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[Guides and Tutorials] Shortening Signatures

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Posted on 2009-11-24 00:29:47 | Show thread starter's posts only

Well, this is going to be relatively short, as far as my guides are concerned.

A common problem faced by a lot of new members on this board is that they can't make the signature they want because they're too long! After all image URLs generally take up a LOT of space. Heck, for just one of my pics down at the bottom of this post, I would have to put this url: --in IMG tags. That's a LOT of space out of the few characters you have for your signature. Well, there's a way to shorten it up a bit!

First, for all of you who can't remember or don't know how to set your signature, a quick recap.

From this thread, clicking this link will bring you to the page, provided that you're already logged in. If this thread isn't around to help you, here's the steps to navigate the menus:

  • Log into the Forum
  • Beneath the Angels Online banner, where it shows your login information, hover over "MemberCP" to pop up a little menu, where you should choose "Edit Profile"
  • From there, Click on the "Personalized" tab
  • On that page, scroll down to the Signature box, and that's where you put the code for your signature.

Okay. Now assuming you're going to be wanting to put images in there, you're going to need to put them in img tags. That goes a little something like this:[code][/code]Where the big long URL is where your image is stored on the Internet. This however, will quickly cause you to run into the following problem:

Also known as, your signature is too stinkin' long, so go make it shorter.

Okay. Here's the good stuff. What you're going to want to do is copy the URL of the image you're trying to use, and go to in your web browser. If you've done it right, you should see this at the top of your page:

Yep, you guessed it. You're going to put your big stinking URL into that box, and press Shorten. So if I was trying to put in the Angels Online logo from the main site, I'd put into the textbox, and it would return something that looked like this:

Now, that little link that gives,, does the exact same thing as does.

So, you'd take the little link, and put it in the IMG tags on your signature. I'm not saying you can get an infinite number of images in your signature this way, but it certainly helps.

Yes, you can use for other things too. If you need to give someone a link to a forum thread in-game, and they don't want to type it out, you can it and give them the shortened URL. However, I have a word of caution about following, or tinyurl, or any other shortening service's links: Only go to it if you trust the person giving it to you. These links can hide absolute anything, and you could end up walking into a trap if you go to one in error. has a solution to this-- if you add a "+" to the end of the URL, it gives you details about the link before continuing (or not, if you decide the link is bad). For example, would bring up the info page for the AO Logo.

And that's about all there is to, and how you can use it to help you make a cooler signature.

Any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to post and ask, tell me, or correct me.


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Posted on 2009-11-24 20:09:46 | Show thread starter's posts only

we have something like this at spanish lounge since ages tho, but non spanish readers will benefit from this(if they read it and need to use it XD)

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thnx for the guide :P

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Nice thank you x3 just been wondering though, if i wanna make my signature like a saying or something. like:
Char name: xxxxxx, server:xxxxxx, lvl:xxx
with so many codes and sizes.. that'd reach the words limit, is there a way to shorten codes?

B e h e m o t h ~
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Really nice..thanks :D YC-Monkey138

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doesn't work

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you need to put the [img] link [img] code , between the code the link of the image without spaces

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The Hollow Maiden
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double post+ you are bumping a really really old thread.
It seems that it has been bumped multiple times before...

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nice o.o .

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Hi Guys,

It works fine for me, thanz