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[Guides and Tutorials] Abysston Main Quest Guide

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Hello y'all, I'm back at it again with more guides lol, -storm-

1. This expansion has mobs and bosses with jacked stats, so if possible, try to do it now while you have the Archangel's Secret ("OP AL buff";) buff.
2. Careful when you AOE or have buffs that distribute damage.
3. A 70k SA mage should be enough to carry a whole team to finish this.
4. There are no aggressive mobs in this expansions (none that I know of, at least), so feel free to run around.

I inserted the quest rewards this time (yay!). Also, if someone could later on find the good hiding spot for Lillian and Asuma, that would be very much appreciated. Alright, let's begin.


Quest 1: Depths of the Unknown
To start this quest, you need to be at least level 270.
Get this quest from Smith Buff in the 4 main cities.

1. Look for Researcher Eliot at Ancient Landing.

2. Get 100 power shards from Ratty Robber.

3. Hand the shards to Researcher Emily.

4. She will give you a power crystal, place it at the Power Conduit.

5. Report back to Researcher Eliot.
6. Defeat 150 Wham Ogre.
7. Return to Researcher Eliot and claim your reward.
Rewards: 20.5B exp, 19M gold, 100K credit

Quest 2: Concern of the Scythes

Get this quest from Researcher Eliot.
1. Go to Scythe Marcus at Forsaken Crevasse.

2. Retrieve 100 sharp scythes from Desert Piscine and 100 round shields from Marsh Piscine.

3. Return to Scythe Marcus.
4. Retrieve Piscine King's (BOSS) Weapon. (Boss is near the Desert and Marsh Piscine)

5. Return to Scythe Marcus.
6. He will give you a necklace, give it to Scythe Mary in the same map, and claim your reward.

Rewards: 22B exp, 20.5M gold, 135K credit

Quest 3: An Important Report

Get this quest from Scythe Mary.

1. Go to Overseer Isaac in Specter Village.

2. Defeat 150 Mapleant.

3. Afterwards, a textbox will automatically pop-up. Defeat 150 Kupillar.

4. Again, a textbox will automatically pop-up. Defeat 150 Vegan Ogre.

5. It doesn't end there, a textbox will automatically pop-up. Defeat 150 Lamia.

6. Return to Overseer Isaac.
7. Hand the report to Researcher Amy, Researcher Ike and Researcher Edge all in the same map.

8. Return to Overseer Isaac and claim your reward.
Rewards: 23.5B exp, 22M gold, 175K credit

Quest 4: An Essential Spring
Get this quest from Overseer Isaac.
1. Go to Analyst Troy at Crystal Marsh.

2. Defeat 200 Rock Mask and 200 Slate Mask.

3. Return to Analyst Troy
4. He gave you something, use it at the East Marsh then West Marsh. (Check map for location)

5. Return to Analyst Troy.
6. Defeat Dracossy (BOSS). (Boss is near the Dracolet)

7. After, defeat 100 Dracolet.

8. Return to Analyst Troy and claim your reward.
Rewards: 25B exp, 23.5M gold, 220K credit

Quest 5: Secrets of the Crystals

Get this quest from Analyst Troy.
1. Go to David Diggs at Crystal Quarry.

2. Defeat 150 Rowdy Ruffian.

3. Return to David Diggs.
4. Help him mine 30 Crystal Vein. (The Crystal Vein is just beside him)

5. A text box will pop-up. Agree to it. (Click the Crystal Vein again in case the pop-up disappears)

6. Get the evil token from Cultist Mell (BOSS). (Boss is near the Black Cultist)

7. Hand the token to Captain Will at Shrouded Haven, and claim your reward.

Rewards: 26.5B exp, 25M gold, 265K credit

Quest 6: A Fanatic Ritual
Get this quest from Captain Will.
1. Eavesdrop on the conversations of Researcher Ashe and Researcher Iver, Scythe Mark and Scythe Arthur, and Asuma and Lilian. 

The Eavesdropping Guide~

(The NPCs are in the map, and the pairs are beside each other)
In order to do this, talk to Captain Will first, and ask him once more how to eavesdrop
Read it carefully, you have to conceal yourself, and find a safe hiding spot in order to spy on their conversations. You don't talk to the NPCs. If you get caught, you will be automatically transported back to Captain Will.

There are 3 tiers of hiding spots (The higher the tier, the better the chances):

In order to find hiding spots, you just have to search around the area around the NPC pairs for places you can click. For your benefit, I will already show the best hiding spots below.

For Researcher Ashe and Researcher Iver, the good spot is at 219, 64.

For Scythe Mark and Scythe Arthur, the good hiding spot is at 114, 139.

Unfortunately, for Lillian and Asuma, I couldn't find any good hiding spot, but there are not very good hiding spots at 70,35 and 39,26. (Close enough to Captain Will to keep trying...)

2. Once finished, return to Captain Will.
3. Defeat Bombergust until you get a note. (Mob drop)

4. Hand the note to Captain Will.
5. Defeat 200 The Other and 200 Scoreant.

6. Go to Historian Marlene at Peril Chasm, and claim your reward.

Rewards: 28B exp, 26.5M gold, 310K credit

Quest 7: Steadfast Kindness
Get this quest from Historian Marlene.
1. Defeat Balaur until you get a round power rock. (Mob drop)

2. You hear the mysterious dark voice from the pop-up earlier again. Return to Historian Marlene. Click okay, then you will be transported to a REALLY cool hidden part of the map. Talk to Jaggamir.

Note: If you are accidentally ported out, talk again with Historian Marlene to return to the secret spot.
3. Defeat 200 Zburator. (You are ported out)

4. A textbox will immediately appear. Defeat Kulshedra (BOSS) to get moon power rock. (Boss is just near the Zburator)

5. Give the rock to Historian Marlene, and finally, claim your reward.

Rewards: 29.5B exp, 28M gold, 355K credit

Congratulations! You've completed the Abysston main quest!

175B exp, 164.5M gold, 1.56M credit

Thank you all, and happy questing!

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Well done, thanks for sharing.

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thank you stromy <3 now you can do it for me =D

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i cant find 3. hiding spot >_> stuck there help please