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[Guides and Tutorials] Guide Atlantis Main Quest

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Posted on 2011-11-21 14:04:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

You probably doing another quest then. Sometimes the same NPC is included in many quests so that might cause some confusion to players. For me to be able to help you take a print screen of your quest log [Alt+Q].

This quest is a main quest so it will be under the Heaven-Angel quest category.

I will wait for the screenie to give you more info about what you should do.

* svplayer *

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Posted on 2011-11-21 15:18:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Here! That quest is from brinch or what his name was, that noya told me to talk to after the quest in the beginning of guide.

Posted on 2011-11-21 18:17:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

I think i know where u messed it up xD delete the quest and go to banking director in Palm Base talk to him, if he gives you quest then its solved and you keep following guide as described. If he doesnt give you anything go to Noya and try talk to him instead. Tell me if it works k

Will tll you my theory of what i think may have happened:

i say in my guide: "6.Familiar with the environment, return to puqi (dont go puqi village just click npc again)( 8k exp.,250 credits,10k gold)". You probably tought you had to click the Npc of next step that i say is Noya. But no, your supposed to click the Banking Director again. So you went to Noya and got another quest from him. I may be wrong..

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Posted on 2011-11-21 18:55:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

"3.Report to D. coach Nia in GB (13k exp, 850 credits, 100k gold)"

Thats the last thing i did, then it messed up :/ thats a bit after stage 6.

Also btw, you wouldnt happen to be swedish?

Posted on 2011-11-22 04:53:44 | Show thread starter's posts only

~Did you try talk with Dipsey Hunter in Blue Sea (careful not Blue Ocean)?

@Nope :3 im Portuguese.

Posted on 2011-11-22 10:51:31 | Show thread starter's posts only

Yeah i did! Got some diving license but no quest? And when i talk to him again he says i have to "go deeper to be a better swimmer" or something..

And hehe my bad! "sv" is typical for sweden (sverige/sv), YC-Monkey172

Posted on 2011-12-21 10:54:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

xD nice guide! I would give you favor but I used to be conqueror but its gone now? /yct68
anyways I would reccomend a NICE ride for this like Lv60+ because you have to move around so quickly or it will take ages

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Nice guide