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[Guides and Tutorials] Guide of Desert Main Quest

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Desert Main Quest

Requirements: Character lvl 70+

You start this quest talking to NPC named Nark Paul (95,67) in Crescent Valley.

Suspected Clue

1.Investigate the Gloomy Smokers (76,37) first

Note: Its not a problem if you are over weight.

2.Hand the strange powder obtained from Gloomy Smokers to Paul. (Report to NPC step 1)

3.Try to find Clues from Onion Bud 0/50 (136,64)

Note: Each onion bud you kill, you get 1 pollen.

4.Hand the pollen to Paul. (Report to NPC step 1,2) (855500 exp, 1500 credits, 190k gold)

5.Talk to Paul again (NPC step 1,2,3)

6.Poisonous Powder

1.Go collect these samples nearby:

Note: They will disappear after you click on them but will respawn after some minutes.

Water Quality Sample 0/20 coordinates of all: (105,108); (115,114); (113,121); + 2 in water [5 in total]


Soil Quality Sample 0/20 coordinates of all: (52,22); (29,43); (36,48); (61,47); (112,33); (84,14) [6 in total]

Plants Quality Sample 0/20 coordinates of all: (272,108); (272,136); (253,154); (231,133); (202,165); (186,140); (219,94) [7 in total]

2.Hand the samples to Paul (NPC steps 1,2,4,5 of the Suspected Clue)

3.Collect some Venom Beetles which may have been infected:

Venom Beetle 0/60 (233,107):

4.Report to Paul (NPC of step 2 of Poisonous Powder)

5.Maybe the Gold Magician on the Desert Racetrack knows something about it (271,65)

(1425500 exp, 1700 credits, 678k gold)

Note: Click again.

6.Who is doing mischief?

1.Collect 0/80 Blazing Scorpions (28,120)

2.Hand the Blazing Scorpions to the Gold Magician (NPC of step 5 of Poisonous Powder)

3.Talk to the Gold Magician (NPC of step 2) (1555500 exp, 2530 credits, 780k gold)

4.The Inauspicious Collection

1.Go find the Evil Collector in Ghost Village (74,74)

2.Go back to the Desert Racetrack and then catch Lord Adrian. (Kill Lord Adrian-166,139)

3.Hand Lord Adrian to the Evil Collector (NPC of step 1) (2385500 exp, 2530 credits, 950k gold)

Note: Click again.

4.Make the Desert Green

1.Go ask Djourou about the poison (Ghost Village-131,87)

2.Help Djourou catch 0/60 Violet Pixies (152,240)

3.Hand the Violet Pixies to Djourou (NPC of steps 1 and 2)

4.Talk to Jemima (Troop Outpost-177,36) (1975500 exp, 3350 credits, 978k gold)

5.Secretly Hide in Somewhere

1.Drive the Outpost Warriors away 0/30 (273,72)

2.Report to Jemima that you have killed all the Outpost Warriors (NPC of step 4 of Make the Desert Green)

3.Destroy 0/30 Sentry Attk Towers (88,70)

4.Report to Jemima (NPC of step 2) (2805500 exp, 4200 credits, 1620000 gold)

Note: Click again. The quest will disappear like it ended there but in reality it didnt, if you click npc again it will tell you indications to go talk to Gebuer named Bass at Ancient Front

5.Click NPC named Bass (84,72) in Ancient Front

6.The Evil Trace

1.Go find some clues from the Sand Rock Goblins (142,141)

2.Hand the letter to Bass (report to NPC step 5 of Secretly Hide in Somewhere)

3.Defeat the Raging Giant Stoneman (Boss) and obtain its Emissary Medal.

Note: You dont need weight to get the medal, and if you are dead you will still get it.

4.Investigate Solomon (237,59) with the help of the Emissary Medal (4195500 exp, 5000 credits, 1650000 gold)

5.The Hidden Agent

1. Teach those lazy Giant Smokers a lesson 0/30

2.Report to Solomon now (NPC of step 4 of The Evil Trace)

3.Find the lost goods Medicine stuff 0/30

Coordinates of all scattered stuff: (249,28);(207,86);(29,98);(143,88); (31,40);(128,120);(93,156);(97,54)

4.Hand the material to Solomon (NPC of step 2)

5.Help Solomon deliver the good to Larry (NPC in Fantastic Sand City - 150,168)

6.Talk to Larry (3355500 exp, 6100 credits, 1458000 gold)

7.Conspiracy about the Poisonous Liquid

1.Sucessfully capture the poisonous mine from the Blago Warriors (144,167) 0/55

2.Hand the poisonous mines to Larry (NPC of step 5 of The Hidden Agent)

3.Grab Bottle Liam´s water (Boss Bottle Liam - 100,93)

4.Hand the water to Larry (NPC of step 2)

5.Talk to Stiles (Nightmare Palace - 242,93) (4495900 exp, 8450 credits, 3090000 gold)

6.Run into the Restricted Area

1.Find some clues about the missing girl from the Dark Warriors (73,57)

2.Go to the Leviathan´s Bedroom and search for Ella (361,63)

3.Drive away the 0/35 Aquarius Fanatic Warriors which are watching over Ella

Aquarius Fanatic Warriors are the mob near the NPC Ella with the name of Bottle Fighter

4.Report to Ella

5.Talk to Ella (5005500 exp, 11140 credits, 4806000 gold)


Credits:There are some links on monsters to Angel Online Wiki, which isnt mine.
Special thanks to: Daddy mattie/BlkWing that helped me do quest<3

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Posted on 2010-03-06 20:32:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice Guide Sora :) Usefull for lvl 80 players ..

Posted on 2010-03-06 20:39:01 | Show thread starter's posts only

its still incomplete this one but i will try be fast xD You can check the forest and atlantis one that are finished already : ) ty for support<3 cute4rabbit

Posted on 2010-03-07 09:44:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Nice one o.o. Can't await for it to be finished. As soon as I have time I have to do EVERY main quest (I believe I'm the laziest ranker in Sofiel D: ). Will use your guides.

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Lol Ishyyyyy <3 Keep up the good work sofy ^_^ <3 cute56rabbit

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after u killed those onion buds NPC will ady give u 1700 credits.. hehehe :))

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omg i can't go too Jemima i die all the time o_o

Posted on 2010-03-16 06:14:10 | Show thread starter's posts only

ARGH, i'm currently stuck at th violet pixies part .......... c,c

Posted on 2010-03-19 03:18:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

yeah that's true i spent more than 1 hr manually killing violet pixies..hehehe.. goodluck...

Posted on 2010-03-19 03:20:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

use crazy roar... or run as fast as you can...heheehe cute4rabbit  talking djourou is harder i think..hehehe

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