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[Guides and Tutorials] [Outdated] "All-in-one" Guide/FAQ

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Posted on 2009-01-25 22:06:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

Important note: The Adventure Box was removed from the IM (it may be back later tho), so ignore the parts where it was mentioned in the guide for now.

Yeah, I know I'm new on this forum (oh, well..., just check the creation date of this thread and say hi to my very first post), but I saw so many good guides out there so I decided to make one too (true that). I have made many different characters in this game (*le old me boasting*) and managed to learn one or the other thing during my long "journey", also the guides here were very informative as well (thx everyone ^^~ uhhh... should be around over 30ish accounts by now and 15+ were abandoned). In this guide, I'm going to explain pretty much everything, like general info about: physical builds, mages, producers, advantages and disadvantages of certain skills, how to make some in-game money with and without AG (Angel Gold), skilling, something about pets, levelling, expansion features (in general) etc. You do NOT need to follow this guide if you don't want to. If you have a personal "style of playing" which you prefer, then play so. Always have fun while playing, that's the best advice I can give you. Also, this guide is mainly meant to help out all those newbies out there (naabs like I am *pokes Vinneh*), mostly summarising most of the things which are already there on the forums (but lost in space and time), allowing a fast, easy and succesful start into the game. The game itself is way more complicated than it used to be (actually 7 expansions got released since the creation of this guide) and it may be confusing at first, especially for newer players~ For most of you the following content may be too obvious, but don't forget that there are a lot of players out there who are still stuck with one or the other thing.

Note: Before you continue reading this guide, I highly suggest that you finish some of those in-game tutorial quests at first (in order to get used to the gameplay).

Table of Contents
To jump to any section of this guide quickly, click the Edit option on the toolbar, then go to Find and type in the index number. You can also press Ctrl+F to bring up the search box in most browsers.

1.0. - The Beginning
1.1. - Which Server is the best
1.2. - What is the difference between active and passive skills?
1.3. - Which Stances/Spells are the most useful ones?
1.4. - Which build should I choose? Which build is the best?
1.5. - You're only talking about level 100+ builds... I don't think I will ever reach that level. Are level 100- builds any different?
1.6. - Which builds are the most popular ones?
1.7. - Where can I change my skills/build? Is it free? And how to check the skills of my current build?
1.8. - Is there any info or preview about high level skills? It may help me deciding on my build.
1.9. - What are the main advantages and disadvantages of each active skill?
1.10. - Physical fighter or mage, which is better?
1.11. - I want to use a Producer. Are Producers useful and fun to play with?
1.12. - Alright! I decided which build I'm going to use! Could you give me some advices for the beginning?
1.13. - So there's this NPC telling me that I just graduated and wants me to choose a Faction. Which Faction should I choose, and what are Factions for anyways?
1.14. - Where is the entrance to...
1.15. - Where can I check the location of NPCs selling certain Scrolls/Stances?
1.16. - Which mob/boss drops...
1.17. - How do all those different stats influence my character's strength?
1.18. - Where to check useful in-game shortcuts (like Alt+M for the map for example)?
1.19.0. - Can you explain all those different expansion features please?
1.19.1. - ~The House System~
1.19.2. - ~Fusion~
1.19.3. - ~Achievements~
1.19.4. - ~Collection Book/Album~
1.19.5. - ~Daily Events~
1.19.6. - ~Farm~
1.20. - How can I create/join a league and what is it for?
2.0. - Totem War (TW), Holy Battlefield War (HB) and Angel Arena (AA)
3.0. - Levelling
3.1. - How to level up fast? Where should I train at level "X"?
3.2. - Could you give me some tips for levelling?
4.0. - Skilling
4.1.0. - What's the best AB setup for skilling...?
4.1.1. - Physical skills
4.1.2. - Chaos
4.1.3. - Earth
4.1.4. - Life
4.1.5. - Wraith
4.1.6. - Collecting/Facture skills
5.0. - Crediting/Ranking
5.1. - How to get fast credits?
6.0. - Pets
6.1. - Where should I level my Pet?
6.2. - Which Pet is the strongest one?
7.0. - Making in-game money
7.1. - How do I set a Stall? What are Stalls for anyways?
7.2. - What are the odds of dropping rare Equipment/Scrolls?
7.3. - Bosses or Mobs, which are better to drop S class items?
8.0. - Equipment and intensifying
8.1. - Does the order of Green Hammering, Pestling and Piercing matter?
9.0. - Other guides of mine
10.0. - Credits

1.0. The Beginning
Before I start introducing anything else, let me tell you a few very important things which make this game unique compared to all the other MMORPGs out there:

  • it has an implemented legal bot (automatizing training, skilling and other actions; press Alt+R in-game to check)
  • you can use more than 1 account at the same time legally (multi-clienting)
  • for all those who were too lazy to read the Terms and Conditions and agreed, congratulations! You have just sold your kidney. Lol, just kidding xD Putting the joke to the side (like Germans would say), you've agreed on playing a game which is "Free-to-play". The company (IGG/Userjoy) itself is making money by selling virtual in-game items giving a big advantage to every player buying those (so better think twice before you start insulting players who do so, because in the end, you were the one who agreed on those Terms and Conditions).

Well, now that you know those 3 important things, let's assume that you were smart enough to make an account (or more accounts), download the game, log in (into the game) and now you ended up asking yourself: "WHERE DID I GOOOOOOO? WHAT DO I DOOOOO NOWWWWWW?" Hmmm... Those are some good questions you got there (actually those questions are very stupid). The basics of the game are introduced well by the NPCs and on the forums as well. Also, the game system is very easy to understand if your English knowledge is somewhat good (as long as you ignore the NPCs saying "????????????????????????" or "NULL"). The first thing you have to do is to create a character, but that's something you have surely known from before. After that, you have to choose a character class. You can choose between close combat, ranged or producing classes. Unless you're going to be an Assassin or Producer, you'll most probably switch some (if not all) of your skills anyways, so it doesn't matter which class you choose (at the very beginning). Passive skills like Staff Hit, Hit, Meditate, Enhance, Grapple (as long as your character isn't a sin~ shorter form for Assassin for those who didn't know) and others are just not worth keeping nowadays, perhaps just on alts (alternative characters) to avoid some extra skilling, but most people change their skills too. Now you may end up asking yourself: "Why do people change those skills?" The answer is very simple~ Those skills just aren't as useful as the buffs and stances/spells from all the other active skills, especially at level 100+. All the stats (like HP, MP, rigor etc.) given by passive skills can be easily compensated with the collection book, achievements, enchanted fashion and buffs from active skills (more on this later).

1.1. Which server is the best?
Depends. If you're looking for crowded Servers with a lot of players, PVP action and cheap prices then go for servers like Haniel (or servers which were merged in past I guess, like Nisroc and Gaea). If you're looking for less crowded servers with few camped bosses/emptier Riddle Terras/Free Terras etc., go for the newer/old "dead" servers (like Nyx or Athena for example).

1.2. What is the difference between active and passive skills?
Active skills like Chaos, Life, Axe, Spear etc. are skills which are governing all the spells and stances which you're going to use during the long run. Fighter skills can get skill experience by using any fighting stance (for example, while having a spear equipped using axe/bow/sword... stances will give you skill experience on the "Spear" skill), while mage skills get skill experience depending on which spell was used (for example, using Life spells gives skill experience to the "Life" skill). Passive skills (like Reserve, Grapple, Staff Hit, Hit, Eagle Eye, etc.) are skills which usually increase your stats or give you an additional ability (like increasing your maximum amount of SP/HP/MP, give you the ability to carry 2 weapons at once, etc.). Those also get experience by using stances or spells (mage passive skills by using spells and combat passive skills by using physical stances). After getting a certain amount of skill experience, the corresponding skill level will go up.

Examples of active skills:

Examples of passive skills:

1.3. Which Stances/Spells are the most useful ones?
At level 100+, almost all are. And for level 100-:
  • all the starting Physical Buffs (Injury Cure being the least useful)
  • Panther Killing (especially level 5, dropped by the Fane Priest in Deity Palace Ruins~ try to drop one ASAP in case you're a melee fighter)
  • Frozen Snipe (especially level 5, dropped by the Fane Protector in Deity Palace Ruins~ try to drop one ASAP in case you're using Longbow)
  • Pierced Beat (try to get the level 5 one, dropped by Savage Head in Thorn Wasteland)
  • Crazy Roar (level 5 is dropped by the Black Tree in Mysterious Wetland)
  • Slow Snipe (try to drop Slow Snipe 5 from the Fallen Archangel in Thunder Ruins)
  • Fury Attack (try to get level 5 on higher levels, by killing Hicalu in HLR ~ Horrible Lost Region)
  • Recovery Shield (easiest way to get level 5 is by buying it from other players, Enmity Deissy is supposed to drop it but it's not confirmed yet if they Stance got unlocked. Even if she does, it got a veryyyy low drop rate.)
  • Anti-locked Tactics (Shield for mages) - is good against Rapidfire (level 145 Longbow skill)
  • Hell Shield/Energy Roar
  • Advanced Sword/Spear stances
  • all Assassination stances
  • most of the other 100- sin stances are decent too
  • Angel Tears (AT) ~ try to get level 5, is dropped by Azrael's Aide in Thunder Ruins
  • all the Life Buffs
  • Binding
  • Energy Souces 4-1
  • Energy Flower
  • Tendril Ectangle
  • Corruption Trap
  • Rebound Spell 5 (Wind Fairy Clair in Mysterious Wetlands drops this one)
  • all Chaos Buffs
  • Swiftness Spell
  • Frozen Trap
  • level 80 AOEs
  • Summons (for PVE) and Hurt Transfer
  • Demon-Sucking/Blood Absorbing Spell
  • Demon Sealed (for PVP)
  • Silence (for PVP)

1.4. Which build should I choose? Which build is the best?
Answering those questions respectively, whichever you like the most and all builds are (unless the build is anything similar to Sew/Dig/Curse/Eagle Eye/Grapple/Vestment). Personally, I used to like Summoners the most when I just started the game (and I still do), but later I noticed that it was way easier to play with a Protector (at that time). Later I added Bow (for Demon Sealed) and Spear (for the additional damage), and that was before Steel Rain and Spear Trap actually came out. Also I added Avatar as soon as sins came out, was sick from dying against mages and sins in 1 hit before I even could seal or kill them. This is how I came up with my current build (is roughly the same like on 70% of the current AO population). Why am I saying all this? Well, this is the way how most of the players customize their builds. If you want my personal opinion, I'd say add Spear regardless if you're going to use a mage or physical build. High level buffs like Sweeping Attack (adding a nice amount of ATK and SA), To Arms! (adding a lot of HP) and stances like Spear Trap (self-AOE doing over 50% of the total damage gathered within 10 seconds as long as the buff is active, also ignoring the DEF of everything it hits) and others can be very useful, especially while doing instance runs or breaking gates at HB (Holy Battlefield War). Spear Trap is also overpowered when it comes to PVP, but it can be very hard to time sometimes, especially when you aren't used to it. Steel Rain (a lvl 133 Bow stance) is also overused and perhaps the stance which can reach the highest damage output, but it can easily be countered if you have Mercenaries, a Clone, Pet and/or Summons around you. Actually, any skill can be really nice once it hits lvl 100+, and even more on 126+. Regardless which build you choose during the long run, you can't be wrong with it (as long the skill combination is making any sense). Here are some tips regarding skills which work well together or with certain builds (excluding Producers, duh):
  • Spear (works well with ANY build from lvl 119 on and afterwards for reasons mentioned above; ST having the highest damage output when combined with Bow's SR)
  • Assault (works well with ANY build from lvl 126 on and afterwards because of Shadow Melt - reduces the casting time by 0,5+ seconds, especially useful for mages making most, if not all of their lvl 108+ spells instant)
  • Avatar (works well with ANY build; got buffs adding +% to your damage and spell damage, Deceptive Clone which can practically save your life from "cheaty" strong single blow stances/spells and a Fighting Clone which can be nice for training, but beware~ only one of these stances can be active at the same time)
  • Wraith+Earth (easy to train with, especially at higher levels; Shark Shift; Demonic Resilience at lvl 120 making you invincible while training; Forbidden Curse at lvl 133 allowing you to train forever without repotting and repairing)
  • Chaos+Life (lots of buffs always being at your response; nice DEF, SD and elemental resistance; Swiftness Spell; best build for doing instances IMO; Orient Chaos/Life spells are good... perhaps? Are they? Haven't seen the new spells yet to be honest.)
  • Earth+Life (Healer! Just kidding xD Actually one of the players with the highest level on our server is Earth+Life; well... just take the advantages from Earth and Life mentioned above and combine it yourself *lazy*)
  • Wraith+Chaos (same as for Earth+Life)

Note: Chaos/Life is impossible to AB train with for a longer while unless you have Reserve+any other Physical skill besides (without using tons of mark scrolls that is). You'll have to leech an alt or just wait for FA (Flame Area, usually comes out every few months allowing "superfast" levelling). Also, physical builds are a lot cheaper to maintain than mages are.

1.5. You're only talking about level 100+ builds... I don't think I will ever reach that level. Are level 100- builds any different?
Not really. The same build combos usually work pretty well on 100- too, except that Spear isn't as useful for mages at 119- and Assault not at all until 126- (unless you're using a sin). The most useful stances and spells on 100- are PK5 (Panther Killing 5), FS5 (Freezing Snipe 5), DS (Demon Sealed 4-5, for PVP only tho), Shark Shift, Assassination (for PVP only), level 80 mage AOEs and some others. Just create whichever build is the most suitable for you and don't worry about getting 100+~ Actually it's wayyyyyyyyy easier now than it was before.

1.6. Which builds are the most popular ones?
Currently, uhmmm... (first 3 being almost the same):
  • Bow/Spear/Axe/Reserve/Avatar/Garment or Mantle
  • Bow/Spear/Assault/Reserve/Avatar/Garment or Mantle
  • Bow/Spear/Axe/Reserve/Assault/Garment or Mantle
  • Wraith/Earth or Chaos/Curse/Assault or Avatar/Spear/Vestment
  • Chaos or Earth/Life/Curse/Assault or Avatar/Spear/Vestment
  • Sword/Spear/Reserve/Finesse/Avatar or Assault/Garment
  • Shadowblade/Grapple/Assault/Avatar/Reserve/Mantle (pure sin)

1.7. Where can I change my skills/build? Is it free? And how to check the skills of my current build?
There is a NPC called "Skill Angel" in every city and in Angel Lyceum (you can check the locations of NPCs on the map by pressing Alt+M on your keyboard). Until level 20 it's free, after that you'll have to pay with a Skill Crystal (can be obtained over the Item Mall with Angel Gold - costs real cash, bought from other players or over different in-game/forum events). You can check your skills and stances/spells by pressing Alt+S in-game (after you choose your class that is):

1.8. Is there any info or preview about high level skills? It may help me deciding on my build.
There is:
For Mages~
For Fighters~
For Producers~
There are also certain threads in the Multimedia section on our forums named "Show off your [insert expansion name here] skills" containing screenshots and descriptions of spells and stances from certain expansions (were posted by other players). Just check whichever skills are within your interest.

1.9. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of each active skill?
  • Axe:
    Advantages: Axes/Hammers got the highest basic attack stat value; decent SD/DEF buffs; a lot of fast single hit stances/AOEs with low SP/MP cost and cooldown which can be comboed with each other (on higher levels); some stances being able to stun the enemy/reduce defense; Berserker's Fury (145 Axe AOE) may pull the enemy to yourself; and others.
    Disadvantages: Axe stances can't deal as much damage in one single blow as Bow and Spear stances can (after level 133 that is); almost all of the AOEs are self-AOEs, forcing you to get near to the target.
  • Spear:
    Advantages: 2nd highest basic attack value; buffs increasing your ATK/damage, SA, HP and adding range to your Spear normal attacks/stances; amazing Spear stances at level 133+ (like Spear Trap, as mentioned before, Rapid Strike and others); works well with Longbow's SR if you want a Spear Trap with the highest damage output.
    Disadvantages: Doesn't have as much stances which can combo with each other as Axe/Sword or Shadowblade do.
  • Sword (I strongly suggest reading this guide if you need more infos about Swordies):
    Advantages: Buffs increasing your attack speed and a buff adding range to your Sword normal attacks/stances; a lot of very fast single hit stances with low cooldown which can be comboed with each other (actually there are so many that your combos become practically endless); good against players using Deceptive Clone; the cost of Swords is usually low.
    Disadvantages: The skill "Finesse" is needed in order to equip two swords, taking up a skill space (but the skill alone still gives additional 10% to your attack speed and may recover SP after using a stance); same as axe, can't deal as much damage in a single blow as Bow and Spear stances can.
  • Longbow:
    Advantages: Ranged normal attacks/stances; accuracy/dodge buff on lower levels; ranged low level stance which disallows your enemy to use potions and spells - Demon Sealed (stances can be still used tho); Freezing Snipe 5 - decent low level stance freezing the target; Longbow level 116 buff (Inspiring Rouse) adding ATK, DEF and SD; level 119 buff (Hooked Arrow) giving additional fixed damage; decent level 126 AOE; level 133 AOE (Steel Rain) having the highest damage output in the whole game (as long as it hits a single target that is); level 145 single target stance (Rapidfire) working the same way as Steel Rain (SR), is somewhat weaker tho, but still awesome! With rapidfire you can AB train around 12 hours in a row without repairing or repotting.
    Disadvantages: Few stances which can be comboed with each other and even these which can are pretty slow + got some delay before they actually hit, doesn't work well against players using Deceptive Clone (from the Avatar skill). This doesn't matter for PVE, but for PVP it does. Also SR can be countered if there are Summons/Mercenary/Pet/Clone/Other targets around the target. Another disadvantage is that it's pretty slow to skill.
  • Shadowblade:
    Advantages: Kind of similar to Sword stances, a lot of fast and tricky single hit stances which can be combined with each other; unavoidable Assassination stances doing very high damage + you won't be noticed while in Sneak (most probably); high Agility, mobs and Shark Shift users will almost always miss you; you won't spend much time skilling because sins are better kept pure (someone may think about changing Grapple, but you'll end up having crippled Assassination stances with added delay before hitting~ in case you're not a big fan of killing players with Assassination stances feel free to change Grapple for Spear or something else).
    Disadvantages: Shadowblade AOEs aren't as useful as the AOEs from other skills.
  • Chaos:
    Advantages: A lot of elemental buffs always being at your response; +% Spell damage/Max MP buffs; instant level 80 AOE (Thunder Fury); spammable single hit spells at lower levels (Thunder Strike 1-5); Swiftness Spell (instant Teleport) allowing you to be more agile while PVPing/AOE training/doing instance runs; instant level 108 AOE (Blizzard Burst); fast level 130 single hit spell; buffs converting used MP into elemental damage; level 163 buff adding a lot of DEF (reducing some SD tho); level 164 cheap (MP wise), strong spell having low casting time/cooldown and nice effect; and others~.
    Disadvantages: unless your character is Chaos/Wraith or Chaos/Reserve/Axe, Bow or Spear or eventually leeching the exp from an alt, it's impossible to AB train (for a longer while).
  • Life:
    Advantages: Lots of useful buffs increasing your max HP and defensive stats always being at your response; instant healing spell which is nice for AOEing and instances; AOEs have usually very high Spell power (take some time to cast tho); the level 100+ buff (Hurt Recovery) recovering critical damage can be very useful sometimes; is a must for every healer alt (healing your main character while it's AB training)
    Disadvantages: same as Chaos, unless your character is Life/Earth or Life/Reserve/Axe, Bow or Spear it's impossible to AB train for a longer while; kind of slow to skill
  • Wraith:
    Advantages: Summons doing additional damage (decent for PVE); Level 80 Wraith AOE Doomsday Bomb slowing the target down before it hits; Demon-Sucking (recovers MP) makes it possible to skill on a Jackstraw forever (at level 90+ or so), can be also used for AB training (Blood Absorbing Spell can be used too); level 108 AOE got high Spell power, also doing high DoT damage; level 120 buff (Demonic Resilience) negating all damage which is under 450 (which means that no mob will be able to scratch you) and rebounds part of it, but beware, it doesn't work on boss monsters and instance mobs; level 126 Summon (Demon) is pretty strong; level 130 Single hit Spell (Bloodthirsty Bite) doing high corrosion damage; level 133 Single hit Spell (Forbidden Curse) recovering a lot of HP and MP, together with Demonic Resilience you'll be able to AB forever, without repotting or repairing; and other useful high level AOEs/buffs.
    Disadvantages: slowest to skill because it's lacking on spells/buffs with low MP cost/casting time
  • Earth:
    Advantages: Energy Souce can be useful at lower levels, especially for healer alts; the level 68 Spell (Shark Shift) is very useful for AB training (in case you have high SA); level 108 AOE (Tree Spirit's Rage) got low Casting Time/Cooldown; strong/fast level 130+ Single hit Spells/AOEs; level 119+ Spell (Spirit Binding) absorbing a mob and increasing a nice amount of ATK/DEF or SA/SD (depending on the type of the absorbed mob)
    Disadvantages: few decent attacking spells at lower levels; level 80 AOE can be easily dodged; Shark Shift needs decent SA in order to be useful
  • Avatar:
    Advantages: Deceptive Clone is useful against SR/ST users; Amazing Avatar/Deceptive Clones/Triple Clones increasing damage/spell damage; Fighting Clone can be very useful for training physical fighters (if combined with Ghostly Tactics from Assault)
    Disadvantages: Only one of those buffs can be activated at the same time.
  • Assault:
    Advantages: improves the effects of the Avatar stances a lot; level 126 stance (Shadow Melt) reducing the casting times by 0,5+ seconds of all stances/spells of every skill (not only from Sneak like it's written in the description); additional stances which are a must for every sin
    Disadvantages: Unless you are a sin or any other build with Avatar, the only use of this skill will be the 0,5+ seconds reduction by Shadow Melt + Assault will be useless for you until it hits level 126.

Note: Deceptive Clone and Deceptive Clones (from Avatar) are two different stances.

1.10. Physical fighter or mage, which is better?
Well, as much as I would like to say that they're totally balanced, I have to admit that Physical fighters got an easier and cheaper life~ BUT by no means one is stronger than the other. So don't worry~ Whichever you're going to choose, you won't be any weaker.

1.11. I want to use a Producer. Are Producers useful and fun to play with?
Of course they are! Producers are just as important as fighting classes are. There are things which only producers can do, like for example: facturing equipment or food (for buffs), making defense towers to help protecting your totem at Totem Wars, repairing gates and statues at HB, making furniture for houses, making S Class equipment out of A class and there are some quests which can only be done with the help of Producers. Also, they can be very fun to play with and won't leave you AFK for a long time.

1.12. Alright! I decided which build I'm going to use! Could you give me some advices for the beginning?

  • make additional alt (alternative) accounts besides your main account (more is better) and plan their builds well. You may consider making some builds with Mantle+Longbow because those are very useful for farming/camping bosses/grinding mobs and are cheap to maintain. Also, if you aren't going to use your alts for PVP situations you shouldn't bother making complicated builds which will take a lot of time and money to skill.
  • create at least one producing class, regardless if main or alt (mostly because of the furnitures it can make). Personal advice~ Make a Chef (because level 10 Food is very useful for fusing and higher level Food can also buff your stats a lot) and a Tailor (high level bags can be sold for a very high amount of money). More about this later~
  • as soon as you're done with the first tutorial quests and arrive in AL (Angel Lyceum), change your skills 100 times in order to get an achievement (because after level 20 you'll most probably be unable to do so). Try to do so at least with your main character (in case you're lazy to do it with your alts too). More about achievements later~
  • as soon as you get into Angel Lyceum you'll obtain a Growth Box. Every 10 levels (until level 110 or 120 I think), you'll obtain some useful items. At level 50 you'll obtain a Cottage, some furniture (which will level your House up to level 2) and a Ball Ticket and at level 80 you'll obtain 2 HBS (Holy Battlefield Stones, are needed to join the Holy Battlefield War). With a single Daily Event (gives Exp and Skill Exp) and doing a Ball (which can be done for free, because of the Ball Ticket which you'll get from the growth box anyways) with a full house afterwards you should be able to reach level 74 (if I remember correctly), which can be achieved within a day. Join some more daily events and you should be able to hit level 80 in no time. More info regarding this topic later~
  • try to get your hands ASAP on an Adventure Soldier Gift Box (either by buying it from other players, or from the Item Mall directly). It is the best and most useful low-cost item you can get from the IM (Item Mall), giving you amazing equipment, Lucky Hammers, Pestles, Piercing Hammers and Exp/Skill Exp Crystals which will make your level/skill levels upgrade VERY fast. After you reach level 80 (exactly), STOP levelling until all of your skill levels get maxed. Why? Because the 5x Skill Exp Crystals only work until level 80. As soon as you hit level 81 you'll have to use 3x Exp/Skill Exp Crystals which work until level 100. Once you reach level 100 stop levelling again, and skill until the max~ At 101 you'll get Crystals giving lower Exp/Skill Exp again... Well, I suppose you understand the logic now.
  • be patient.
  • create a healer/more healers (Earth+Life or eventually Chaos+Life) in order to heal your main, even if your main character is Earth+Life itself. Mighty Cure 4 and Energy Souce 4-1 (both obtainable at skill level 52-, which is easy to reach) will allow you to AB train without using any potions.
  • consider that physical builds are easier and cheaper to AB train with at lower levels.
  • get your 100- equipment by gathering and trading coins from Daily Events or buy them from other players (in Angel Lyceum server branch 1), they are usually very cheap
  • in case your league got a Totem, try to farm money in Riddle or Super Terra (in case they're empty or need balance)
  • in case your league rank is 6 or higher, you can get additional Exp/Skill Exp by Watering/Fertilizing/Harvesting plants
  • do not beg, scam or insult others and be always polite. And no, being new to the game isn't an excuse for begging either.
  • check the Forums from time to time. You may learn one or the other thing and there are events where you can win some prizes.
  • unless you have real money for throwing away, spend your AG wisely. How? Only buy Adventure Boxes, Holy Battlefield Stones, Lucky Bags for tickets when there is a levelling Area (AKA Flame Area) event out, guaranteed 4 pieces Enchanted Fashion, cheap and useful AG events, and others~
  • use every second of your Exp/Skill Exp/Lucky cards (or save those for Exp/Skill Exp card exchange events). Only use Exp/Lucky cards while AOE training/grinding.
  • be aware of useful in-game events.
  • stay out of dramas or you'll end up with a terrible headache.
  • try to make a lot of friends. Helping out each other makes life a lot easier and you might get earlier into a league with Farm/Terra.
  • Real life>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Games. Play for fun~ PVP, AOE grind, do Achievements, chat. For everything else there is AB (Angel Baby - legal bot).

1.13. So there's this NPC telling me that I just graduated and wants me to choose a Faction. Which Faction should I choose, and what are Factions for anyways?
Factions determine your main city and on which side you'll belong to on different PVP/Daily Events. There are also some quests which can only be done if you belong to a certain Faction (you'll have to switch your Faction a few times in order to complete some Achievements). It doesn't really matter which Faction you choose (unless you're a bigger fan of brighter and more open places, then choose Aurora or Steel xD). Also, you can switch your Faction anytime. If with any case the Faction you want to switch to is full, wait for the next maintenance, log in right after it finishes, and try to change it again (usually works always). In case you already made some friends in-game you could also just choose their Faction.

1.14. Where is the entrance to...
Dungeon? Dragon Graveyard.
Atlantis? Cherry Village.
Forest? Cryptic Moon Swamp.
Desert? Cactus Plain.
Floating Island? Botomless Pit.
Candyland? Mushroom Forest.
Jurassic? Dragon Graveyard.
Pharaoh? Cactus Plain.
Orient? Dawn Harbor.

Can also be checked on the Expansion maps (press Alt+M in-game).

1.15. Where can I check the location of NPCs selling certain Scrolls/Stances?
Here or/and here. The Growth Boxes you get on the beginning also contain info about their locations.

Note: Level 5 Scrolls/Stances can be only dropped by Boss monsters or over different events.

1.16. Which mob/boss drops...
The droplist index can be found here. More info regarding older drops can be found on

1.17. How do all those different stats influence my character's strength?
R. Atk and L. Atk - a higher R. Atk stat means that your character will do higher damage when it hits with its right hand, while higher L. Atk means that your character will do higher damage when it hits with its left hand. The damage done by stances only depends on your R. Atk tho (except of some Sword stances).
Spl Atk - higher Spl Atk (SA) = higher damage done with mage spells
Critical - higher Critical rate = you have a bigger chance of doing critical hits, like for example, if your Critical is 30 that means that there's a 30% chance that your hit/Stance will do critical (higher) damage.
Dfs and Spl Dfs - higher Dfs = less damage taken from physical stances and normal attacks; higher Spl Dfs = less damage taken from mage spells (doesn't protect you against elemental damage tho)
Rigor - higher Rigor = less chance to miss the target; increases the success rate of Assassination stances
Agility - higher Agility = higher chance to dodge attacks and increased damage of Assassination stances
Stamina and Soul - noone can say for sure, but it's most probably against additional effects from Stances/Spells (one against Stance effects and the other against Spell effects), like making Silence/Demon Sealed/Action Sealed/Binding etc. miss more often
Thnd Dfs, Fire Dfs, Ice Dfs, Rtn Dfs (Thunder, Fire, Ice and Rotten Defenses) - higher those are, less elemental damage will be done to you (like for example, having 30 Thnd Dfs means that the thunder damage dealt to you will be reduced by 30%)

Press Alt+A in-game in order to check.

1.18. Where to check useful in-game shortcuts (like Alt+M for the map for example)?
Just move the mouse pointer over any in-game icon and it should be displayed.

1.19.0. Can you explain all those different expansion features please?
Jeez, you're quite a curious person, aren't you? Well, they're all already explained in-game, all you have to do is to press the "Intro" buttons~

But well, since there might be still one or the other unclear thing~

1.19.1. ~The House System~
- requires a Cottage/Delicate House/Romantic Villa (can be made by producers, obtained over IM or various events)
- houses got a magic level, which can be increased by putting furniture. Furniture can be made by producers, bought from IM or obtained over different events.
- higher magic level = more house functions (can be checked by pressing Alt+H in-game)
- try to maintain at least magic level 2, because that's the minimum requirement to hold balls and it's useful because you can obtain a mercenary from your house maid (boss monster, depends on your level) which can be useful for training/tanking SR (all the exp it gets transfers to you)
- you'll need Ball tickets in order to hold a Ball. Balls give Exp/faster Skill Exp etc. depending on how many players joined your Ball. The maximum amount of players who can join your Ball depends on your House level. You, and everyone who managed to join your Ball will get a random Candy, which increases the stats for a decent amount and lasts 2 hrs after using. The candies themselves last 24 hrs before activating.
- always hold your Balls in the 1st branch of your server, and try to hold those when many players aren't AFK (like before Totem Wars, HBF, Angel Arena, etc.)
- other useful levels preffered by most players are level 4 (for a buff ~given by your house maid~ which increases the success rate of the 4th pestle) and 6 (more players can join your balls which automatically means that you'll also get more Exp/Skill Exp from it, depending on the type of the Ball ticket; also allows producers to collect/facture fast in their houses; makes it possible to camp bosses in your own house). Try to get your hands on a Delicate House or Romantic Villa in order to reach magic level 4 or 6 (but keep in mind that it's very hard for a Delicate House to reach magic level 6).

1.19.2. ~Fusion~
- allows you to fuse one piece of equipment/consuming item/pet into another
- in order to fuse you'll need a Fusion Potion

For equipment/weapons:
  • you can only fuse the same type of equipment (armors into armors, boots into boots, staves into staves, etc.) and their level requirements have to be within the range of +-10 levels
  • only SOME % of the fusion/natural bonus will be passed down (natural bonus = bonus gotten with Green/Lucky Hammers; bonus which comes sometimes automatically on the item after dropping/obtaining/facturing etc.). For example, if you have a B class weapon with around 500 natural/fusion ATK bonus, and are trying to fuse it with a Lucky Fusion potion (from Super Terra) into an A class weapon (without having any item in the random fusion slot), around 100~200ish ATK should be passed down to the main weapon (if the fusion succeeds, that is).
  • in order to get better results (more bonus passed down to the main item), use high ranked consuming items in the random fusion slot (10 are needed per fusion; Energy Crystals ~can be obtained by killing bosses in the Dungeon instances~ are a decent and cheap solution). In order to find out the ranks of certain items check this.
  • for better results, only fuse B into other B/A class items until they get the max fusion bonus in the stat you wished for, then, fuse those A class items into your S class item until it gets the max fusion bonus in your desired stat~
  • if an item has more than one different natural/fusion bonuses on itself (like for example, in HP, SA and rigor), only one of those bonuses will be passed down. Personal advice~ Only fuse items which got only one bonus in case you're planning to use the main slot item for further fusion.
  • if the fusion fails, all the items (in the Fusion slots) will disappear
  • use Lucky Potions (or Blessed Fusion Potions if you have enough to spend on those or if the A class item is very important for you~) for fusing B into A class items
  • the Blessed Fusion Potion got a 100% success rate, use it when fusing into S class items

For consuming items:
Refer to this guide. The only thing I could add to this is that you shouldn't use normal Healer Fusion Potions when combining consuming items. Only use Super Terra Lucky Potions/Blessed Fusion Potions.

For pets:
There are 2 types of fusion regarding pets. One where you can fuse one pet (assistant pet, must be at least level 60) into another (main pet, must be at least level 80) in order to increase the main pet's stats (the stat bonus depends on the type of the assistant pet, list can be found here ~like for example, Storm type pets give a decent bonus into SA~; this may be needed to get a 3 big-starred pet), and another with which you can acquire a totally new, stronger pet (Shapeshift Fusion). The Shapeshift Fusion requires your main pet having at least 3 big stars. In order to get 3 big stars, you'll have to train your main pet (usually Shadow pets are used for this, maybe Serpents too but I'm not sure if their rank got fixed, was bugged~) to 100+, 9~10x int it with Improved Pet Feed and eventually fuse some other pets into it (normal Fusion, not Shapeshift fusion) in order to increase its stats (because the stars depend on the pet's stats). Once it hits 3 stars, you'll be able to use it for the Shapeshift Fusion. Before you start with the Shapeshift Fusion, you should know that every pet got its own rank. The formula for the Shapeshift Fusion is as follows:

rank of the resulting pet = [(rank of the main pet + rank of the assistant pet)/2] +/-  20 (on higher ranks the +/- 20 changes to +/- 10 or even less, making it more difficult to get high ranked pets)

I'll attach Ozzy's Pet Rank List () to this thread in case you want to check the ranks of certain pets (I have no clue if there is a more actual list than this one btw, couldn't find any).

Note: Higher level of the main pet compared to the assistant pet = less increase in the main pet's stats (for the normal Pet Fusion).

The Shadow Pet which can reach 3* the easiest is the black Shadow Pet (Demon of Dark). Just to let you know, I've never fused pets myself before, this is just what I learned by lurking around the forums~ If you have questions about the Serpent/Drake pet you'll have to search around the forums or ask in the Help Center. This thread is also very useful regarding pet fusion.

1.19.3. ~Achievements~
Is a system where you have to achieve something in order to get a higher score/reputation. Once you reach a certain amount of reputation, you'll obtain a permanent bonus in your stats.

Press CTRL+A in-game in order to open the achievement window and to check what do you have to do for certain achievements. I suggest you start first with the Faction Quest achievements because those give the highest score/reputation and are very easy to do~ Also, (was already mentioned somewhere above in this guide) once you create a new character you should switch your skills 100x times because there's an achievement for that too and after level 20 changing skills isn't free anymore. And another tip~ do the death times achievement (and try to become the first) as soon as possible, because with time it keeps getting higher and becomes harder to reach.

1.19.4. ~Collection Book/Album~
Kind of similar to the Achievement System, giving you permanent stats. But in order to get those you'll have to sacrifice some items (weapons, armors, boot, fashion, etc.). After donating, the item will disappear and the corresponding Category Value will be increased. After reaching a certain amount of Category Value or Total Collected score, you'll obtain a permanent increase in stats. You can only donate 4 items of the same class (for each level gap). If you already have 4 items donated and try to add another one with a higher level/stats, it will replace one of the lower ones. How much score is needed can be checked by clicking on the "Collector's reward" tab in the Album window. Always try to donate the item with the highest level in that range, in order to get even higher score. Also, if the item got bonus (doesn't matter if it's natural bonus or from intensifying/piercing) on it it will give higher score, although a higher difference can be only noticed on weapons. For more info regarding the collection book, check this thread.

Note: The Collection Box Key for expanding Grids still isn't released.

1.19.5. ~Daily Events~
The most useful system for lower levels IMO. Why? As mentioned in the beginner tip section before~
With a single Daily Event (gives Exp and Skill Exp) and doing a Ball (which can be done for free afterwards, because of the Ball Ticket which you'll get from the growth box anyways) with a full house afterwards you should be able to reach level 74 (if I remember correctly), which can be achieved within a day. Join some more daily events and you should be able to hit level 80 in no time.

Now try to do the same with normal levelling/skilling, you should notice the difference... You can also obtain coins which can be exchanged with the Daily Party Rewa(rd) NPC in any city for very useful level 100- items/equipment. The sign-up times (Time zone: EDT Time (GMT -4)) for the daily events can be checked in the "Daily events" window by pressing CTRL+D:

Some of the best Daily Events are Swindle World (giving a lot of coins), Quick Reflexes (giving useful consuming items for fusion) and Happy Chubby Village (BHing~ the bosses are somewhat easier to kill than the original ones and they may drop coins or their usual drops). Personal tip for Quick Reflexes~ use/create a lot of alts with skills which increase ATK speed, Earth (because of Shark)/Sword or Shadowblade/Finesse/Vestment/doesn't matter/doesn't matter with a bow equipped would be ideal (so you AB hit the boxes before anyone else does). Using ATK speed scrolls is also suggested (credits to Kallibro for this one). More detailed info regarding Daily Events can be found here~

1.19.6. ~Farm~
And finally, the Farm system, released with our (currently) latest Expansion, Legends Of The Orient. In order to use the Farm, you'll need to be in a league with a league rank being at least 6 (more about leagues later~). Once your league hits that requirement, you'll be able to access the Farm by pressing Alt+W in-game, clicking on the Info tab and Farm button afterwards.

You'll also need seeds (can be obtained from bosses and mobs) in order to plant in the Farm. There are different types of seeds and every seed has its own level which depends on the level of the boss/mob it was dropped from. After you plant the seed, you (or anyone else in the league) will be able to fertilize/water it. How many types it can be fertilized/watered/collected depends on the type of the seed (seeds giving equipment can be watered/fertilized the most times, and only collected once, while plants like for example Warfruit or Production plants can be harvested a lot of times, and watered/fertilized around 3 times~ while Power Up/Mount plants represent the golden mean in watering/fertilizing/collecting). After the plant is done growing and becomes ready for harvesting, you'll be able to collect. What you get from collecting depends on the type of the plant (can be pieces of equipment, weapons, stat increasing fruits, ride feed, gems/runes, production mats, etc.). The guaranteed collection represents the amount of collections which can only be done by the player who planted the seed, the rest can be collected by you, or anyone else in the league (but even if you can harvest someone else's plant, I suggest you don't do so because it's BM, and just greedy~). I suggest you water/fertilize your plants to the max (at least for your more important characters)~ and ask vice-leaders (or add them yourself if you're vice) to add-leave some alts if needed for watering/fertilizing. The more the plant is watered/fertilized, the more the Exp/Skill is which you'll get by harvesting (the Exp depends on the amount of watering, while the Skill Exp depends on the amount of fertilizing). Watering/fertilizing itself already gives a decent amount of Exp and Skill Exp. The Exp/Skill Exp itself doesn't depend on the level of the seed, it depends on the character's level.

1.20. How can I create/join a league and what is it for?
In order to create a league you'll have to talk to the "League Clerk" NPC (is there in each city) and in order to join you'll have to ask a vice-leader/leader of a certain league for permission. Leagues are needed for acquiring Totems at Totem Wars (TWs) and to access the Farm (at league rank 6). The rank can be upgraded by donating production mats/potions/fruits to the league. This can be done by pressing Alt+W, on the "Rep.Inc" tab:

If your league manages to get/keep a Totem during the Totem War, you'll be able to acquire a Totem Bag everyday from a NPC called Heaven General (is there in each city, press Alt+M to check). Personal advice (in case your league got a Totem)~ try to get your main/as many alts as possible to a higher rank (with crediting) and collect League Bags everyday, but don't use them! Collect around 10 or so on each character and start spamming. With around 7~8 rank 11+ characters spamming prod bags I managed to get a StallGold Card 4/Safe Key (Perm) every 10 days this way. In case you choose prod bags, you'll also get a lot of Manu/Collection prod cards this way which can be useful for your own prod, or for fusing. Another advantage (if your league owns a Totem) is that you'll have access to the Common/Riddle or Common/Riddle/Super Terra if your league owns the Totem at Thorn Wasteland. Common Terra is a place with mobs which drop Common MP/HP Potions and give a lot of Exp until around level 40 or 60 at mob times (which start around midnight in Europe) and it can be useful for free skilling, Riddle Terra got mobs which give high exp until level 70, 80+~ at mob times and it's also one of the best places to farm money directly. There are like 3 spots tho filled with mobs and there should be one character at least killing those on each spot (because it has to be balanced in order for mobs to respawn). Super Terra is the most useful~ but your league will have to work hard in order to get the Thorn Wasteland Totem. The mobs there give Exp until level 93~94, and drop like 1k in-game money (per mob). There's also a Healer in there who sells HP/MP Potions, Lucky/Good Fusion Potions, better "Poke" Eggs for catching pets, etc., which can't be bought at the normal Healer (who is there in each City).

Note: There are also so called "Free Terras" which can be accessed in the following maps: Sunflower Plain, Mysterious Garden, Foggy Forest and Megalith Plain and they're similar to the Common Terra, the only difference is that the mobs which appear at mob times only are there always, and it also got one disadvantage, you may have a hard time training/skilling there because it's usually full of high levels farming for Pestles.

2.0. Totem War (TW), Holy Battlefield War (HB) and Angel Arena (AA)
Are PVP events which are being held during certain days and times only. The exact times, rules and prizes can be checked here~

For HB:
For TW:
For AA:

The rules were explained very well, guess there's nothing to add to it. No tips to give either (since all those events only depend on your PVP skills), maybe just one~ try to join as many HBs (for Exp/Skill Exp), TWs (to help getting/defending a Totem) and AAs (for the Skill Vouchers, AA Exp Cards and eventual AA equipment) as possible.

A minute of silence for the good, old HB times...

3.0. Levelling
You can obtain experience (and level up) by:
- killing mobs/bosses (the most common way)
- joining HB (if you won and managed to obtain some points during the HB, you'll get more experience, if you lose you'll get less, regardless of the points you've gotten)
- joining Daily Events (as mentioned before in the guide), just by standing in the battle area
- Holding a Ball (as mentioned before in the guide, check the House System)
- Watering/Fertilizing/Collecting plants in your League's Farm
- doing Quests (especially Main Quests, those give a lot! ~ more regarding this topic later)
- doing the Weekly Quest (only if your character is level 70+, check the NPC called Villiersas in Palm Base~ Atlantis Expansion map)
- using Exp Vouchers (from different events or IM, those usually don't give a lot of Exp tho)
- can't think of any other ways ATM... let me know if there's anything I forgot to mention.

3.1. How to level up fast? Where should I train at level "X"?
Are some of the most common questions in the Help Center. For players with the Growth Box, you'll obtain a letter with suggestions regarding training places every 10 levels (IDK until which level tho, 100+ is all I know). But to make it simpler~

For Fighting Classes:
Lvl 1-74 ~ One Daily Event + Free Ball Ticket, House and Furniture from the Growth Box (at level 50)
Lvl 74-80 ~ Join more Daily Events and skill/farm money when there's no Daily Event around; Farm (watering/fertilizing/collecting plants)
Lvl 80 ~ Stop levelling, try to get an Adventure Box (either from IM or try to buy one from other players, may be hard to buy one tho for someone who just started out because the boxes are usually around 80m+ ~in Sofiel at least~) and skill until your skills get maxed; use Newbie Skill Exp Trinkets (can be gotten from the Daily Event NPC giving rewards in exchange for 18 coins) in order to help you with skilling
Lvl 80-90 ~ try to get some Lvl 66-80 equips with the coins from Daily Events for training (perhaps on Burning Priest mobs in Dragon Field); continue joining Daily Events, try to join HB if you can (requires Holy Battlefield Stones AKA HBS, can be bought in the IM for 100 AG each or from players for in-game money), Water/Fertilize/Collect your own plants to the max (in case your league's rank is 6+)
Lvl 90-100 ~ depends on your stats, try the mobs in Hermit Wetland, Evil Dame in Flower Corridor or Red Flower Pixie in Sunshine Palace. In case your stats are godly, kill mobs in the first map of Candyland, Jurassic or Pharaoh, but remember, always look for the best Exp per minute ratio, rather than the best Exp per mob ratio; continue joining Daily Events, HB if can, Farm, etc.; do the level 96-98 Elite Quests (you'll need the help of a higher level character for those tho) and save the level 99 Elite Quest (don't report it until level 100+) for the 5 days 2x Exp/Skill Exp buff.
Lvl 100 ~ Stop levelling again (in case you got an Adventure Box), use the Adventure Box Exp/Skill Exp Crystals in order to get your skills maxed
Lvl 100-110 ~ Start looking for a level 100 S class Weapon (either start saving coins or buy it from other players) and intensify, hammer and fuse it as much as possible (the Adventure Box gives a bunch of hammers), looking/grinding for level 100 A/S equipment wouldn't be a bad idea either. Try killing Soul Moths in Hoca Village (Jurassic map, requires 100+ A/S equips tho) or continue training on Evil Dame/Red Flower Pixies; in case FA comes out, try to get some tickets in order to reach level 120; join Daily Events/HB/Farm
Lvl 110-120 ~ Continue training on Red Flower Pixies, or Soul Moths if those still give Exp (forgot if they do); join Daily Events/HB/Farm; do the level 116-118 Elite Quests (you'll need help from other players again), don't report the level 119 Elite Quest again and save it for later
Lvl 120 ~ Stop levelling (in case you got an Adventure Box), max your skills with the help of the last Skill Exp Crystal, report the level 99 Elites Quest once your skills reach level 116 if you want, because 116-120 skilling can be a pain... or save it for speed levelling in FA
Lvl 120-130 ~ start looking for a level 120 S weapon and try to pimp it as much as you can, also for level 120 A/S equipment; start killing Earth Dragons in Hunter's Ridge; join Daily Events/HB/Farm; in case of FA, report your level 99/119 Elite Quest/s for "rocket-levelling"
Lvl 130-140 ~ Earth Dragons should still gave Exp (I think); in case you got Forbidden Curse (level 133 Wraith skill) or eventually Shark Shift and a Staff with around 3k+ SA, you may consider switching to the maps before the last ones (excluding instance maps); join Daily Events/do Balls/join HB/Farm
140-150 ~ try the mobs in Shilly Desert (Jurassic map before instance), whichever mob drops the items you need; or Goldbrick Road/Cave of Falling Sand (Pharaoh Expansion maps) or Gaia Valley/Dyna City (Orient Expansion maps) in case you have Rapidfire (level 145 Longbow Skill)/Forbidden Curse/Shark Shift (Shark Shift 5 preferably) or just godly stats; upgrade your equipment/weapon in the meanwhile; Daily Events/HB/Balls/Farm
150-160 - Ancient Tombs or AOE manually on the entrance of Unknown Chambers (Pharaoh) or train in Butterfly Garden (map before the Orient instance); HB/Balls/Farm (Daily events aren't as important on higher levels)
160-170 - Butterfly Garden or last mobs in Ancient Tombs/AOE in Unknown Chambers; HB/Balls/Farm/etc.
170-180 - last mobs in Butterfly Garden; AOE in Unknown Chambers/Phoenix Palace (Orient instance); HB/Balls/Farm/etc.
180-190 - AOE in Phoenix Palace; HB/Balls/Farm/etc.

Alternatively you could just skip the annoying level 120-170 levelling and wait for FAs, buy Lucky Bags for the tix (or buy those from other players), and train there with all your saved/bought Exp cards/Items.

For Producers:
Lvl 1-74 ~ One Daily Event + Free Ball Ticket, House and Furniture from the Growth Box (at level 50)
Lvl 74-80 ~ Join more Daily Events and Collect/Manufacture/do orders when there's no Daily Event around; Farm (watering/fertilizing/collecting plants)
Lvl 80 ~ Stop levelling, try to get an Adventure Box (either from IM or try to buy one from other players, may be hard to buy one tho for someone who just started out because the boxes are usually around 80m+ ~in Sofiel at least~) and Collect/Manufacture until your skills get maxed; only fertilize/collect your plants; try to get a lvl 65 Gravity set (set for Producers); use Newbie Skill Exp Trinkets (can be gotten from the Daily Event NPC giving rewards in exchange for 18 coins) in order to help you getting your Crafting (Weapon, Cook, Sew etc.) Skill up
Lvl 80-100 ~ Collect/Facture/do orders; join Daily Events/HB/Farm; in case your skills get maxed before you reach level 100, leech your main/alt for Exp (for a few levels); start looking for a level 85 prod set (Morquri's Mastery); try to do the level 96-99 Elite Quests (obviously you'll need help), save the level 99 Elite Quest; joi HB/Farm/do Balls/Daily Events
Lvl 100 ~ Stop levelling (in case you got or are planning to get an Adventure Box), Collect/Facture until your skills get maxed; only fertilize/collect your plants; report the level 99 Elite Quest for the 5 days 2x Skill Exp
Lvl 100-120 ~ Same system like on 80-100
Lvl 120 ~ Stop levelling (in case you got an Adventure Box), Collect/Facture until your skills get maxed etc.~ You should know how it works by now.
120+ ~ Facture/Collect/do orders, join HB/Farm/do Balls/Daily Events; leech Exp from your main/alt if needed (nice to do during FA)

3.2. Could you give me some tips for levelling?
  • use a Healing character (Life/Earth preferably) to heal you while AB training, set Mighty Cure 4 for healing and Energy Souce (4-1, in this order) + all the other buffs in the "Auto-use assistant spell or item" slots and check the "Teammate" box
  • in case you're going to be AFK for a longer while (or are just lazy), use cheap Stances/Spells in order AB level, even if you're level 100+ (for example, Pierced Beat 5 in the First/Common/Final and Panther Killing 5 in the SP slot)
  • join as many FAs as possible
  • use Exp Cards only when you're AOEing (preferably in instance maps) or in FA
  • keep in mind that Longbow, Spear, Wraith and Earth are the easiest to train with at higher levels
  • AOE in instances if you're able to (and if you want to)
  • in case you're near to the max possible level (currently that's lvl 180+) at FA times, it might be a good idea to leech Exp (right click on the other Character, select Share team) from an alt who's training there. Your main itself won't need FA tix for this (just find a way to teleport into the FA with Marks for example, or anything similar).
  • join/do as many HB/Daily Events/Farm (Water/Fertilize/Collect)/Balls as possible
  • marry your Healer (the Marriage Ring allows the husband to teleport to his wife). This makes repotting/repairing way easier.

The usual setup for AB (press Alt+R in-game) training is as follows (giving an example):

For the Character who's training (first picture representing the "Combat" tab and 2nd one the "Assist" Tab


Note: The Area can be set higher if needed.

In case you're planning to use a Mark Crystal and Mark Scrolls, use the Supply tab and check the boxes according to your needs and which/how many items you want to Auto-purchase.

For the Character who's healing (first picture representing the "Assist" tab and 2nd one the "Others" Tab


4.0. Skilling
"Skilling" is a term which is used for characters who are Auto-casting as many buffs as possible (in the city) in order to increase their skill levels ASAP.

Some other ways of increasing your skills are:
  • by using skill vouchers (from AA, different Events or Lucky Bags)
  • by using skill trinkets (from the Daily Event NPC or IM)
  • by joining Daily Events
  • by Fertilizing/Collecting your plants in the Farm
  • by joining HB

4.1.0. What's the best AB setup for skilling...?
First of all, in order to enable "Auto-Skilling", check the "Repeat Training Skill" and "Supply Conditions" in your Assist tab in your AB, then, check the "Out of MP items Auto-Return" and "Purchase items and keep quantity" boxes, and set the Quantity of MP potions (CommonBlue Potions are usually the best choice) you can carry, and 1 Ring of Angels Wings at least so it buys those automatically.

Note: Never use 2sec casting time Spells while skilling (unless you just started out and got nothing else to skill with or are skilling Wraith), they'll just slow it down. And set Shadow Melt (level 126+ Assault stance) in the "Auto-use assistant spell or item" slots in the Assist tab in case you have it.

4.1.1. Physical skills:

Equip the weapon according to the skill you want to level and use all of your cheapest buffs being at your response. Bloody Storm/Crazy Roar will speed it up (have tested it myself), but you'll have to use a healer (or eventually some healers) because you're going to lose HP. Take all your equipment, fashion and badges which increase your max HP stat off (use normal rank badges instead while skilling) while skilling with BS (Bloody Storm). Set the healer/s so that they recover your max basic HP up to 95% or so, because once your character gets TPed to the Cupid it won't move until all of its HP/MP isn't fully recovered. Could also add Fury Attack and Recovery Shield into the "Auto-use assistant spell or item" slots if you want (because they'll negate each other).

4.1.2. Chaos:

Use Frozen Trap 1-4 and Anti-locked Shield 1. Feel free to remove the one taking the most MP in case you get the "Not enough MP" spam.

4.1.3. Earth:

Use Rebound Spell 5 and Anti-locked Shield 1. Feel free to remove Anti-locked Shield 1 in case you get the "Not enough MP" spam.

4.1.4. Life:

Use Angel's Tears 1 and Anti-locked Shield 1 (sadly, there are no other skills with low casting time to add into this).

4.1.5. Wraith:
Use Poison Hit 1 on a Jackstraw (can be found in any Free/Common/Riddle/Super Terra). Do NOT auto-attack it with AB (because AB attacks it slower), right click the Poison Hit 1 Spell icon, and left click the Jackstraw afterwards. It will attack it automatically this way, without the AB auto-attack delay. Use an alt with Earth (Energy Souce 4-1), team it and let it recover all of your MP (set the Energy Souces 4-1, in this order, in the AB Assist tab for buffing teammates). You won't need MP potions this way and it's better than using the Energy Souces on the skilling character (because it will just slow the Wraith skilling down). Or use Demon-Sucking 4-5 on the Jackstraw (this time with AB), and add Anti-locked Shield 1. In order for this method to work well you'll need a decent Staff tho (around 1k+ SA at least). Again, an Earth alt would be nice to restore some of your MP. Don't use Hurt Transfer, it will just slow everything down.


Personal advice: Newbie Skill Exp Trinkets help a lot (until level 80; costs 16 Daily Copper Coins). Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to use all your Skill Exp Vouchers or IM Skill Exp Trinkets for Wraith (or Life). Skill Crystals from Adventure Boxes should be able to help lots as well~

4.1.6. Collecting/Facture skills:
Ehhh... just collect/refine production mats which are adequate to your production skill levels (like for example, Poplar, Copper, etc. for level 1~ check the map, wherever you can find mobs, there should be mats as well). Every 10 skill levels you'll be able to collect/facture new mats. In order to refine mats, produce equipment or food and do orders you'll have to buy Recipes. Recipes can be bought at the same places where Stances/Scrolls can be bought too (the NPCs got usually "Smith" or "Master" in their names). After your skills reach level 100+, mats will become lighter. In order to auto-gather mats you'll have to:
  • get near to the mats which you want to collect
  • open your AB
  • click on the "Gather" tab
  • press the Update button
  • on the right side select the mats which you want to collect
  • press "<-"
  • check the "Appointed resource" box
  • put the size of the Area which you want to cover
  • press "Set"
  • check the "Gather" box
  • enable AB (the shortcut for enabling AB is Alt+D)

There's no need to set AB for facturing (it can't be even done). Just find the facturing spot (are there in each city, usually around the prod NPCs), select the amount of mats you want to refine (usually you'll choose the max amount) and start~

Few more tips regarding Producers:
  • collect in Free/Common/Riddle/Super Terra (whichever meets your skill levels), it's a lot faster
  • collect in your House if you can (requires House magic level 6)
  • use Collecting/Facture speedup cards (or similar items like Ball Candies, etc.)
  • NEVER throw your mats away just to skill your Collection skills up (always keep your Facture skill the same as/near to your Collection skills (credits for this one go to la Adi~)
  • try to get an Adventure Box, stop levelling at level 80, 100 and 120 and don't level until you max your skills
  • try to get a Producer's set (Gravity for Mantle level 65, and Morquri's Mastery for Mantle level 85), those increase your Collection/Facture speed
  • use Skill Trinkets on your Facture skill
  • use Skill Vouchers on your Facture skill
  • once your Collection/Facture skill hits level 41 at least, move to Palm Base (Atlantis), because the mats are near to the City and you won't have to walk a lot
  • join Daily Events, Water/Fertilize/Collect your plants, join HB, join AA for the skill vouchers
  • try to obtain one of those Event Robots (bots), which have "built-in" Collection/Manu bonus
  • use the latest Energy Core for your bot (for your level), use Green Hammers (Lucky Hammers), preferably on 2 bots. Try to get a high +% faster Facturing bonus on one, and a high +% faster Collecting bonus on the other, then use those depending on what your prod has to do.
  • the most useful trinket for Producers is the Artisan Ring (gives 3k weight and increases the Facturing/Collection speed by 5%), followed by the Power Ring (giving 3k weight). Those are very hard to acquire tho, costing a fortune at events and have a veryyyyyy low % chance of obtaining via prod League Bags.

5.0. Crediting/Ranking
You can obtain credits by doing quests, killing players at Totem War, doing orders or from Daily Events (this one gives very low creds tho). Once you collect a certain amount of credits, your rank will go up. Higher ranks are useful because you'll be able to get discounts in the NPC shops, equip better badges and obtain better League Bags. The discounts and credits needed to reach a certain rank can be checked here, while the League Bags and their content can be checked on the bottom of this site. The fastest way of obtaining credits is by doing the Main Quests (there's one for every Expansion Map). Every Main Quest has its own level requirement (you'll be able to do all of them at level 100~ in case you want to do them all at once). Main Quests also give a lot of Experience and money~

More detailed Guides about Main Quests:
1. Dungeon Main Quest (seems unfinished, couldn't find a complete one~ well, I guess just follow the NPCs' instructions)
2. Atlantis Main Quest
3. Forest Main Quest
4. Desert Main Quest
5. Floating Main Quest
6. Candyland Main Quest
7. Jurassic Main Quest
8. Pharaoh Main Quest
9. Orient Main Quest

5.1. How to get fast credits?
  • as mentioned before, Main Quests give a lot of Credits (all together should be able to bring you to from rank 1 up to rank 13~14; you may not even need to rank anymore after you reach this)
  • join TWs and try to kill as many opponents as possible~
  • producers will get high ranks with time, just by doing orders~
  • for lower level characters~ fill your team with alts, put the character (whoever you want to credit) near the NPC who gives Quests worth around 20 credits (I think there's a Quest in each city for this, on the first maps), let the other team members kill the mobs needed for the Quest, and report it whenever it's done. This may take a lot of patience and time tho.
  • for higher level characters (lvl 90+)~ do the same as above, just in Sunken Ruins (Atlantis). There's a quest there giving 90 credits and it's repeatable (you'll have to kill 50 Sharks).

6.0. Pets
Pets, similar to Summons and Mercenaries, are creatures which can help you during your journey, either by attacking monsters or buffing you. Don't bother buying those pets from the NPCs or dropping them in-game, unless you really like them for their look and just want them (since those are very weak nowadays). Better try to get pets from the IM~ Lucky Bags (or buy those from other players) or alternatively, you could just catch a mob yourself and make it your Pet (best Pets to catch are Universal ones, can check those in the Pet Fusion section mentioned before). In order to catch Pets you'll need Poke eggs. Poke eggs can be bought from the Healer (in each City), and better ones can be made by producers, bought in Super Terra or bought in IM/gotten over events (those have the highest success rate of catching). Once you decide on the mob which you want to catch, you'll have to attack it and lower its HP (lower is better), right click on the Poke Egg and left click on the mob. The success rate is kind of low. Also, don't bother catching high-levelled mobs with normal Poke Eggs, it barely succeeds ever. Consider that some mobs/bosses can't be caught and you won't be able to catch mobs/bosses having a higher level than you. There are rarity levels of caught pets: Common, Good, Rare, Awesome and Super (from worst to best, regarding their stats). Pets can be MBCed (at level 35) and ABCed (at level 55), requiring special items to do so, the MBC (Medium Blood Certificate) and ABC (Advanced Blood Certificate). Those can be bought from IM/other players or gotten over various events. After MBCing/ABCing the Pet will change its form (is similar to an evolution) and become stronger. Pets can also be Fused in order to get new, totally different Pets (check the Fusion section mentioned before in the guide). IMO the most useful Pets are the Phoenix and the Penguin (both only obtainable over the Shapeshifting Fusion) because of their amazing buffs. The Battlemaid may be the strongest one regarding the stats and spells, but you'll have to consider that it's VERY hard to get and Pets aren't as smart as human beings (when it comes to PVP). And even her stats may not be enough to compare to those of an average level 180 player. But well, that's just my opinion (realized it at the time one of my friends told me about it)~

6.1. Where should I level my Pet?
Just level it wherever you would level yourself on that level, or in FA when it comes out (save all your Pet Exp cards for this one). Use Pet Feed because it will increase your Pet's stats A LOT for a certain amount of time.

6.2. Which Pet is the strongest one?
Usually the one which is the latest in the IM's Lucky Bags (regarding non-fused pets), but those usually get their ranks "bugged" for a while, having a rank equal to 0 (ranks are important for fusing). If I remember correctly the Serpent's rank got fixed a while ago and the Shadow's rank long ago already. And regarding the Fusion Pets, check the list in the Pet Fusion section (higher rank = higher stats on the pet).

7.0. Making in-game money
I'm gonna start with the tips right away. Guess it's the part which is the most interesting anyways~
  • probably the fastest way is by selling IM items to other players. HBS are the most popular ones, costing like 21m~25m in Sofiel (currently).
  • farming it directly from mobs; Riddle Terra, Super Terra and Sunken Ruins (in Atlantis) are popular places for farming money
  • grinding in Poker Castle ~ Candyland instance (gives like 3k money per mob)
  • grinding in HLR (Horrible Lost Region ~ Atlantis instance) - gives decent money, lots of B/A Class items which can be NPCed (or you could Facture the A class items into S with a prod), the Stance FA5 (Fury Attack 5) got a decent drop rate there and the best is, you can't be KSed (Kill steal)
  • make and sell Furniture
  • grind/camp items and sell those
  • make a lot of alts and try to level those to 100+, training/grinding on level 100+ mobs, you can get a lot of money by selling B class items only
  • make a Tailor and/or Chef; a Tailor can make a alot of money just by NPCing Bags on higher levels (like 20+m if I remember correctly with the Adventure Box, by NPCing level 90 Bags); a Chef can be very useful once it gets its Cook Skill to level 100+, because level 10 Food is very nice for fusing and higher level Food can be sold for a decent amount of money to other players/stalled in AL.
  • BH (bosshunt). BHing in Candyland gave me like 30~50m per day, depending on how many hours you spend on it.
  • for high level Weaponsmiths (or Technicians), with a high level Main/Alt, preferably level 110+ ~ Camp bosses in CL (Candyland) because those drop a lot of A class Weapons. Make S class out of those and sell them to other players.
  • try to get Daily Coins, exchange those for items and try to sell them afterwards
  • do the Main Quests (alternatively you could just create new characters, level those up with Daily Event + Ball to level 74, and doing the Desert Main Quest with them ~have seen this suggestion in a thread on our Forums~), those give lots of money
  • try to kill the Swindle World Bosses (Swindle World is a Daily Event), those can drop Boxes which often give S class items (around level 120+ S or so on the lvl 141+ Event)

7.1. How do I set a Stall? What are Stalls for anyways?
With the help of a Stall you'll be able to sell items to other players while being AFK. Players usually stall their items in the first branch on the Server in AL (Angel Lyceum). Try to find a free spot there (but beware, you're not allowed to stall anywhere, keep checking until it works), open your Prop. (by pressing Alt+B) and press the button located on the bottom right. Left click on the item you want to sell and put it on the Stall window. Set the price (and if needed, the quantity) of the item and apply it. Press the "Hawk" button in case you want to put a title on your stall, and lastly, press the "Set a stall" button in order to set your stall. In case you're unsure about some prices try to ask a friend about it, or compare it to the prices in AL. If the item is worth a decent amount of money, you can also broadcast that you're selling it (requires a Broadcast or Super Broadcast item in order to do so).

7.2. What are the odds of dropping rare Equipment/Scrolls?
Depends on the level of the item. Higher the level of the item, less is the chance to drop it (until around level 100 that is). After level 100 it becomes pretty much the same for all items (0,005%~0,01%). Here are some examples for drops from Bosses~
  • useful level 40~50 Scrolls/Stances (like AT5 for example) got a chance of 0,35% to get dropped, takes around a few days to drop (at most) if you camp on all servers
  • useful level 50~60 Scrolls/Stances (like PK5 or FS5 for example), got a chance of 0,13% to be dropped, it's around 1 week per drop on 3 branches
  • dungeon drops got the worst drop rates for Scrolls/Stances, having a chance of 0,003%~0,006% to be dropped, it takes averagely 2-3 months (or even more) to drop one, if camped on all 3 branches
  • all level 100+ S class items got a chance of 0,01% to be dropped, most rides like 0,005%; should take a few weeks if camped on 3 branches
  • Candyland Bosses got the highest % of dropping A class items (it's around 1,5%)
  • House Bosses (requires Boss eggs from IM or get those with Daily Coins, and House magic level 6) got a better drop rate than their original counterparts (for example, 0,02% for Endless Energy 5 instead of its usual 0,005% in dungeon) and respawn every 4 minutes, but beware, they don't drop the same items like the original ones. In case you're able to, and need some Stances like Endless Energy 5 or Scrolls like Holy Eyes 5, I suggest you camp for those in your House. More info regarding House drops can be found on

7.3. Bosses or Mobs, which are better to drop S class items?
Mobs in case you're AOEing (preferably with lucky cards), Bosses in case you're not (unless you kill the mobs within 1-2 hits with AB, consider grinding your S class items on those then).

8.0. Equipment and intensifying
There are many ways to obtain your Gear, some are easier while others may be harder~ Usually, the easiest way of obtaining the best Equipment is by spending real cash on lucky bags, or paying a fortune of in-game gold for it (of course). At least it's easier to obtain 100- equips nowadays, thanks to Daily Events~ In case you belong into that range, don't even bother doing it the old way (by grinding/camping). Join as many Daily Events as you can and try to collect enough for your Gear. If you haven't gotten what you needed, try to trade (or sell) it with other players for something that you actually need. Or just try to buy the level 100- Gear in AL from other players, should be very cheap. As for the 100+ Equipment, you'll have to stick to the good, old way of grinding (or paying with AG/lots of in-game money like I mentioned before). Always aim for S-class weapons, as for the other Gear, A class is more than enough.

In order to intensify your Equipment/Rides/Pets you'll need special items like Pestles, Lucky Hammers, Enhanced Pestles, Lucky Piercing Hammers, Improved Pet Feed and Ride Feed/Lucky Ride Feed. The higher the ints are on the item, the harder it is to intensify it the next time.

Pestles - the first 3 times got a success rate of 100%, each next int is 10% less. In case it fails, the part you tried to intensify will disappear permanently. The max amount of ints an item can have is 15.
Enhanced Pestles - same as Pestles, just that the part you were trying to intensify won't disappear. In case it fails, the previous int will be removed. Use Enhanced Pestles from the 4th int and afterwards.
Lucky Hammers (AKA Green Hammers) - Add random natural bonus into the piece of equipment. Natural bonus is the same bonus which sometimes appears randomly on dropped/facture items.
Lucky Piercing Hammers - work similar to Enhanced Pestles, just that the first success rates aren't 100%, but around 75% (if I remember correctly). If the piercing was succesful, the item will get a hole and you'll be able to put a Gem/Rune into it. The max amount of holes an item can have at the same time is 5.
Improved Pet Feed - same like Pestles, just for Pets
Ride Feed/Lucky Ride Feed - same as Pestles, just for Rides

Examples of a Lucky Hammer used on a level 80 Bot and the 4th int with a Pestle can be seen on the next picture:

There's also a level 4 House buff (1 can be gotten from the House Maid everyday) which increases the success rate of the 4th Pestle/Enhanced Pestle to 95%. In case you're inting A class Equipment/Weapons which can be easily dropped again, you could just use normal Pestles in order to get it to 5-6 ints instead (if you don't mind that the item will eventually disappear).

8.1. Does the order of Green Hammering, Pestling and Piercing matter?
No, it doesn't.

9.0. Other guides of mine
Are Just a few~
1. How to embed videos/flash animations
2. Pharaoh Drop List

10.0. Credits
Guess I covered pretty much everything in my Guide. In case there's any incorrect info in it or if you have any suggestions, let me know. And here comes the annoying part that usually nobody wants to read~

Big thanks to everyone who taught me everything I know about this game. Particular thanks to the following people:
- egoraptor: For inspiring me, and for the 2nd pic in this guide
- Mishie: For being the kindest person on this world<3
- broob Jose: For everything he taught me
- Carrie: For being a sicko
- Kallibro&Amir-Ninja: For all the burek
- Child: Cute
- Niece Sofixo: Cute2
- Adi, Joe, Megamonks, Paulina, Ozzy, Moo and the other AM members: for being the best leaguemates (besides my old Quimates) ever
- Sven: Arrrr o.x
- Pajarchito: Dando y dando pajarito volando~
- Punpun: Jump, jump, jump...
- Icklet: ickickickickickickickickickick
- Annie: For accepting me into Qui 3 years ago and being a good friend
- Luckylulu: Luckyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooluluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~ wonder where she is :[
- angelicas: for bringing me into Qui, R.I.P. Jo<3 We will never forget you...
- Jabbeh: <3
- Vinneh, Matt, Nun, Asty, Yue, Miz, Spence, Pete, Ceci<333
- and everyone else I forgot to mention, please forgive me.

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