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[Guides and Tutorials] Flora's Wish Quest - Flora Cardset

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A friend asked me to translate my spanish version of this guide, so here it is the original: Flora's Wish Quest - Flora Cardset (Spanish - En Español)

You all know that the reward from this quest is:
Attack Seed (Attack +75 - permanent)
Spell Attack Seed (Spell Attack +75 - permanent)
Sea Rose Bouquet (Fashion)

You can only choose one of them:

(To see your cardbook just press alt + c)

I make it easier to understand I'll split the quest in two posts: Flora Card set and Flora's wish.

1- Flora Cardset

To complete the quest you have to get the 6 cards that are required. The cards you get them from killing 1 monster, 4 bosses and the last one you get it from an NPC after finishing the Flora's wish quest, I'll tell you below how to complete this quest.

The cards you need to complete the set are these:

As you can see, the cards has a picture of the monster that you need to find to obtain them.

- Lily (Angel Lyceum)
- Flame Lily (Boss) (Dense Forest)
- Queen Angela(Boss) (Mysterious Garden)
- Sexy Quli (Boss) (Mysterious Wetland)
- Charming Flower (Boss) (Underground Square)
- Flora (NPC can be found in Puqi Village)


Lily (lvl 1)      -     Flame Lily (lvl 17) (BOSS)     -     Queen Angela (lvl 35) (BOSS)      -    Sexy Quli (lvl 45) (BOSS)     -    Charming Flower (lvl 75) (BOSS)

Lily Card - Drop Chance: 1,03%
Flame Lily Card - Drop Chance: 2,78%
Queen Angela Card - Drop Chance: 2,78%
Sexy Quli Card - Drop Chance 1.39%
Charming Flower Card - Drop Chance 0.93%

Note: the info of the drop rate and lvl of the monster is from AO Wiki.

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2- Flora's Wish Quest

You can get this quest in Puqi Village (Atlantis), by the NPC Flora. You can do this quest as many times you want, it means you can obtain a lot of Flora's card. It doesn't need a specific level to do this quest but according to the place where you have to go to get the cards, you have to be at least lvl 70 or higher.



Step n°1: Getting the Seeds.
You have to collect seeds from "plants" around the AO world. I mean plant-mobs, or mobs that looks like plants/flowers.

20 Flame Rose seeds from Flaming Roses in Mysterious Garden.
20 Charm Corpse Flower Seeds from Nepenthes in Mysterious Wetland.
25 Evil Flower Seeds from Evil Flowers in Fiery Path, Lava Cave or Flaming Door.
25 Poison Evil Flower Seeds from Poison Flowers in Underground Square or Hell Palace.
30 Flower Monster Seeds from Flower Monsters in Gulp Room.
30 Fire Tree Bud Seeds fom Fire Tree Buds in Gulp Room.

Note: Flower monster seeds and Fire Tree Bud seeds are the hardest to get, since you have to do a lot of Gulp Room runs to get them all.


Flaming Rose(lvl 30)-Nepenthes(lvl 40)       -     Evil Flower(lvl 68) - Poison Flower(lvl 75)  -  Fire Tree Buds(lvl ??)       -      Flower Monster(lvl 70)

Note: The seeds drop rate is very low, you can hunt them for weeks and still get 1, or maybe you get all of them in one day, is just luck.

After getting all the seeds you go back to the NPC and she will give you another quest:

Step n°2: Collecting more seeds.
This time you have to get seeds from bosses:

Queen Angela Seed from Queen Angela Boss in Mysterious Garden.
Sexy Quli Seed from Sexy Quli Boss in Mysterious Wetland.
Sanguinary Flower Seed from Bloody Flower Boss in Fiery Path.
Charming Flower Seed from Charming Flower Boss in Underground Square.

This seeds are different from the previous ones, is not a "drop", the seeds are the cards itself, which it means you'll have to collect some of the cards twice! for example, Sexy Qli card, you need it to add it for the cardset, and then you'll have to get it again as a seed. Annoying quest to be honest.

Queen Angela Card - Drop Chance: 2,78%
Sexy Quli Card - Drop Chance 1.39%
Charming Flower Card - Drop Chance 0.93%
Sanguinary Flower Card - Drop Chance 0.46%

Note: again this info is from AO wiki.

       Queen Angela (lvl 35)        -        Sexy Quli (lvl 45)      -      Bloody Flower (lvl 70)    -   Charming Flower (lvl 75)

Step n°3: You go back to Flora and give her the seeds and she will ask you to find Fragrant Soside and show it to her.

I haven's finish myself this quest, but I've been told that you have to show to the NPC a specific MBCed pet, and the pet is the Aroma Seed, the flower from a Nature egg, training it nice/nice:

And thats all, that's the end of the quest and you get her card. I still don't know if the pet dissapears after showing it to Flora, well I don't think so, that would be mean :3

Feel free to comment and if you have any tips of more info I'll be glad to edit~

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Great guide Asty<3 And so colorful~ /yct19 

Added to the Guide Index.

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Good guide, I've always wanted to do flora's quest.

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Nice guide :3
Didn't expect the Flora Quest to have that many painful steps .. ~_~

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wow :D YC-Monkey18

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Please refrain from posting in threads if you don't have a valid reason to do so.

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i know now its Need in Nature Egg tnx

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what an annoying quest i always wanted to do this quest because of the bouquet but now im thinking of quitting the  quest card

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i always wanted the +sa XD