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[Marketplace] Selling/buying of Accounts/Characters: NOT ALLOWED

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Posted on 2011-09-25 05:43:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

Adapted from this post.

Please note, the selling/buying of accounts and/or characters in game is not protected by IGG and the advertising of account/character sales/trades are not permitted on these forums.

Please refer to the forum rules if ever in doubt.

Account trading and sales are often scams and are in no way encouraged. Please keep any account trading activies in game or on personal mail.

Action Taken
If you are found to be advertising the sale/trade of a character/account you will:
1. Be verbally warned, dekarma'd and topic locked
2. If you persist you will be given a temporary ban
3. If you continue to break forum rules it may result in a permenent ban


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