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[Guides and Tutorials] Gomb's Journey to Fusion Pets :)

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Posted on 2011-12-27 16:12:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello everyone i have decided to finally post a guide because i have alot of screen shot of pets and experience with pets to waste it all just on multi forum for posting pics. :(
since alot of people pming, mailing me, threatening me T.T etc :p  
Ive decided to share some of my experiences with fusion pets.
I wont post all my works but some that ive posted before but more in depth.
Little bit of my introduction Im Gomb from Haniel Server.
2012/1/1 first creator of battle maid
Pet lovers would know me but for people who just started getting orgies from looking at there pets
This pic is lil bit of my pet loving self.
It would be nice if i got some favour and karma from this guide if it helped you! and you! TY~

----------Only people who have shapeshift pets.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
if you want a shapeshift pet moved to other accounts and use it without rest loss follow these steps.
1. move the pet to character you want it to hold.
2. shapeshift the pet in that account.
3. when it has been shapeshifted you can just use it without system asking you about rest loss,intimacy loss lol
SORRY ABOUT MULTI-MULTI-MULTI POSTING DIDNT KNOW IT WAS NOT ALLOWED SORRY WILL EDIT THE POSTS NOW SORRY FOR THE TROUBLE :) (just thought replying to any of 1~11 post that users had a question for would make it easier to know which one users wanted answers for)

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Posted on 2011-12-27 16:14:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

It all starts with this fellas
yes those are all mine lol
They are all for assist slot.

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Posted on 2011-12-27 16:20:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Shadow pets are rank 71,  serpent pets are out but still bugged and 0rank they say but origially serpents are rank 74.
These two shadows are just example of my shadow pets that grown 3 stars.

In my experience of making 7 shadow pets to 3stars
fuzz cat 10int grows 3stars fastest around 101~103
than demon of the dark 10int 104~108
But why is my pics demon of the dark over lv110 10int but not 3stars? because...
T.T i my little brother didnt know anything and used two pet 10m pet vouchers....

Yes pet vouchers effect your pets star to slow down ALOTTTT so take note

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Posted on 2011-12-27 16:36:23 | Show thread starter's posts only

Soooooo from the shadow 3stars first pets i wanted to get was popular fusion unique pet Phoenix and Lion guardian
Pets in the picture were made from shadow pet fuzz cat.
hoenix was made from lv102 10int (assist slot fuzz ball, random slot bc, used 11pet preview)
lion guardian was made from lv101 fuzz cat 10int (assist slot fuzz ball, random slot sbc, used 23 pet preview)

Another Tip: Better the random slot better chance of getting higher rank (or even rank supass +20 i will post this later)
heres the link for item ranks
(i know alot of people who misunderstand the tier items. for example In teir8 3m exp voucher and 7.5m exp voucher are on the same tier. That does not mean its the same rank it just means its the same group. 7.5m exp has rank of 345 and 3m exp has 338. Pet triple exp card that is last on the list has the highest item rank of 351.)

How much pet preview you use is random i saw many people getting 1~3tries but usually lion guard needs more preview scrolls than phoenix since phoenix is lv5 fusion and liongaurd is  lv6 fusion.

you can see that phoneix's star dropped to 2.9star when it fused..look at that awful drop in attak T.T,
On the other hand storm type fuzz cat -> storm type lion gaurd had a lil increase in stat because its the same type no DROPPP in STARRRSS YARRRRRRR
So important lesson is never ever try to make attak based type ->  SA based pets... its gone decrease yo stars son!!!
3->2.9 star drop dont really seem that much... but as you all know to be a 3 star pet average stat all together has to equal 3 and 5 stats have to be over 3stars(out of 5stats one can be over2.9 and still be 3star if average is 3).
You can see from phoenix that average stat stars are 3stars but only 4 stats are over3 stars...which leaves the pet to be 2.9stars...
the attack of the pet decreased to 2.6!!!? WATTTTTTT 2.6 to make it to 3stars?? are you kidding me???...
to increase the level of your agi and rig from fusion is really easy because most pets have those two stats as the highest.
but other stats will be annoying to increase...


Demon of the dark
Pros: 3stars at 108 (higher sucess at fusion than at 101), stats are well balanced (meaning when you shapeshift it you will rarely see it drop a star)
cons: slower 3stars than fuzz cat, slower level than fuzz cat
Fuzz cat
Pros: fast monster killer, able to kill users (beast fang crits and ur not garment maybe one hit son), 3stars gain fastest
cons: when shapeshifted may drop star unless you fuse it to become similar pet type, eats rotten fish, its pink
Radiant Demon
Pros: cool name Radiant i like that ehehe sorry..., demon sucking able to train pretty well mp dont die ulike fuzz cat, 3stars at lv111~119 10int...(well at 120 fusion sucess is 100% so higher level it is better fusion sucess)
cons: SLOW STAR, see through inside him ewww

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Posted on 2011-12-27 16:58:42 | Show thread starter's posts only

so for few month ive been getting alot of imfo from famous pet lovers like cloud, mic, gray ETC
and wanted pet higher than rank 101+ which are lv9~11 fusion pets (rank94~101 lv8fusion pet)
so i had a demon of the dark that i posted previously made lv 120...because i thought it eventually give its star buff which it never got from lv 100~120 - -...stupid vouchers..
Good thing was my demon of the dark only lacked in AGi which i mentioned before easiest stat to level stars by fusing pets.
so for a month ive been capturing nice storm type or universal type pets for its great AGI. (awsum~super only i used)
i just fused awsum pets without mbc or abc but super type pets mbced. + sometimes i bought mbced, abced pets that was CHEAP.
eventually made it 3stars and fused it with another shadow pet.
(for assist pet it does not need to be mbced or abced to shapeshift it just needs lv60)
for random slot i put complexion potion and used up around 40 preview scrolls
Poniff barry rank 88 :)

Posted on 2011-12-27 17:04:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

naughty naughty draggy~ very naughty~
fuzzcat fused with shadowpet (random slot 3m exp voucher, 11 preview scrolls used)
hmmmmrank 91 pet from 71 rank...full +20 and got it using 11 preview very lucky this time i guess....
for most pets i post you will see its either lv 112 or 120 because i level it to 112 for its sucess rate to be 90% and 120 to be 100% (this 100% one will be used as final results MAIN)
lol look at that naught dragon using its aoe i was in fa that time and its aoe skill can one shot monsters until lightnening beast :)

Posted on 2011-12-27 17:12:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

poniff barry fused with shadow pet (random slot complexion potion, preview used 52)
ok...from this testing ive noticed to get pets at lv8 fusion level it required much better rank assist pet or random item...(lv8 fusion pet rank94~101)
(88+71)/2 = 79.5 +20 = 99.5 as highest rank possible
but i stopped with rank 95 i didnt want to wast more alot more...
very cool looking pet and cool skill like aurora chop...but...CONSUME MANA LIKE CRAZYYY ey...but what can
i say its an angel...2nd picture is one in my not satisfied because it increased 0.1star mehh..
if you see from my latest inventory ive made another honorable angel cuz its an angel hehe...angel...

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Posted on 2011-12-27 17:16:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

elemental overlord fused with shadow pet (random slot 3m exp voucher, preview used 2....)
(88+ 71)/2 = 79.5 + 20 = 99.5 max took 96 rank pretty good result for me.
ok so unfortunately i could no post pic of elemental overlord because - -
after when it was made from shadow + shadow i had 2 preview left and just wanted to use it for fun
ended up having rank 96 pet result so i had to press YES...T.T
stupid rotten thing..+ its stars increased by 0.2 meaning 18% sucess minus...T.T
Imformation: 0.1 rank difference from 3stars = -9% success, each level increase adds 1~3% sucess until lv120 at which you will have 100% chance if its 3stars

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Posted on 2011-12-27 17:22:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is crazy...How much did you spend doing all this fusing?YC-Monkey174

Posted on 2011-12-27 17:26:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

honorable angel fused with shadow (random slot 3m exp voucher, 21 pet preview used)
(95+71)/2 = 83 + 20 = 103 max
hicalu 1 rank 100 i stopped at 100

rotten bird fused with shadow (random slot complexion potion, 11 pet preview used)
(96+71/2= 83.5 + 20 = 103 max
hicalu 1 rank 100 stopped at 100

i made both pets hicalu could have gone to lv9 fusion pets(rank102~109) but it was really hard
since to go pass each fusion pet lv its pet prev consuming.

2nd honorable angel fused with shadow (random slot hair dye, 25 pet preview used)
made to 101 rank sleeper sandman

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