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[Off-Topic] Mihoyo's big screw up

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Posted on 2021-09-29 12:37:36 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just when you thought a Chinese game developer like Mihoyo didn't learn from their mistakes like the time they tried to lewd honkai with that bunny suit anniversary forcing them to roll back the content now comes Genshin's disaster anniversary which is currently being reviewed bombed on google play the ratings going to be at the point the game going to be pulled from google play the rewards would been better if Mihoyo added more hero's wit make it 600 while primogems be around 600 followed by 40 gacha pull tickets to thank gamers for supporting them after all these years  I spend like 50 dollars on Mihoyo's game and not once had I ever went beyond that except that one time Dark Fu Hua and I had to spend 75 dollars in google play gift cards to get her. 

What can go wrong in the 2nd year it's not that people being greedy they see the rewards as a slap on the face now we got whales who spent $1,000 + protesting  no matter the rewards it's accept the rewards provided then spam Mihoyo with feedback like the way Chinese gamers did they'll listen to the intense feedback.

This whole cancel Genshin thing going to fail people will be not convinced by the ratings to leave the game even people at level capped levels still play to stick around this is basically like critics of a game dev that mostly benefits from having revenue in China/Taiwan wanting the game dev to go out of business it ain't going to work because money be flowing from people who still supports the game dev .


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What does Genshin have to do with AO ? 

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