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[Guides and Tutorials] Vulcania (Magma) Main Quest Guide

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Hey guys, I noticed that there's no Vulcan MQ guide yet (aside from the mini-guide in the AO main page) so I decided to make one. Also, there are some inconsistencies and hidden info in the website guide, so this should fill that in perfectly.

1. There are a lot of aggressive mobs around this expansion, especially near the NPCs you're supposed to talk to, so be careful where you leave your character.
2. When you AOE, make sure the bosses that you need to kill at a later time aren't within range.
3. Some mobs and bosses here still have jacked stats (and it's already 2019 lol), so don't hesitate to ask help if needed.

Regarding the quests rewards (Gold and Credits), I'll just add them at a later time maybe. I already finished the MQ when I made this guide so yeah. If someone else wants to post it though, feel free to do so.


Main Quest 1: Fiery Chaos
To start this quest, you need to be at least Lvl 230.
You start by talking to Vulcan Priest Lupin in the 4 main cities.

Step 1
Go to the Brilliant Boneyard located east of Goblin Valley (Geuber Vale) and speak to Captain Rezz...

Step 2
Drive away 50 Pirtys and 50 Bonfurs. Afterwards, report back to Captain Rezz.

Step 3
Defeat 150 Treekers. Then, talk to Captain Rezz.

Step 4
Defeat Midorix (BOSS). It's near the Pirty and Pweety. Then, talk to Captain Rezz for your reward.


Main Quest 2: Mystery Rage
You get this quest from Captain Rezz.

Step 1
Go to Ivory Forest and talk to Pilgrim Cantobur.

Step 2
Defeat 150 Tackies to gain his trust. Talk to Pilgrim Cantobur again.

Step 3
Defeat 100 Mocha Woofs. Talk to Pilgrim Cantobur again.

Step 4

Defeat the Maddi Brawler (BOSS). Boss is near the Tackie and Pinky Tackie. Afterwards, report back to Pilgrim Cantobur for your reward.

Main Quest 3: Temple Grounds
You get this quest from Pilgrim Cantobur.

Step 1
Go to Scholar Duffel at the Razorex Temple.

Step 2

You decide to investigate the source of this unknown force. Investigate the temple. (Ruined Shrine - map)

Step 3

You return to Angel Lyceum to consult the Magic Teacher. Near the Magic Seller/Astrologer.

Step 4

The Magic Teacher hands you a Magic Potion that can only be used after the monsters around the temple have been defeated. Defeat 100 Goldilocks and Sunpetal Crabs. (Go back to Razorex Temple)

Step 5

Afterwards, Sprinkle the Magic Potion at the temple! (Go back to the Ruined Shrine in the previous step)

Step 6

You feel an intense heat radiate from the temple after sprinkling the potion. Report back to Scholar Duffel.
Step 7

Defeat Ragey Kraver. (Near the Sunpetal and Pinkpetal Crabs) Then, report back to Scholar Duffel with his research notes to get your reward.

Main Quest 4: Firefae Tears
You get this quest from Scholar Duffel.

Step 1
Go to Whitefang Village to get more info from Firefae Sazzy.
NOTE: The website guide is wrong. Talk to Firefae SAMMI, not SAZZY.

Step 2
You find Firefae Sazzy weakened and on the verge of death. Go to Brilliant Boneyard and Razorex Temple to get the Fire Elemental Gems needed to save her. (Talk to these 2 NPCs)

Trainwreck Flammie in Razorex Temple

Biking Flammie in Brilliant Boneyard

Step 3

Return to Firefae Sammi.
Step 4

Defeat 150 Firazards and 100 Charming Clydes.

Step 5
Look for Practitioner Katos in the Ivory Forest and exchange the research notes for an Icy Cactus. 
NOTE: Guide is wrong with the name again. The correct NPC is Arcanist Kactiss.

Step 6

Return to Firefae Sazzy (SAMMI) in Whitefang Village for your reward.

Main Quest 5: Stop the Taint
You get this quest from Firefae Sammi.

Step 1
Go to Sleepy Spring and talk to Elder Kaji.

Step 2
Defeat 125  Mithribots and Scalded Chimps around the Sleepy Spring. After, report back to Elder Kaji.

Step 3
As a test of your patience, your next task for Elder Kaji is to collect 40 vials of Crystal Water.
Just click on this spot and collect 40 times. The spot is near Elder Kaji. Then, report back to Elder Kaji.

Step 5
Defeat Captain Slashazard (BOSS). It's near the Punkazards. Then, return to Elder Kaji for your reward.

Main Quest 6: Fervent Prayer
You get this quest from Elder Kaji.

Step 1
Go to Lord Wulfe at the Transient Waters.

Step 2
Drive out 200 Kyaru Molly and 200 Gardenix that are disturbing the peace!

Step 3
Obtain 20 Mustard Sticks from the Limehot Dogs... (Drop quest, but rates are easy)

Step 4

Return to the dejected Lord Wulfe and receive your reward.

Main Quest 7: Volcanic War
You get this quest from Lord Wulfe

Step 1
Find Priestess Opheria at the Fragrant Courtyard.
NOTE: Website guide is wrong again, the correct name of the NPC is Cleric Symilia.

Step 2
The key has been stolen by Halefire Baston (BOSS). It's near the Rocker Wuff mobs. Defeat him and retrieve the key! After, go back to Cleric Symilia.

Step 3
Defeat 200 Ashen Mudmons and 150 Rocker Wuffs. Then, report back to Cleric Symilia.

Step 4 (The Ceremony)

Sprinkle Crystal Water on Razorex’s Thoughts!
Sprinkle Crystal Water on Razorex’s Calm!
Sprinkle Crystal Water on Razorex’s Regard!
Sprinkle Crystal Water on Razorex’s Kindness!

Click on 4 spots around Fragrant Courtyard.

Razorex's Kindness

Razorex's Regard

Razorex's Thoughts

Razorex's Calm

Step 5
Place the Ephemeral Ice and the Brilliant Shell on the altar! (Holy Altar - map). It's beside the NPC.

Step 6
The ceremony to weaken Hellfire Razorex is thus complete! Speak with Priestess Opheria to receive your reward. The final battle awaits!

...AND YOU'RE DONE. Congratulations.

Thank you so much and happy questing!

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I just realized now that I posted it on the wrong forum lol. How do you move this to Guides and Tutorials lmao?

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Thanx to you for helping

Let's make AO LIKE OLD TIME !!!