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[Guides and Tutorials] Enchanted Bag Quests Guide

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Hey guys! I made this guide for people who don't know that there are quests which allow you to get enchanted bags (enchanted backpacks which give % physical def and spell def). They're awesome (for AB or otherwise), and best of all, F R E E, so this is to teach everyone how to get them. 

There are 2 kinds of bags, one for Lvl 250, and the other for Lvl 260. They are unable to trade (to balance their in-game value I guess). These are their stats:

Aside from that, you may also drop the following, since the quests always give a lucky bag: 

What do the shapeshifts look like? Left is Cake Bun, Right is Icy Sybil. 

What is Chrono Powder? It's a collectible for other rewards. You can see the list of other rewards from the Timeseeker NPC in Rainbow Town. The rewards span from 240-270 weapons and armors, more shapeshifts, pimp stuff, and potions. Check it out at least.

Let's move on. These are the general guidelines of the bag quests:
1. There is 1 bag quest for each map in the Aeternis expansion
2. You can only take 1 bag quest from each NPC every day. (You can do it once for each map). The higher your level, the more quests you can do everyday.
3. There is a level requirement for each quest, which rises the higher the map level. 
4. The droprate is not unreasonable, all you have to do is be persistent.
5. The quests are not difficult if you have good stats, it just takes a few minutes of your time everyday. But, of course, the higher the quest level, the higher its difficulty level. 
6. You obviously don't drop the bags immediately, you get a lucky bag from which you can drop it among other rewards, such as what I mentioned above.
7. You get some experience, credit and the lucky bag (Aeternis Mystery Bag) from each quest.

Level Requirement: 265
NPC: Grandpa Lop
Quest Name: Neighbors Begone

Step 1: Defeat 50 Notty Kitties, 50 Pepper Goos, 50 Trixy Palms

Step 2: Once finished, simply just report to Grandpa Lop and claim your reward.

Level Requirement: 275
NPC: Researcher
Quest Name: Study of Time

Step 1: Get the Quantumeter from the Sleepy Buns. (Chance drop from mob)

Step 2: Report back to the researcher (not yet done)

Step 3: Investigate the following. (Just click on 4 encircled spots of the map, they're the bunnies, follow the route in red if you wish)

Step 4: Report back to the Researcher and claim your reward.

Level Requirement: 285
NPC: Exorcist Lardio
Quest Name: Timely Reprieve

Step 1: Defeat 50 Amber Jesters, 50 Green Jesters, and Circus Jester (BOSS)

Step 2: Report back to Exorcist Lardio and claim your reward.

Level Requirement: 295
NPC: Miserable Oak
Quest Name: Timely Reprieve

Starting from here, careful with strong aggro mobs

Step 1: Get the staff from Icy Sybil (chance drop)

Step 2: Report to the Oak.

Step 3: Defeat 50 Murple Palms and Ancient Anuxis (BOSS)

Step 4: Report to the Oak and claim your reward. 

Level Requirement: 305
NPC: Dashin
Quest Name: Brats and Scissors (lol the name)

Step 1: Defeat 50 Snippy Kates, 50 Snippy Simones and Sister Odelia (BOSS)

Step 2: Report to Dashin and claim your reward.

Level Requirement: 315
NPC: Skye Fay
Quest Name: Cog Roundup

Step 1: Collect 100 Cogwheels from Husky Rangers, 100 Clock Parts from Crazy Jesters and 1 Compass from Court Jesters. (CHANCE DROP)

Step 2: Report to Skye Fay and claim your reward.

Level Requirement: 325
NPC: Scholar Huz
Quest Name: Chrono Secrets

Step 1: Defeat 100 Clock Ladies, 100 Ticker Ladies, and Oak Timer (BOSS)

Step 2: Report to Scholar Huz.

Step 3: Investigate the following clocks on the map. 

Step 4: Report to Huz and claim your rewards.


That's all of em. You're done for today, congrats! I haven't tested if there's a bag quest in the instance map, Apocalypto, but I highly doubt it.

I'm Lvl 328 so that means I can do all the quests; 265, 275, 285, 295, 305, 315, and 325. That's 7 bags (7 chances) a day. This might only be the rewarding pay-off of having a high level lol. 

Anyways, that's all. This may sound a bit burdensome to you, but the prize is rewarding, you don't have to spam any AG for an enchanted bag. The harder you work to earn it, the greater your chances of getting em.

Good luck and happy questing.


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thanks for sharing <3

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Thank you Kanye, very cool!

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My question is, Why does it got 3 rest on it And is untradeable?

Mexican, gangsta, sexy, barber what else you want?

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uhm just a random question..
if the hardiness got into 0
can we still get the %defense?

and how about with other enchanted trinket?
is the %damage still available when hardiness 0?

just a newcomer passing by
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@Shindai I tested it and it still does, and should likewise do with e-trinks. Pic related.

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Nice work. I was planning to do guide 265-295 during my holidays previously but never got around to it. But yours is much clearer and up to 325. So it was good I left it for you to do haha..

% chance is always very annoying in AO and in basically anything. One char got it after around 20 quests. Another hasn't gotten one after over 180 quests..

Pegasus and Chronos
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hello and tnx for share it :D good work... btw just this exp have this quest? or the others does have it too? if it so can u share em too?  since im back  from my quiting i try get  new eqs and that  bag will be good :D and again tnx for ur work

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I was doing these bag quests and I got discouraged with them, so I invented them yesterday and the 20% bag came to me I did the quests about 10 days 5 of them a day so yesterday I finally got my bag!  This is not a liar post.  Just be patient, the bag comes!  I know more people who have already taken the bag besides me!

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Forgive me for my weak english,i can see that I will be forced to study this language more, but no problem! I put the picture of my bag at the front, for everyone to see that the post is real!