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[Marketplace] About real world trading (RWT)

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Posted on 2013-01-25 11:59:43 | Show thread starter's posts only

Real world trading (RWT, also called "Real money trading";) is the act of trading anything outside of the game (usually real world money) for accounts, in-game items or other in-game services, or vice versa. Every item is a property of IGG and cannot be considered as personal property of the player, as stated in the Terms and Conditions (Agreement 2(b) - Account):

, thus it is NOT allowed to trade them for anything besides in-game cash or other in-game items (Agreement 5 - TRADING AMONG PLAYERS):

Forum rule that applies to this case
Account and Item Trading
This category includes both advertising your account or item for sale or trade, or advertising that you are looking for an account or characters to purchase through:
* Forum posts
* Linking to eBay
* Listing you have something for trade and then offering your contact information

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:
* First time, be temporarily banned from the forums from 1-7 days, depending upon severity, and the post will be deleted too
* Second time, be permanently banned from the IGG forums

Trading in-game items/money for Angel Gold (among players)
Considering that there's no legal method of trading in-game money/items for Angel Gold directly, the RWT rule mentioned above also applies to this case, thus it is NOT allowed. There is one exception and an indirect (legal) way of doing this though. What you can do is to buy the items from the Item Mall directly and trade/sell those for other in-game items/money afterwards. As for requesting and buying Item Mall items from other players, it is NOT allowed (neither supported) since it's a little bit more complicated. The reason for this is because there's always the risk of the seller being trolled, paying a lot of Angel Gold for various requested items from the Item Mall while the "buyer", who had no intention to buy those items in the first place, just logs off (just giving an example).

Or shorter, it is prohibited to create threads about trading Angel Gold or to request items from the Item Mall in a trade for in-game money/items while it is allowed to sell/trade previously bought Item Mall items. Also, IGG is not responsible for any loss regarding gifted untradable Item Mall items. Always remember that only regular trades and stalling are considered as legal trades.

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, feel free to
PM me.