Nassi - Dense Forest Boss
Wind Lord - East/West Playground (Might appear after killing Wild Elves) Boss
Fire Lord - East/West Playground (Might appear after killing Fire Elves) Boss
Water Lord - East/West Playground (Might appear after killing Water Elves) Boss
Earth Lord - East/West Playground (Might appear after killing Earth Elves) Boss
*Note - Wind,Fire,Water and Earth elves will only appear if you or one of your team members is Lv 20 or below.

Lv 2 Monster Hunter
Frog Lord Kuppa - Cryptic Moon Swamp Boss
Sheep Beethoven - Sunflower Plain Boss
Iron Mane Blaic- Mushroom Forest Boss
Metal Robot - Scrap Iron Village Boss
Dreaming Paopao - Fungus Forest South Boss
Yellow Mushroom - Mushroom Forest Boss
Jackstraw Mige - Spike Farm Boss
Pumpkin Banni - Spike Farm Boss

Lv 3 Monster Hunter
Mousekin Mickey - Dawn Harbor Boss
Golden Crab - Dawn Harbor Boss
Vice Head Pirate - Riprap Coast Boss
Farmongee - Cactus Plain Boss
Lizard Lisad - Cactus Plain Boss
Wizard Mord - Bottomless Pit Boss
Stunt Lord Abbi - Bottomless Pit Boss
Crystal Crab - Cryptic Moon Swamp Boss

Lv 4 Monster Hunter
Mount Saby - Megalith Plain Boss
Bloody Wolf - Crashing Hillock Boss
Blue Potec - Cherry Village Boss
Rotten Wanda - Memory Cave (Boss Summoned for quest Wife's present) Boss
Evil Cat Yesse - Memory Cave Boss
Queen Angela - Mysterious Garden Boss
Hell Mouse - Fungus Forest North Boss
Green Wolf Tusk - Megalith Plain Boss

Lv 5 Monster Hunter
Iron Scale Allen - Quiet Vale Boss
Evil Wolf - Crashing Hillock Boss
Elder Fungus - Fungus Forest North Boss
Lizard Chief - Foggy Forest Boss
Gold Slarm - South of Mirror Lake Boss
Crazy Rosit - Quiet Vale Boss
Giant Boar - Crashing Hillock Boss
Mutant Mushroom - Fungus Forest North Boss

Lv 6 Monster Hunter
Riprap Pirate Leader(Piratekin) - Riprap Coast
Savage Head - Thorn Wasteland Boss
Steel Clamp - North of Mirror Lake Boss
Circus Leader - South of Mirror Lake Boss
Skeletal Bishop - Quiet Vale Boss
Sexy Quli - Mysterious Wetland Boss
Platina Slarm - North of Mirror Lake Boss
Silent Hero - Dragon Graveyard Boss

Lv 7 Monster Hunter
Blue Flower Envoy - Winding Flower Corridor (Floating) Boss
Eyebasher Chiley - Building Blocks Country (Candy) Boss
Captain Hack - Quiet Ocean (Atlantis) Boss
Female Priest Grace - Ghost Village (Desert) Boss
Walker Gillian - Roam Battlefield (Floating) Boss
Thief Walker - Ghost Village (Desert) Boss
Hell Envoy Disco - Mushroom Village (Candy) Boss
Hermit Hezon - Waterfall Camp (Forest) Boss

Lv 8 Monster Hunter
Hook Worm King - Giant Wooden Stairs (Forest) Boss
Holy Guard - Giant Wooden Stairs (Forest) Boss
Confused Dancing Girl - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Poison Statue Ghost - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Red Statue Ghost - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Artist Mars - Half-beast Hamlet (Forest) Boss
Bottle Fighters - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Death Killer Camote - Ancient Glide River (Forest) Boss

Lv 9 Monster Hunter
Dancing Girl Bonnie - Nightmare Palace (Desert )Boss
Shadow Dancing Girl - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Mort the Claw - Season Garden Boss
Mystical Dancing Girl - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Thorn Goblin - Levathan's Bedroom (Desert) Instance Mob
Season Coat - Season Garden (Floating) Boss
Moth King Turna - Clouding Forest (Forest) Boss
Fire Moth - Giant Wooden Stairs (Forest) Boss

Lv 10 Monster Hunter
Leader North - Chocolate Village (Candy) Boss
Club Spearman - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Cheese Warrior - Strawberry Garden (Candy)
Love Sandwich Fighter (Sandwich Fighter?) - Chocolate Village (Candy)
Fruit Leader Bern - Fruit Town (Candy) Boss
Spade Spearman - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Black Forest Soldier - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Strawberry Soldier - Chocolate Village (Candy)

Lv 11 Monster Hunter
Chief Fruit Spearman - Strawberry Garden (Candy) Boss
Diamond Spearman - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Cheese Spearman - Strawberry Garden (Candy)
Sandwich Goblin - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Toy Chief Guardian Romso - Building Blocks City (Candy) Boss
Purple Spearman - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Black Forest Spearman - Chocolate Forest (Candy)
Strawberry Leader - Chocolate Village (Candy) Boss

Lv 12 Monster Hunter
Crystal Shrimp - Lost Cove (Jurrasic)
Remote Crustacean - Rock Forest (Jurrasic)
Spy Dragon - Hoca Village (Jurrasic)
Wildness Dragon Turtle - Rex Point (Jurrasic)
Water Thorny Dragon - Raven Riverpoint (Jurrasic)
Hoca Barbarian - Hunter's Ridge (Jurrasic)
Ice Frost Tiger - Shilly Desert (Jurrasic)
Pioneer Cradle Rex - Shilly Desert (Jurrasic)

Lv 13 Monster Hunter
Blue Sand Baby - Karang Desert (Pharoah)
Crunchy Corn Creature - Pharoah Village (Pharoah)
Double Winged Gargoyle - Niro River (Pharoah)
Naga Nile Mage - Dune Oasis (Pharoah)
Three Headed Phyton - Cave of Falling Sand (Pharoah)
Candy Sandball - Goldbrick Road (Pharoah)
Mural Militia - Ancient Tombs (Pharoah)
Cult Bible - Ancient Tombs (Pharoah)

For Map info please visit this site : /yct57 /yct19

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Nice Guide, only could be nicer if had picture of location where the earler maps dont show the monster names.

Posted on 2013-03-17 10:40:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

now i can work on some achievements cute8rabbit cute8rabbit cute8rabbit

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Good luck doing achievements! I hope you get more scores YC-Monkey159

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o.O got a problem :o

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If you're looking for Love Sandwich Fighter that's a different mob and it's located in Chocolate Village.

ZzZz... IGG's CL page and mob achiev. names seem to be trolling.

It's this mob:

Located around this part of Choco Village:

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Red-hooded Skeleton Header - Shadowy Path Boss

I can't find it cute42rabbit

already checked wiki about shadowy path

help please cute1rabbit

EDIT: I found it, Red-hooded Skeleton Header = Skull Leader

IGG trolling boss names at its best

Iron Scale Allen - Quite Vale Boss
it should be 'Quiet'
Hermit Hezon - Secret Den (Forest) Boss
it should be at Waterfall Camp

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thx so much YC-Monkey180 YC-Monkey180

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Nice guide!
Poke eggs from Healer are terrible :<

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nice guide xD