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[Announcements] This is my farewell to the forums.

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Hello friends and angels!

For a few months I have debated whether I should stay on the forum or not. Even though my activity ingame has gone down drastically I've still had a great love for the forum. Afterall, I've been an active forum member for 10 years and a moderator for almost half of that time. 

The forum has gone through many stages. The biggest change ever made was the move from the old forum layout to this one. Which also caused changes in moderation which made it so much harder. We could no longer sink old threads, merge threads which were similar and we couldn't punish/honor players with karma. This made it so almost all forum games died and forum auctions were no longer a thing. 

In the beginning it was mostly spamming the off-topic games for fun with a bunch of people who I feel honored to have called my friends. Darthakasha and kiari7 are the ones who stand out the most since my memory is shit. Later on I started trying to also help players, and also took part in some of the major dramas happening on the forum.

There's also been a whole bunch of moderators coming and going. Darthakasha, coolcloud, 3leven, stubbornness, solemnlitany, nuninhoafs, mizantrophe, daxter300, petersIII and many more.

I applied as moderator with my close friend stubbornness and we were accepted and we started our work. Thanks to time zones and us being the most active, we asked to be super moderators so we could handle others sections too - the old forum used to have sections and if you weren't a moderator in a section you couldn't do anything to moderate there. We were accepted for that as well. Then stubbornness disappeared and Mizantrophe quitted. Leaving me to be the teamleader of the moderators. 

There's been some hardships. Some mean stuff being said to me and about me. There's also been so much praise. So much appreciation for me being here. I have been very happy here. 

I will not be very active ingame, if at all. I won't ever leave AO completely though and I will do my best to be online the last day of the game existing. It's meant so much to me afterall. Definitely, to me, the best MMORPG I've ever played. So many friends, so much drama. It's been wonderful. 

I don't know who will be super moderator after me, it's up to the admins to decide. It will however mean that we will be hiring two new moderators so look forward to that! 

I will be a moderator until after the selection of the new ones are over.

It's been an honor. Thank you everyone. 

Ai steel here, donut know wai.
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Wish you the best irl. Take care Jenny.

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Gosh, I’ve already told you but it makes me sad to see you go :( I guess I uncosciousnessly linked AO forum with your name!

Thanks for everything you’ve done here Jen!

Good Grief!
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What you said brought me so much nostalgia just mentioning those old names. It is sad to see so many old players leave. Near impossible but I would love to see the old forum come back again, it would make forums so much more in shape and interesting.

Thanks for your effort and work Jen, you will be missed :cwy:

Pegasus and Chronos
29x, 29x, 30x
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You will be missed. It has been an honor working and playing with you.

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I guess all things must come to an end...... that's what i said when i retired but now i'm stuck here again. 

Hopefully you'll still come visit from time to time, and thank you for your years of service.

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Thank you for taking care of the forums for as long as you did :heart:

Wish you all the best and hopefully we can keep in touch ~



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Thank you for all your work, Jen!
We will miss you. Come by to say hi in Discord and AO sometimes.
Wish you all the best and take care. <3

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Thanks for all ur work and take care of urself  in life :)

Chuckles (Pandora) lvl 335