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[Guides and Tutorials] Dinoland Drop List

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Posted on 2011-04-09 11:36:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

Lets yaaaay together! Jurassic map is done! Now you can train and camp your equipment!
  Please players share only drops info here.
Go have fun by doing this safari :3

Info taken from another AO, traduced by:    -Yuka-  Nisroc


First Map:  Lost Cave

Flying Demon Eye: lv.90 Shield, lv.90 Sword, lv.86 Mant.Boots, lv.86 Vest.Boots, lv.80 Yellow Gem
Evil Big-Eye Boy: lv.90 Spear, lv.90 Cloak, lv.87 Vest.Cuffs, lv.80 Green Gem
Faint Chan: lv.90 S.Blade, lv.88 Vest.Hood, lv.87 Garm.Cuffs, lv.80 Blue Gem
Crying Dead Soul: lv.90 Bow, lv.90 Trinket, lv.80 Red Gem
Black Dragon: lv.90 Staff, lv.86 Garm.Boots, lv.88 Vest.Gown, lv.88 Garm.Helm, lv.80 Orange Gem
Jumpy Lizard Dragon:    lv.90 Hammer, lv.89 Mant.Armor, lv.97 Garm.Cuffs, lv.80 Yellow Gem
Drought Toad:    lv.98 Sword, lv.96 Vest.Hood, lv.96 Mant.Cuffs, lv.80 Green Gem
Gold Toxic-Wart:    lv.98 Spear, lv.98 Cloak, lv.96 Garm.Helm, lv.96 Vest.Boots, lv.80 Blue Gem
Crystal Shrimp:    lv.98 S.Blade, lv.98 Shield, lv.96 Garm.Boots,(lv.96 Mant.Boots) lv.80 Purple Gem
Ancient Crustace:    lv.98 Bow, lv.96 Garm.Boots, lv.96 Vest.Cuffs,(lv.96 Vest.Boots), lv.80 Yellow Gem, lv.98 Ride: Seahorse
Crystal Spirit A:    lv.100 Axe, lv.100 Garm.Armor, kv.100 Mant.Cuffs, lv. 100 Red Rune, Pestle, Fruits
Hell Envoy Mora:    lv.100 Staff, lv.100 Vest.Gown, lv.100 Orange Rune, (lv.100 Robot?), Pestle, Pots
Mystic Shrimp Hu:    lv.105 Bow, lv.105 Garm.Armor, lv.100 Purple Rune, Pestle, Pots

Second Map:  Rock Forest

Wing Defender:    lv.98 Staff, lv. 96 Vest.Gown, lv.80 Green Gem, lv.90 Ride: Seal
Wing Magic Tutor:    lv.98 Hammer, lv.98 Trinket, lv.96 Mant.Armor, lv.96 Garm.Armor, lv.80 Blue Gem, (lv.90 Robot?)
Arrogant Beast:    lv.100 Garm.Armor, lv.100 Mant.Boots, lv.80 Red Gem
Ferocious Beast:    lv.100 Trinket, lv.100 Vest.Cuffs, lv.80 Orange Gem
Shadow Shrimp:    lv.100 Shield, lv.100 Garm.Helm, lv.80 Yellow Gem
Remote Crustacea:    lv.100 Sword, lv.100 Vest.Boots, lv.80 Green Gem
Soaring Dragon:    lv.100 Cloak, lv.100 Vest.Hood, lv,80 Blue Gem
Shark-Eye Wing Dragon:    lv.100 Spear, lv.100 Garm.Boots, lv.80 Purple Gem
Original Barbarian:    lv.100 S.Blade, lv.100 Vest.Gown, lv.80Yellow Gem
Original Spearman:    lv.100 Bow, lv.100 Mant.Armor, lv.80 Green Gem
Master Archer Vincent:    lv.105 Staff, lv.105 Garm.Cuffs, lv.105 Mant.Armor, lv.100 Red Rune, Pestle, Fruits, Pots
Axe Beast Denk:    lv.105 Hammer, lv.105 Garm,Helm, lv.105 Vest.Gown, lv.100 Ride: Ice Leopard, lv.100 Orange Rune
Gururu the Wild:    lv.110 Staff, lv.110 Mant.Armor, lv.110 Garm.Helm, lv.110 Robot: Candaloupe Dish lv.100 Purple Rune, Pestle, Fruits, Pots

Third Map:  Hoca Village

Big-name Orangutan:    lv.105 Sword, lv.105 Vest.Hood, lv.100 Red Rune
Wtland Orangutan:    lv.105 Shield, lv.105 Vest.Boots, lv.100 Yellow Rune
Ghost Face Moth:    lv.105 Vest.Boots, lv.105 Vest.Cuffs, lv.100 Yellow Rune
Soul Moth:    lv.105 Spear, lv.105 Mant.Hood, lv.100 Green Rune
Shadow Snail:    lv.105 Trinket, lv.105 Mant.Cuffs, lv.100 Blue Rune
Can Snail:    lv.105 S.Blade, lv.105 Garm.Boots, lv.100 Purple Rune
Bud Dragon:    lv.110 Sword, lv.110 Vest.Boots, lv.100 Yellow Rune
Blade Dragon Rider: lv.110 Trinket, lv.110 Vest.Boots, lv.110 Mant.Cuffs, lv.100 Green Rune
Spy Dragon:   lv.110 Cloak, lv.110 Garm.Boots, lv.100 Blue Rune
Wind Wing Dragon: lv.110 Spear, lv. 110 Vest.Cuffs, lv.100 Yellow Rune
Powerful Orangma: lv.110 Bow, lv.110 Vest.Gown,lv.110 Ride: Barcelon Ox, lv.110 Red Rune, Pestle
Demon Snail Olo: lv.110 Hammer, lv.110 Vest.Hood, lv.110 Garm.Armor, lv.110 Orange Rune, Pestle
U'mi - Dragonrider: lv.115 Hammer, lv.115 Vest.Gown, lv.115 Garm.Cuffs, lv.110 Ride: Leopard, lv.110 Purple Rune, Pestle

Fourth Map:  Rex Point

Seed Crab: lv.110 Shield, lv.110 Garm.Armor, lv.110 Yellow Rune
Red Crab: lv.110 S.Blade, lv.110 Vest.Hood, lv.110 Green Rune
Barren Barbarian: lv.115 Trinket, lv.115 Mant.Cuffs, lv.110 Blue Rune
Barren Spearman: lv.115 Sword, lv.115 Garm.Helm, lv.110 Red Rune
Ancient Thorny Dragon: lv.115 Spear, lv.115 Mant.Boots, lv.115 Vest.Boots, lv.110 Orange Rune
Wildness Dragon: lv.115 Garm.Boots, lv.115 Vest.Cuffs, lv.110 Yellow Rune
Floating Shrimp: lv.115 Shield, lv.115 Vest.Hood, lv.110 Green Rune
Ancient Crustace: lv.115 S.Blade, lv.115 Vest.Hood, lv.110 Bue Rune
Dreamland Cradle: lv.115 Bow, lv.115 Mant.Armor, lv.110 Purple Rune
Exploration Chair: lv.115 Staff, lv.115 Garm.Armor, lv.110 Green Rune
Flower Crab Midd: lv.120 Bow, lv.120 Garm.Armor, lv.120 Red Rune,(lv.110 Robot?), Pestle
Turtle Dragon Ch: lv.120 Staff, lv.120 Mant.Armor, lv.120 Orange Rune, lv.120 Ride: Camel, Pestle
Holala: lv.120 Hammer, lv.120 Vest.Gown, lv.120 Purple Rune, lv.120 Ride: Ostrich, (lv.110 Robot?), Pestle

Fifth Map:  Rave Riverpoint

Colorful Snail: lv.120 Mant.Cuffs, lv.120 Yellow Rune
Can Snail: lv.120 Trinket, lv.120 Mant.Boots, lv.120 Green Rune
Belly Crocodile: lv.120 Garm.Boots, lv.120 Blue Rune
Shield Armor Crocodile: lv.120 Vest.Boots, lv.120 Red Rune
Patrol Winged Dragon: lv.120 Cloak, lv.120 Vest.Boots, lv.120 Orange Rune   
Hover Wing Dragon: lv.120 Sword, lv.120 Garm.Cuffs, lv.120 Yellow Rune
Mountain Flaming: lv.120 S.Blade, lv.120 Green Rune
Sword Fang Tiger: lv.120 Shield, lv.120 Vest.Hood, lv.120 Blue Rune
Water Thorny Dragon: lv.120 Vest.Hood, lv.120 Purple Rune
Fanged Thorny Dragon: lv.120 Spear, lv.120 Garm.Helm, lv.120 Blue Rune
Prehistoric Crocs: lv.130 Hammer, lv.130 Garm.Armor, lv.130 Ride: Bear, (lv.130 Robot?), Pestle, lv.130 Red Rune
Je'bi - Aeroassa: lv.130 Bow, lv.130 Vest.Gown, lv.130 Ride: Demon Rose, Pestle, lv. 130 Orange Rune
Minks the Fanged: lv.140 Bow, lv.140 Mant.Armor, lv. 130 Purple Rune, Pestle

Sixth Map:  Hunter's Ridge

Clever Dragon: lv.130 Garm.Boots, lv.130 Yellow Rune
Sword Dragon Rider: lv.130 Trinket, lv.130 Mant.Boots, lv.130 Green Rune
Amphibian Thorny Dragon: lv.130 Cloak, lv.130 Blue Rune
Rock Dragon Turtle: lv.130 Sword, lv.130 Vest.Boots, lv.130 Red Rune
Hoca Barbarian: lv.130 Shield, lv. Vest.Cuffs, lv.130 Orange Rune
Hoca Spearman: lv.130 S.Blade, lv.130 Mant.Cuffs, lv.130 Yellow Rune
Earth Dragon: lv.130 Spear, lv.130 Garm.Helm, lv.130 Green Rune
Crystal-clear Thorny Dragon: lv.130 Garm.Cuffs, lv.130 Mant.Helm, lv.130 Blue Rune
Horned Dragon: lv.130 Vest.Hood, lv.130 Purple Rune
Armored Horned Dragon: lv.130 Staff, lv.130 Mant.Armor, lv.130 Green Rune
Dragon Knight: lv.140 Staff, lv.140 Garm.Armor, lv.140 Ride: Bear, lv.130 Red Rune, Pestle
Barkley the Thorn: lv.140 Hammer, lv.140 Vest.Gown, lv.140 Ride: Rose Demon, lv.130 Orange Rune, Pestle
Armored Caine: lv.150 Axe, lv.150 Vest Gown, lv.130 Purple Rune, Pestle

Seventh Map:  Shilly Desert

Stealthy Dragon: lv.140 Garm.Cuffs, lv.130 Yellow Rune
Attack Quick Dragon: lv.140 Vest.Hood, lv.130 Green Rune
Ice Frost Tiger: lv.140 Sword, lv.130 Blue Rune
Silverfang Tiger: lv.140 S.Blade, lv.140 Mantle Cuffs, lv.130 Red Rune
Flame Horned Dragon: lv.140 Garm.Boots, lv.140 Vest.Boots, lv.130 Orange Rune
Special Horned Dragon: lv.140 Cloak, lv.130 Yellow Rune
Poineer Cradle Rex: lv.140 Mant.Helm, lv.130 Yellow Rune
Path Chair Rex: lv.140 Spear, lv.140 Garm.Helm, lv.130 Blue Rune
Shadow Swift Dragon: lv.140 Shield, lv.140 Vest.Cuffs, lv.130 Purple Rune
Rampage Swift Dragon: lv.140 Trinket, lv.140 Mant.Boots, lv.130 Yellow Rune
Rex: lv.150 Bow, lv.150 Mant.Armor, lv.130 Red Rune, Pestle
King of Raptor: lv.160 Staff, lv.Vest.Gown, lv.160 Garm.Helm, lv.130 Orange Rune, Pestle
Sabertooth Yagre: lv.160 Hammer, lv.160 Garm.Armor, lv.Mant.Cuffs, lv.130 Purple Rune, Pestle

Last Map:   Dinosaur Area

Barren Warrior:        lv.150 Mant.Helm
Crystal Dragon Turtle:  lv.150 Shield, lv.150 Garm.Boots
Iron Can Snail:         lv.150 Garm.Cuffs
Adventude Chair:      lv.150 Trinket, lv.150 Vest.Cuffs
Clawed Swift Dragon:  lv.150 Spear
Sharp Fang Tiger:      lv.150 Garm.Helm, lv.150 Mant.Boots
Dragon Blader: lv.150 Cloak, lv.150 Vest.Hood
Dragon Knight:      lv.150 S.Blade, lv.150 Vest.Boots
Horned Bump Dragon: lv.150 Sword, lv.150 Vest.Cuffs
Thunder Dragon:        lv.150 Staff, lv.150 Garm. Armor
Turtle Dragon:        lv.160 Sword, lv.160 Shield, lv.160 Mant.Helm
Steel Armor Tiger: lv.160 Spear, lv.160 Vest.Cuffs, lv.160 Mant.Boots
Mystic Huge Shrimp:     lv.160 S.Blade, lv.160 Vest.Hood, lv.160 Vest.Boots
Huge Horn Dinosaur: lv.160 Bow, lv.160 Trinket, lv.160 Garm.Cuffs
Bloody Thorn Dragon: lv.160 Cloak, lv.160 Garm.Boots, lv.160 Mant.Armor
Posen Dino: lv.170 Sword, lv.170 Cloak, lv.170 Vest.Boots, lv.170 Mantle Boots, lv.170 Garm.Boots, Pestle
Ambassador of Magic Dragon: lv.170 Spear, lv.170 Shield, lv.170 Vest.Cuffs, lv.170 Garm.Cuffs, Pestle

Speedy Dragon: lv.170 Bow, lv.170 S.Blade, lv.170 Mant.Cuffs, lv.170 Garm.Helm, Pestle
Kaz Troy: lv.170 Staff, lv.170 Mant.Helm, lv.170 Garm.Armor, lv.170 Vest.Gown, Pestle
T.Rex: lv.170 Hammer, lv.170 Trinket, lv.170 Mant.Armor, lv.170 Vest.Gown, Pestle

P.D: grats to -Yuka- for traducing all the droplist n__n Im the evil mommy for posting it and not her muahaha xd

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Pet Hunter
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last map meaning instane?

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Cool btw xD thanks

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I wanna capture T-rex then train him to be waaay better than purp shadow cat :P

btw, I wouldn't sweat dragons in dinoland. After all "cyan dragon" is just a tiny lizard.

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Only question I have is between the fourth and fifth map. They both show a ride (rose demon/demon rose) are they different rides or are they the same as the 140 uni we already have, in which case the fourth is stating its a lvl 130 ride. Just wondering if there is going to be another non ag uni.

Edit: same thing with bears.

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we have all info about dinoland still no patchs lol.

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Eh, thread premature. Not actually supposed to talk about things before they come out. Will close thread for comments until expansion announced forrealz.

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Unlock bump!

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There's no 160 rides in it... The Dinosaurs o.o

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Original posted by XJ22 at 4-9-2011 12:36

Well, im not sure when Dinoland is coming, but now we can have an idea about the drops there. Theres no info available about stances or rides lv.150. [150+]

Hmm..I wonder.
Edit: not directed just at one person, just listing it so multiple people dont ask about skills/rides/robots.

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