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[Guides and Tutorials] The Guide to Elite Quests

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Ok guys, since I haven't noticed anyone else having done it yet, I'm working on a guide for the Elite Quests. (Notice: I'm using Jinay's Orientation Guide as a "skeleton", and I'm adding information to each step, so it's not plagiarism. Here's the Link)

A few basics applying to all of them are that they cannot be repeated, and at that level range you won't be able to solo them. Time is also a factor, so make sure you have it when you try this. I need at least 1.5h on each quest worth of actually trying to finish it.

Quest One—Challenge Lampard
Level Requirement: Level 96-97NPC: Lampard in the Half-beast Hamlet
Reward: 160,000,000 EXP

This quest is by paradoxically by far the hardest, for the fact that it's the first it's kind of odd. Anyways, my suggestion is to skip it and save the trouble, angel amulet scrolls, and buffs to do it. Because I'm stubborn, i finished it despite my friends telling me not to, but ... NOT EVER GONNA DO IT AGAIN o.o.~

Step One: Find Yalakni in the Secret Den
Self-explanatory, just find her and talk. (NPC: Hermit Yalakni)

Step Two: Defeat Beastman Soldiers, Beastman Warriors, Beastman Guards and Beastman Colonel Mogu in the Half-beast Hamlet; Golden Scale Guards, Golden Scale Witches and Naga Colonel Zic in the Ancient Glide River.

You will need to kill alot of them, Some number around 200 Beastmen and same number of Naga's, if I'm not wrong (Sorry forgot the exact number). And of course each of their bosses once. Names of mobs are stated above.

Step Three: Defeat the King of Beasts. Try to bait the King of Beasts near the Life Tree of the Giant Wooden Stairs. You should defeat him in 1 hour.
After you defeat him, you will obtain 160,000,000 EXP and accept the following quest.

This was easy so far wasn't it? Haha, that's over x.x. To activate the boss you will need to click on the Food-offering place next to the Life Tree in Giant Wooden Stairs. This boss will be the most frustrating boss you will ever cross, so:

  • Have a full team of Lv 95+ people, preferably with AA sets.
  • Make one of them a Healer (can be an alt) to auto-revive you, and I guarantee you will die. More than once.
  • I recommend having two actual healers help you outside team, to revive you guys faster.
  • BRING 2 ANGEL AMULET SCROLLS PER PERSON. I personally died 30 times, so normal Angel Amulets won't last long.
  • Witch Fly books are also recommended, because repotting is essential.
  • You have one hour to kill the boss. That means you're team must be reliable, efficient, and working.
  • Once you finished the boss, thank your friends for helping. They just did you a HUGE favor.

Quest Two--Ghost's Requirement
Level Requirement: Level 97 players should finish the “Challenge Lampard” quest first. As for level 98 players, they can directly accept this quest.
NPC: Yalakni in the Secret Den
Reward: 200,000,000 EXP

This quest is more reasonable than the first, so you'll have more fun at it :P. Also, there isn't much "new" material to cover, since most of the monsters you would usually encounter, and Hicalu has been around for quite some time now :)

Step One: Talk to the Flag in the Naga's Altar of the Ancient Glide River. Afterwards, collect following materials: 120 Rain Butterfly's Wings, 120 Giant Hook Worm's Meat in the Ancient Glide River; 120 Ice Flower's Pistils and 120 Poisonous Flower's Liquid in the Clouding Forest.
Again, simple as that. May want to be careful of the bosses near those mobs (e.g. Death Killer Camote) though, as their AOEs do hurt.

Step Two: Bring the required materials back to the Naga Ghost.
Well, just do it.

Step Three: Defeat the Hicalu Ship 1 in the Horrible Lost Region and bring the Eternity Light back.
Fight your way through to the boss. For anyone who already tried killing Hicalu, this shouldn't be anything new. For others, there are a few tips on how to destroy it faster:

  • Step on the crystals set up in that room. Once they all light up, Hicalu gets weaker for a bit, use the chance to do damage.
  • This time Angel Amulets should serve as enough, as you won't die more than 2-3 times usually.
  • Buffs probably will help, since the boss got strong AOEs and stances.. within a reasonable range at least.

Quest Three--Bazac's Key
Level Requirement: Level 98 players should finish the “Ghost’s Requirement” quest first. As for level 99 players, they can directly accept this quest.
NPC: Yalakni in the Secret Den
Reward: 300,000,000 EXP

Finally something easy. This is going to be kindergarten for you after doing the last two.

Step One: Collect the required materials to forge Bazac's Key in the Limitless Tower, including 20 Holiness Crystal Piece, 20 Rule Crystal Piece, 20 Justice Crystal Piece, 20 Pity Crystal Piece, 20 Goodness Crystal Piece, 1 Ancient Demon's Skeleton, and 1 Bazac's Key Model.
You will need 4 runs to do this, and a decent team. The first time you will need to kill the bosses. They aren't easy, but not impossible either with some background knowledge.

For Sleeper Sandman:
  • Stay within the circle so you won't get owned by his AOE.
  • Keep attacking the boss, maybe AOE to get rid of the minions he spawns.

  • Don't focus on damaging the puppet, as Belia will heal it.
  • Wait for him to teleport to you, do damage.
  • Keep that up until he disappears at 50% HP. Now go kill the Puppet Demon.

Step Two: Bring the items listed above back to Yalakni in the Secret Den
The usual.

Quest Four—Yalakni’s Trial
Level Requirement: Level 99 players should finish the “Bazac's Key” quest first. As for level 100 players, they can directly accept this quest.
NPC: Yalakni in the Secret Den
Reward: 700,000,000 EXP for level 99 players. As for level 100 players, they can obtain double exp and double skill exp for the next 5 days.

OMG IT'S BAZAC! THE BOSS THAT TOOK FOREVER TO KILL IN THE DUMPLING EVENT D:! ... Well the Gulp Room version isn't as hard, but don't underestimate.

Step One: Players must go deep into the Gulp Room and defeat Bazac…

Work your way through Gulp Room, defeat Glutton and Kidace, and then talk to the Statue that teleported you to Glutton again, because it changed its destination. You will end up in a room where Bazac stands waiting for you. There are a few tricks to kill him.

  • Have a balanced team, you will need both mages and melee type people to kill this.
  • If its Cape color changes to red, only spells (Mage) can hurt it. If it's blue, only stances (Melee) can. Bazac will even announce it.
  • He spawns minions occasionally, which will take a while to defeat.. just keep aoeing them.
  • Take Spacious Banks with you. I don't think you can leave that room until Bazac is dead, so repot using those, hopefully you put a few pots into your bank before leaving the city. You will need 2-4 full loads of potions to do this.. per person.
  • Angel Amulets/Scrolls are certainly helpful.

Step Two: Report to Yalakni and claim the reward.
Congratulations, you just finished the 4 Elite Quests! (or 3 if you followed my advice not to do the first one) :D This last one gives 700m exp, which is 28% at lv99, huge help to get to 100.. so it's worth it. If you're already past lv100, you will get a Double Exp/Skill stone, use it to skill or level even more?

Special Thanks to:
Brightwing, Sephite, Arthas, Sexor, Slaflame(Hun :P), Mandinga, and Curious for helping me finish the quests!
Jinay for the initial Guide! Click here to see it.

This is the rundown on how these quests work, based on my personal experience. If you have any suggestions/questions, please post.
Hope this will help people who need this guide.

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nice guide

id dont think il ever get there but in quest 4 for level 100+ do u still get 700m exp? or just 2x skill/exp

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2x exp. More elite quests for 136-140 or so in next expansion

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i'm gonna do some edits on this, didnt have the nerve to reread everything to check for mistakes.. i'll keep adding to it~

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I see my name ^^
Thank you for making this.

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Yw Jinay :D ~ btw guys any more suggestions/improvements plz post

Edit: Starting to work more on layout, editing wording, and maybe considering to put in a few pictures

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We can get pic's of the 97+ elite while we do the quests w/ Ren.

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Sounds good sweetie~ Only screenie i'm worried about is Beast Lord... hope i can find one in Media overview or something..

Edit: Anyways done working on it for the nite.. pictures i'll add when i have the time

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Yea, in the Media section theres a thread of a team that defeated it, it's name King Kong or something...

Posted on 2010-01-01 04:42:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

The King of Beasts is more easyer when you take one tank lvl 100+ with AA or a lvl 110+ with good or sclass and two - three healers when two of them has Mighty Cure 5, healing on 99%. When there are Range ABC pets the player can use them too. Using a Scroll make sense but the risc to die is kinda less then on other methodes. The problem of repoting is easy when the healers carry some hp potion too so there can repot the tank extra with hp potion when he run out. Use from time to time Heart Beat 5 and that thingy takes you 30 min.