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[Faction Zone] Taking in Breeze faction members for my league

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Posted on 2020-04-21 19:19:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

League name : GensokyoCity   LV 1 Breeze
A spinoff of my beast aurora league LV 7  castle  still recruiting lv 250 + we are active in league war and totem wars

I'm seeking people from beast faction who can maintain  order and and self discipline   if I appoint them as a vice leader I'm very cautious when I select people to be vice leader to run the castle for me while I do other things I take in lv 250s + I sometimes accept levels below that   I always need people who can rep the league and produce mats as well as not steal other's stuff  on the exception you need terra mats to burrow  to rep the totem of course  if any of my leagues captures the totem your main role is to play defender   hold off the enemy flanks    for an hour and keep em busy   keep them occupy while the main forces  rep the totem quickly to lv 8  

I had leagues that  I placed as special units for the main league the leading league serves as HQ  I have all say in my decision  as these are my leagues of course  there be times allies will come in and help assist as possible if its from another  faction and I appear on the field and say  "No kill" don't kill the  person that appears non hostile  towards totem if I die  in battle its either accidental friendly fire or allie picked the wrong target it happens .


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