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[Guides and Tutorials] Guide of Main Quest (part 1)

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Dude nice job this help me alot /Rhuli17

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Original posted by Angelchiled at 7-18-2010 21:46
is there any other way i can get the rotten caudex

buy from someone in AL / use a alt prod (if u dun already have one, its gonna take a while to lvl it)

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finally i defeated the Beelzebub in the Magic KitchenYC-Monkey173 ...but as the quest says he run away into Gulp Room & i must find him there...can anyone share me a link or tips where can i find this guy coz this instance is pretty though when u must defeat all the mobs in every area to go through every portalYC-Monkey150

Posted on 2011-09-05 04:24:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

hahaha get a group of 5 lv 85+ or else gulp is pain in the ass ;P get at least 1.3k s.dfs and 2.5k dfs if u wanna be safe. scroll and AA amulet would be better. repot every 3-4 boss o,o
earl makice: can skip this noob o,o
lion dragon : can skip this noob too o,o
flamen tomomy : just run all the way to door and kill all the mobs first be4 opening the door if u dont want to get raped. if u have key from beelzebub from magic kitchen path open the next door.
overlord legte : after you kill this boss theres 2 ways to go to. if any1 doesnt have rushing/swiftness spell, dont go inside the grave. procede other route thats requires opening the torch.
trap shar : (for every1 in ur team have rushing/swiftness spell.) try to have everyone stand in a corner where he cant push you and fight it.
Evil eye: try to have 2 ppl kill crystal while other 3 fight this noob cake. run away from crystal if he spawns it for those 3 who are killing this noob cake. [use rushing/swiftness spell behind the door.:)]
Demon kidace: idk wether u need to kill this HARDCORE noob cake to kill the next BRUTAL noob cake. anyway kill the heat elf to obtain elf bottle. 1 person tank the rest kill heat elf :P
GluttonBeelzebub : this BRUTAL noob cake is seriously hard w/o lv 80 and if u solo. stay in circle if you dont want to get own by 1 aoe (fire trap) if this BRUTAL noob cake boss sealed and bind you, use a robot/clone ^_^ the end of these noob cake ^_^.

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Hello i dont have the collect spell and i don't know any one who has. I need: Rotten caudex/9.