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[Guides and Tutorials] Guide of Floating Main Quest

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Guide of Floating Main Quest

Lvl Requirement: lvl 90+ Character

You start this quest in the first map of the sky expansion, named Vine Front. The entrance for Vine Front is in the city of Dark, namely Bottomless Pit.

The NPC in Vine Front that gives you the quest is Talbott (235,25)

The God´s Left Hand

1.Clean 0/100 Thorny Babies (67,208) or Baby Flowers (191,180)


2.Report to Talbott now (500000 gold, 1550000 exp., 2000 credits)

3.Raphael´s Secret

1.Kill 0/1 Warder Milly (Wanderer Milly - 16,214)

2.Tell Talbott that you have killed all the enemies (NPC of step 2 of The God´s Left Hand)

3.Collect 0/10 Olive Leaves


The coordinates of all the olive leaves: (200,96);(229,28);(161,49);(193,41);(184,55);(172,32);(209,50);(145,41);(212,68);(231,67);(238,53);(232,90)

4.Hand the Olive Leaves to Gabriel (166,83 - Roam Battlefield)

5.Talk to Gabriel (NPC of step 4; 675000 gold, 1700000 exp., 2500 credits)

6.The Rebels

1.Collect 0/80 Snake´s Venom (Kill Vampire Snakes - 53,169)

2.Ask Gabriel to analyze the poisonous liquid (NPC of step 5 of Raphael´s Secret)

3.Inquire with the local people (You should go to Sky Pumice and talk to Hazele - 223,81)

4.The NO. 1 Magician

1.Find 0/120 Violet Crabs (236,68) or Stinging Crabs (254,74)


2.Ask Hazele to have a look at the Violet Crabs or Stinging Crabs (NPC of step 3 of The Rebels)

3.Listen to Hazele (990000 gold, 2850000 exp., 4000 credits)

4.Magic of Disappearance

1.Collect 0/1 Giant Energy (Kill the Boss named Butcher Scott - 287,105)

2.Hand the Giant Energy to Hazele (NPC of step 2)

3.Hand the Giant Energy to Tebaldi (Winding Flower Corridor - 41,48) (1050000 gold, 4000 credits)

4.Blessing´s Light Fell

1.Collect 0/130 drops of Blue Birds´ Tear (Kill the mob of blue birds - 192,49)

2.Hand the tear to Tebaldi (NPC of step 3 of Magic of Disappearance) (1400000 gold, 3800000 exp, 5000 credit)

3.The Lost Memory

1.Obtain 0/150 Stone Scouts or Capt of the Guard's Energy

2.Show the energy to Tebaldi (NPC of step 2 of Blessing´s Light Fell)

3.Hand the energy to Rena (Airship Station - 193,117) (1550000 gold, 4250000 exp, 6000 credit)

4.Cut Off The Backup Effort

1.Succesfully destroyed 0/160 Rolin Robot Y (116,122) or Rolin Machine X (151,135)


2.Tell Rena that the robot is broken (NPC of step 3 of The Lost Memory)

3.Ask Promera (75,124) to repair the robots (2650000 gold, 5500000 exp, 7500 credit)

4.The False Follower

1.Defeat 0/120 Botti Cavaliers or Botti Whippers (39,130)


2.Report to Promera now (NPC of step 3 of Cut Off The Backup Effort)

3.Deliver 0/1 good to the Maid of Honor

4.Report to Maid of Honour (Bouleuterion - 10,39) (2000000 gold, 4900000 exp, 8000 credit)


1.Obtain 0/1 Crazy Lorna´s Ignitron (Kill boss Crazy Lorna - 52,154)

2.Hand the Ignitron to the Maid of Honor (NPC of step 4 of The False Follower) (2800000 gold, 5850000 exp, 10000 credit)

3.Before the Dawn

1.Try to find the key from Warrior Tatalo (Kill boss Warrior Tatalo - 169,138)


2.Go to Season Garden and find the Maid Leader (Season Garden - 110,96)

3.Talk to Maid Leader (NPC of step 2 - 3350000 gold, 6350000 exp, 11500 credit)

4.Unexpected Challenge

1.Report to Demon Hamas (86,31)

2.Defeat 0/1 Season Coat (Kill boss Season Coat)

3.Talk to Demon Hamas (NPC of step 1)

4.Hand your feathers to Talbott (Report to NPC in Vine Front where you started quest - 237,23) (4000000 gold, 7250000 exp, 15000 credits)

[ END ]

Credits:There are some links on monsters to Angel Online Wiki, which isnt mine.
Special thanks for their help to: Cheychey - cool4lyf
                                                  Uncle bobbu - Mysterie
                                                  Sarmi - Lordyashao
                                                  Julien - Basth

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WOOT WOOT GOGOGOG XD I knew this one was coming.

EDIT: You deleted all the attachments? o,o....

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xD i made mistake with the pics i posted so to be easier decided to delete all and put all again xD now its right :)


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WOOOOOOOTS!!!! Go go go!!! I'm still at the part of the "The NO. 1 Magician", but I wanna know what's next =D I love your guides <3 <3

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What's the level requirement to start it?o.o
I <3ed your* previous guides - I did them all last night, lol!

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This is supah helpful Sofy cute4rabbit
Gogoo finish it.
And i'll start it later x]

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like conci said and completly right its lvl 90 char. i forgot add that xD thats why people say slow and steady wins the race xD i added it to guide thanks : )

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Interestingly look at this :)

Floating Island: 90+
Forest and Desert: 70+
Atlantis: 50+
Dungeon: 30+
Eden (Asmode): 10+

I'm going to bet that Candyland main quest is 100 not 110 because it goes 20 levels each time, in other words, 2 "equip tiers". And weirdly, 96/98 is one. So 2 tiers above 90 is 100 :D

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i sure hope ur theory is right cuz im still working on 100 xD dont wanna wait til 110 o.o; : 3