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[Guides and Tutorials] Guide of Main Quest (part 1)

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(After you finished the quest of Asmode, it ask for you talk to Angel Inspector at Megalith Plain)

(you will get the next quest , it ask you to find 4 persons in 4 main city.)

Investigate Evil Food
1 Speak with Machel at Iron Castle

2 Speak with Romier at Dark City

3 Speak with Michael at Breeze Woods

4 Speak with Nemize at Aurora City

5 Report to Angel Inspector

Food Material Collection
1.        find Chef Boship plz notice there a boss Death Cyclone on the lefe of him?

2.        collect below items
poisonous mashed apple/5

smoky patch/7

rotten beast meat/10

3.        find Chef Boship to answer the quest.

Exposed Plot
1.find Angel Inspector again for next quest. with Healing Lecturer.

Treatment for Food Poisoning
1.collect the below items and hand them to Healing Leecturer
  (lecturer evil bolus)/3

(shrub bark)/5

(nature prime)/5

(pure fire crystal)/1

2. speak to Healing Leecturer
(it says Medicine Lecturer there )
3.tell that news to Angel Inspector

Learning from chef boship
1.        ask for learning from Chef Boship.
2.        find his third disciple Mayloe at Fiery Path. (through the Sad Abyss)

PS: (Need to be careful of the Imp Elf and Gold Fly around him.)

The portal of Dungeon

The First Appetizer
1.collent the below items.
(baked black sugar)/6

(dirt fungus)/6

(crazy whey)/6

2.find the second disciple Ugly Saladan at Lave Cave

The Second Appetizer
1.collect the below items (low drop rate with them)
  Rotten caudex/9 (need collect spell lv 61)

  Acid Ketchup/9

2. Find the first disciple Lxious Ba at Underground Square
(Enter the below exit, through the Flaming Door)

The Third Appetizer
1.collect items (he will give 5 spell storage bag, and you need to pay for more from him, 100gold each. Those bags will disappear after 2 hours)
Carrion-filled Storage Bag /30
PS:all the monsters around him will drop this item, but the Fire Fly have the 100% rate
2.find the Annoying Clerk at Lava Cave.

Gorily Aperitif
1.        find Healing Lecturer. He will tell you how to do.
2.        Speak to Athlete Cliff at North of Mirror Lake to obtain the blood

3.        take back the blood to Annoying Clerk

Devil’s feast(group)
1.        Enter to the Devil Kitchen.(need to make a team to enter the Devil Kitchen)

to be continue...

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Hmm  detailed!

Cute pics~~

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OMG. thank you thank you thank you for creating this one. i was looking for this. ^^ augh, kira-kun is sleeping. waiii gotta find a partner for this quest.

/f77 /f10 /f03

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Never got past the one whre you need collect lvl 61. /f95

Posted on 2008-07-03 05:19:00 | Show thread starter's posts only

Do you have to collect the items, or could you possibly buy them from someone?

Posted on 2008-07-03 05:41:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

/f03 /f30 This is really cool... I'll print now...

Posted on 2008-07-03 06:08:41 | Show thread starter's posts only

in sofiel someone sells the rotten caudex for about 200k ea w/c i think is a bit OP, if he drops the price of it im buyin.

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problem /yct16

the Annoying Clerk say me im too poor and come back eat bread and water or something /yct16 /yct38

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how much credit u get from all this quest?

Posted on 2008-10-22 12:12:58 | Show thread starter's posts only

i hate this quest/yct38 /yct38