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[Mini-Games] Zone Talk.

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Posted on 2014-09-22 15:35:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is the talk I wanted to have about mini-games and events and in general, the rewards and type of events.

For mini-games I have always disliked the luck based events, because the player cannot control their own outcome. I have also disliked the 5-40 karma rewards that you can get per week.
My goal for this section is to create interactive events that give a bit less karma. (I will be shooting for 10-25 karma per week.) and then moving a bit of that karma difference over to rewarding people that answer Questions and Answers.

That is my intention, but I wanted to get the feedback of those this would affect. So.. Forumers! Answer my next question, what type of mini-games do you want? And would you be okay with slightly less karma per week (even though it will be more karma than the past few months..)?

Posted on 2014-09-23 23:26:17 | Show thread starter's posts only

I waaaaaaaaaaaaaantttt yourrr ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

answering to your question:
I'm quite tired of seeing unfair karma events, such as "pick 1 treasure and get this prize thing" , because i find it bias (for me, its just my opinion, no offense) ,
i find it too good to be true :x XD or im just bitter for not winning anything,
but i would like to suggest a forum karma event that shows how intellectual an ao player is, and how smart he/she can be by answering / solving puzzles or questions that cannot be find on Google.

also ummmmmm idk if ill be de-karma'd if i ask about this question, or my comment on your post will be removed,

but why are, some event judgers joins their co event judger's forum events?
isn't it quite unfair for "us" players who arent a event judger?

they're supposed to judge the posts on the particular forum event, not to join at it :x

Posted on 2014-09-24 00:52:45 | Show thread starter's posts only

I placed a hide code for the question, answered through pm.

And thanks, hope a few more people check this and answer xD

Posted on 2014-09-24 08:02:08 | Show thread starter's posts only
Totally reminded me of this.

Let's bring that thing back to life! C:

Posted on 2014-09-24 21:29:54 | Show thread starter's posts only

I know.
There was once a teacher who was doing that.
And I am so jealous I want to get one paper and try to answer it.

Do riddle!

Posted on 2014-10-04 15:48:18 | Show thread starter's posts only

Okay, since this hasn't gotten a lot of responses.. (I wanted a few more before I closed and replied.. but whatever..)

Seems like you guys are okay with the general concept. I'll start making a list of ideas that can be used to try to get some out. If you guys have ideas.. pm me/post them here.

Posted on 2014-10-04 18:52:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

Oooh mini-games?! I have a few ideas. We used to host festivals in a guild I was part of on another forum before it became dead and we had a few competitions every year. So here are they are :

1. Gaia avatar contest - The host decides on a particular theme/type of character and participants need to use the Gaia avatar maker to submit their entries. Then a poll is put up and others decide which avatars they like best and the avatars are ranked accordingly. Sometimes, you may choose to just generalize it and not pick a theme.

2. I spy - I've forgotten exactly what it was called but it's a guess-who-is-the-culprit game and can have as many levels as the host wants it to. So, the host draws up a grid of characters using gaia avatar maker or any other method they want (as long as the characters can be seen clearly). Then you may, or may not want to give a short introduction in the form of a story as to what the thief did etc. Then he/she gives one hint ( for example, "the thief has a ribbon") and using the grid , participants need to guess which character it may be. Of course, the characters need to have a few things in common with each other.
Normally, once a person gets it right, the host can move on to the next level. However, if, let's say, 4 players have not got it right then the host may choose to give another hint. And so it goes on.

Can't think of any more at the moment, but I'll try to!

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Posted on 2014-10-05 03:44:49 | Show thread starter's posts only

I got some ideas as well:

1. Town/Country finder: There will be pictures of somehow famous countries/towns, let's say 10 pictures, and people have to post the answers in a hide bracket. One can change the rules in some ways: Like one has to answer all pictures correctly to validate one's entry for the rewards. And the rewards should be given in order in which one answers. So the first one who answers all correctly will get the first prize and so on. There should be consolation prizes since there may be too many participants.

2. Standard crossword puzzles in which someone posts one of those as a picture ( like a classic crossword puzzle ), but instead with quesitons regarding Angels Online. The participants have to save the picture and edit it via PAINT or something. Or everyone just agrees to answer the questions in order in text form.

3. The third one corresponds to the second one: There can be a mini event in which the participants have to come up with a crossword puzzle and the most intriguing, etc. shall win. The contribution of the prizes may be settled through an assignment of favors by the event judgers. The prizes will be given in order of the highest amount of favors to the lowest.

4. I think some years ago we had a movie guessing mini-game. It was like this I think: The mini-game creator posts a set of pictures. The pictures are screenshots of famous movies and the participants shall post the answers. Again, the order in which people answer with all the correct answers will set the prizes given.

That's about it. Too tired to come up with more.

Posted on 2014-10-13 12:37:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Sorry, I know I have been away from the topic for a bit. Getting used to a new work schedule, once I am I can do things from there. Should be used to it friday.

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