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[Guides and Tutorials] How to make about 62m per day.(No AG involved)

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=    Atleast 5-6k+ atk/SA that matches that amount of power
=    About 5k+ def and/or 2-4k+ SDef (doesn't really matter if you can easly take care of the mobs(Desert ones))

Time it takes to complete

Based on personal experience- from 45 minutes to 2- 3 hours.


1. Make 4 alternative characters
Tip: make them all all priests.

2. Take them to Daily event.
//The alts have to be level 57+ at the end of the event in order for you to proceed with the following steps

3. Open up the growth box until you get the house and furnitures.

4. Use all that and throw the alt's ball. (6+ people at your ball will do the trick)

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on all four alts.

6. Team all those alts and proceed to the following quest:
desert main quest guide

7. After you are done with the quest all of the alts should have about 15-16m on them (which is about 62m total)

8. Delete those alts.

9. If you want to repeat that the next day make sure you finish the quest about 10-9 hours before daily event
so you can have time to make new alts before it starts and start over from step 1.(or you can just make more accounts)


At parts like "6.Poisonous Powder" or "3.Find the lost goods Medicine stuff 0/30"
you can use a fairly common bug to get all you need in a matter of seconds:
Make sure you are as close to the collectable as possible get your mouse over it and start
pressing esc+left mouse click very fast. (takes a few tries to get the hang of it)

.It would really help you out if you buy Revive 1 from any life skill npc.
make sure you buy 2/3 scrolls.
This is in case one of your alts dies on the way to an npc.

From aray40:

In ancient front you dont need a reviver. I'm doing a bug that you can revive anywhere in ancient front:
Just make your alt to totem but dont click revive yet, now go to angel baby and make it follow your main.
Go to your to your desired place and viola you can revive it.

Pierce the heavens !
If you have any problems\difficulties feel free to ask for advice.

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You posted this already, you just edited your "horrible topic" just now and put that, lol dude.
YC-Monkey127 YC-Monkey127 YC-Monkey127
Dont do that please.

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If you have any thoughts about this tutorial keep them to yourelf.Nobody really cares.

I actually dooooo xD

And I'm not really sure why you edited your previous one since it was pretty much the same/very similar to this one. I assume that you've updated it with some additional info or something?

I'm going to replace it in the Guide index.

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Original posted by Coolcloud333 at 2-10-2013 23:34
If ever a topic deserved it:


Can you please justify your response ?

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who needs revive when u have to arms 4, primal roar? :P my alts rarely die but if they die, is at the gloomy smoker at ancient front. they hit 3k Q_Q totems ftw

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That's a pretty dumbfounded opinion.You pretty much suck at being a troll.
But i cannot really expect more from the usual AO community.

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The next time you update your guide just let us know what was added. There was no need to edit your old one like that, calling it "horrible" afterwards. In case of minor updates a simple edit and bump is usually enough. Besides that your guide was and is still really useful.

And no, I don't want to scare people away from the G&T section. Am just trying to give some advice. Got enough from closing guides lately.

As for the compliments and critics, let's keep them constructive. Without pointing fingers at each other.

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UPDATE: Added a slittle shred of requirements.

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CS: I've seen a lot of these threads in the past, all of which have next to the same information o-o; Kinda redundant, if you ask me. I mean.. Desert main quest has been mentioned in 'get rich quick' threads thousands of times o-o' Could you explain to me how your thread is different from the others? >.o

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lol 5-6k atk wont help much...
in order to 1 hit all mobs be4 instance with pk5 u need at least 10k atk including sweep 4 triple clones 1 fa4 bs4...
lower atk is possible if u using better warrior buff (like fa5) than me or enc trinkets. :)