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[General Discussion] Guide Index (Links for information)

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Are you looking for a specific guide, info or just for simple advice? Don't look any further! The new updated Guide Index contains the links to all the useful AO guides out there that have been written by our hard working forum members. If you believe that some of these guides don't belong in here or that we've missed something out, feel free to PM the current G&T Forum Moderators.

Useful Links
Newbie Guides
Drop Lists
Quests (Main Quests, Elite Quests and Other Quests)
Useful Data/Info
Tips&Tricks + Character Builds
Skilling + Spells, Stances and Recipes
[Legit] Client Manipulation & Useful Tools
- Maps&Monster Locations
Forum + Security

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Useful Links

Angels Online Wiki-English AO Wiki site
AO Wiki en Español-Spanish AO Wiki site
Newbie Guide-IGG's official AO Newbie Guide

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Newbie Guides

"All-in-one" Guide/FAQYuujiOutdated; Broken image links
Angel Baby: Guide on Common ProblemsMizanthropeDetailed explanation about AB problems
Bag of recallSkyDragonLordOnly one prize per IP
How to set up a tradeCrazedRPGHow to trade items between characters
Words of WisdomseargeCommon shortcuts

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Drop Lists

Absolution droplist v drop list including drop rates of every single monster in AO (until Cowboy exp.)
House Boss Drop ListDixieCupComplete & organised
rides drops at aolordmigueList of rides up to Sakura including boss names and map
Desert DroplistXxCuteAngelXComplete & organised
Dragon Field Drop ListCoolcloud333Complete & organised
Floating Island DroplistCoolcloud333Complete & organised
Candyland Drop Listassassindeath8Lacking on some drops
Poker Castle droplistDarkKnolleCL instance drops
Dinoland Drop ListXJ22Complete
Pharaoh Drop ListYuujiComplete + boss locations
Feudal China? Drop ListGodlyModNot completed
[Pre-Release] Frozen Land Drop ListGodlyModMob/boss pics included
Snowland drop listimi83Full list with instance drops
Cowboy Bebop - Drop ListSkyDragonLordThe item names are somewhat off
Space Cowboy Dropsimi83Full list with instance drops
Sakura Festival - Drop ListSkyDragonLordFull list with instance drops
Update Absolution list(Cowboy)TomatoAndCheeseFull Cowboy Drop List (incl. drop rates)
droplist sequoia and bayanstandeman1996Still under construction
Spoiler for florentia expansion mobs and dropBelekberiStill under construction
Vulcania drop listGydraMagma Flux DL; Drops submitted by players
Arcana DroplistDuckyxDrops submitted by players
Aeternia Droplistevokakashi90Drops submitted by players
Goldenia DroplistSaintSxjDrops submitted by players
Abysston Drop List, Updated every 30 minutessincerestAeternia, Goldenia and Abysston DL, WIP
Bearscape Drop ListFallnAnge3lDrops submitted by players

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Quests (Main Quests, Elite Quests and Other Quests)

Main Quests

Guide of Main Quest (part 1)聖徒Unfinished
Guide Atlantis Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the AMQ
Guide of Forest Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the FRMQ
Guide of Desert Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the DRTMQ
Guide of Floating Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the FLTMQ
Guide of Candyland Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the CLMQ
Candyland Second Main QuestLiam87CL 2nd/side MQ
Guide of Dinoland Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the DLMQ
Jurassic 2nd main quest : Glory of Hoca VillageLiam87DL 2nd/side MQ
King of the Ancient Arenastandeman1996DL 3rd/side MQ
Guide of Pharaoh Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the PMQ
Pharaoh 2nd main questLiam87Pharaoh 2nd/side MQ
Guide of Orient Main QuestsvplayerStep-by-step guide to the OMQ
Because of love(2nd orient main quest)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
Snowland Main QuestElaraStep-by-step guide to the SLMQ
Space Cowboy Main QuestRavenclawS2Step-by-step guide to the SCMQ
Cowboy 2nd Main Quest?testings4No pictures included
Sakura Festival Main QuestluckyluluStep-by-step guide to the SFMQ
lakeside moon(sakura 2nd quests)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
SEQUOIA MAIN QUESTFluffyallStep-by-step guide to the SEMQ
Fruit Factory (2nd Sequioa quests)gatobros910Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
ROYALBEE REBELLION (3rd Sequioa quests)gatobros910Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
BAYAN MAIN QUESTFluffyallStep-by-step guide to the Shuwa MQ
Sylvan Chaos Main QuestluckyluluStep-by-step guide to the Sylvan Chaos MQ
Vulcana Pacification (Magma Main quest)standeman1996Step-by-step guide to the Magma Flux MQ
Vulcania (Magma) Main Quest Guide-storm-Another step-by-step guide to the Magma Flux MQ
Arcana Main QuestDenAsslanStep-by-step guide to the Arcana MQ
Aeternia Main QuestDenAsslanStep-by-step guide to the Aeternia MQ
Goldenia Main QuestDenAsslanStep-by-step guide to the Goldenia MQ
Abysston Main Quest Guide-storm-Step-by-step guide to the Abysston MQ
Bearscape Main Quest Guide-storm-Step-by-step guide to the Bearscape MQ

Elite Quests
The Guide to Elite QuestsMurtagh1994Level 96-99 Elite Quests
Elite Quest 116-119imi83Level 116-119 Elite Quests
Angels Online Elite 99 Quest Video Guide.AlanMackieShowing the way through Gulp Room

Other Quests
Demons Destroyed(east orient instance quests)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
Destroyed Coral - Place: Blue Sea - AtlantisDancillo7000Only pictures
Earth Goddess's Seclusion(Sylvan instance quests)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
Enchanted Bag Quests Guide-storm-Gets you a unique bag with 18% DEF and SD for free
Flora's Wish Quest - Flora CardsetAstarlyVery detailed and organized + pics
Food for the Masses - East Orient QuestSuweeeggStep-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
For Sleeper NalicaaochongjiAlso needed for the Monster Achiev. (broken image links)
Getting MarriedkillanjoDetailed guide of the Marriage Quest
Here lies Satrixia (Magma instance quests)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
How to get to Sleeper Nalica with minimal itemsyukitsuki1Very detailed instructions
Icy Massacrestandeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
jade tassel city quests(sakura instance)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
Last Survivor Quest (Complete)jorgeurbanoThe quest is needed for completing an achievement
Level 100 Quests guidesonamoon1Forest & Desert Quests
Level 120+ Quests Guide: Limitless, Floating, Desert, Forest.sonamoon1Nicely described + pics
Quest: Feast on Crabs - Place: Puqi VillageDancillo7000Only pictures
Quest: Purify - Place: Palm BaseDancillo7000Only pictures
Saving the Scoutstandeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
Single and repeatable Candyland's questsLiam87List of CL Quests and their rewards
Singles quests in OrientLiam87List of Orient Quests and their rewards + pics
Silversnow Realm first single questLiam87Detailed&organized; including pics and quest rewards
starship destroyer (cowboy instance quests)standeman1996Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)
The Unicorn's LeavingPSXenzaQuest explained in detail + pics
The Unknown EvilAroundthekennyCL Quest
Toxic Hive (Sequioa Instance Quests)gatobros910Step-by-step explanation (incl. pictures)

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Useful Data/Info

Angel Elementary's prize listm3g4m0rphsThe prizes are Daily Event Coins
AOwiki Ultimate Card Collection (Cards 182 to 307)YueTheClowPictures of AO cards
AOwiki Ultimate Card Collection 2 (Cards 308 to 355)YueTheClowPictures of AO cards
AOwiki ultimate ride collectionSylwiraOld rides (up to level 98)
AOwiki Ultimate Ride Collection 2YueTheClowMore rides (up to level 160)
AOwiki ultimate robot collection (under construction)SylwiraOld robots (until level 80)
AOwiki Ultimate Robot Collection 2YueTheClowRobots up to level 160
Complete List of Raw Material LocationsElbereth91Raw prod mats up to level 241
Daily Events: Experience ChartYueTheClowUp to level 180
Emotes ExchangekingsingingLocations (where to get the emotes)
Lasting/Non-Lasting ItemsDixieCupSome of them
Level,HB experience table lv1-100 + skills 1-170imi83Very useful exp./skill exp. charts
Level 170-210 Exp/S.ExpElaraSame as above (for lvl 170~190)
Monster KO 14-15 Real NamesNakagamiArmorAchievement guide including pics and locations
Monster KO Achievement (16,17,19,21)FaeryallAchievement guide including locations; some image links are broken
monster killer lvl 23 and 25standeman1996Achievement guide including pics and locations
Monster Hunter 26/27(Bayan instance)standeman1996Achievement guide including pics and locations
Monster Hunter lvl 28 and 30(Sylvan+Magma)standeman1996Achievement guide including pics and locations
Level 37 Monster Killer AchivementAtemuAchievement guide including pics and locations
Monster Name ColorsIyeruTells you how strong the monster is
New HBS and Ball Exp/Skill Exp Chart (Lv 1-189) (Update)agjorge6Updated chart including Ball exp./skill exp.
Pet Capture Achievement Monster Locations 1-12NakagamiArmorSimple and organized
Lvl 13 Monster KO AchievementSuweeeggOrganized with pictures
Pharaoh Unknown Chambers Boss puzzle guidemarkgayHow to survive through the Pharaoh instance
Pharaoh's Treasure Rides and RobotsYueTheClowLevel 185-200 rides&robots + special rides
Primordial Paradise Rides and RobotsYueTheClowLevel 170-180 rides&robots + special rides
Special Characters ListBattleSheepAlt codes for special characters
Weapon Fusion GuideSkyDemon1Everything you need to know about W-Fusion

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Advanced Pets after being fusedYueTheClowUnique Fusion Pets
Avidia PetsHaYnEsEyContains teaching methods, stances/spells and other screenies
Baybe egg pet -------only for referrenceJinay77Teaching methods + pics
Bunbun PetAOWikiTeaching methods + pics
Bunny Egg PetRavenclawS2Teaching methods + pics
Catchable Pets For pharaoh ExpansionAtsley3Just a simple list
Details of Holy Sword Pet RevealedJinay77Teaching methods, stances and spells
Drake Egg Evolution...MizanthropeTeaching methods + pic
Eagle Eggs Skills/EvolutionDontBotherMeTeaching methods + stances and spells
Fuzz Ball Eggassassindeath8Teaching methods, stances and spells + pics
Garden Egg Types/Skills/PicsRawrfiTeaching methods, stances and spells + pics
Gomb's Journey to Fusion PetsdonendinoUnorganised, but VERY useful
How to train a pet (according to me)DipWoogleIncludes training spots, AB settings and more
How to train Monkey Egg (Updated).DipWoogleTeaching methods, stances and spells + pics
Kitty Pet EvolutionSuweeeggTeaching methods, stances and spells + pics
Pet Rank ListElaraCurrently the most updated one
Pet stats, pet type and pet bonuses charts. UPDATED catchable mobsimi83Amazing pet chart
PET TRAINIG - tips and AB configuration gudeSylwiraPet AB configuration guide
Serpent Pet EvolutionCoolcloud333Serpent's rank got fixed
Teach you how to change pet's shape after 3startaoandykimoThe list is outdated
Teddy Egg Attack/SA EvolutionDipWoogleIncomplete
Use Angel Baby to feed your pet!p00rlenoFeed your pet while being AFK
Vulcan Egg Types/Skills/PicsDreAm3rTeaching methods, stances and spells + pics
Yue's Pet Rank ListYueTheClowRanks up to 150

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Tips&Tricks + Character Builds


!Color Guide! ( pet name,instant message,etc )jojopeasebrHow to change the color of pet names and others
A Guide To Quick Instance RunsFluffyallMakes instance achievements way easier
A Small Tip for Everyone (Free Buff in AL)ValkiazerA small but useful tip
Achievement Buy-SellranakinFaster way of doing the Buy-Sell achievement
Another Lesson: TeamworksparklydemonUseful tips about teamwork
Buffing and staying in the same spotSkyDragonLordHow to avoid following pets/other characters
Camping with Steel Rain Simple GuidecstreakTip for camping with SR
Daily Events - Tricks and Helps (Update #2)LeviathanEverything you need to know about DE
Faster And Better way to train your main!bebedragonSpares time and Mark Scrolls
FilteringMizanthropeHow to filter the chat, blacklist etc.
Fusion for DummiesvegetakhanF1Fusion of consumption items - 2
How to make about 62m per day.(No AG involved)ledeniqvandoRequires creation of additional accounts
How to stop dying.konah0000Saves exp.
HOW TO TRADE maximum of 5 BILLION in ONE TRADEkgeverBy using super glue as temporary currency
How to win AA as a sin lvl 8x-9xaviex99Some tips for players using Assassins
Instance Strategy-Gulp roomjoyshowShows you the way through Gulp Room
Instance Strategy-Magic kitch path(part2)joyshowShows you the way through MKP
Making Money Fusing FoodHiHelloItsMeVery organanised and informative
Scrolling up chatbox after DCtummy112233A little but very useful advice
Shuwa Instance GuideThaNoobDOGShows you how to beat the Shuwa instance bosses
Social Celebrity BugEvaSaintVery useful trick to complete the achiev. faster
SP Below Function of Angel Baby's Assist section.ijbestHow to recover your SP with AB using SP Scrolls
Tips on Combining [Only for reference]Jinay77Fusion of consumption items - 1
Tips To Get Easy AchievementsDaiasExplanation and a lot of tips about achievements
Walkthrough most expansions~FallnAnge3lVideo guides for instances

Character Builds
Assassin's Guide - The RevealmentijbestGreat guide including video links
Guide for wraith chaos mages-Achi-Including screenies, moneymaking and PVE/PVP tips
Lvl 100 Swordsman Guide (Up To Dinoland)JdeDragonVery detailed guide about Swordsmen
Seachase's updated assassin guide July 2010sincerest669Everything you need to know about Assassins

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[How to] Clients disconnectedegocentricoCheck if your alts are offline using the FL
About Lag and KicksJinay77Explanation & how to reduce them
Another method of deleting "CAP" file for Death Achievejoedie0824If the method below doesn't work for you, try this
Avoid having AB take screenshots!p00rlenoGreat guide. Very helpful for the death times achiev.
Can't log into the game? READ THIS!!!YuujiFor those of you who are unable to login after registering
Fix for the black Screen ~CwomazHow to update your Graphics Driver
Getting Into AO filesGodlyModExtract info out of UJ's AO client
How to change full screen resolution to a custom figure (With Screenshots)DriminaryCustomize your AO resolution
How to get AO SoundtrackSylwiraWorks also with the other AO .pak files
How to make ur char as signatureBl00dDragonImage links are broken
How To Stop Internet LagZManiakHow to change your DNS
How To: Set-Up Logitech Rumblepad 2IyeruPlay AO with your Logitech Rumblepad 2
Playing AO on any Idevice/smarthphone well sort of.. [UPDATED]jonyvitsImage links are broken
Portal Dc's and black screensthatonerevoThe "Delete your Robot Data" solution
Raising Angels Online performancezuhx3Image links are broken
READ THIS!!!!!!! HOW TO CREATE UR ACCOUNT SUCCESFULLY.badai06For those of you who are still unable to login after registering
Record AO Video in High Definition! (Nice PC Required)p00rlenoDetailed explanation
Recording Angels Online VideoAlanMackieAnother guide about recording
Save your AB settingsElaraGreat and detailed guide. Saves time
Ubuntu+Wine AO Setup Guide, 100% working!luihimeHow to play AO on Linux
Ways to Minimize Server Lagp00rlenoA lot of tips on how to reduce server lag
{ Reducing Your Lag }chiggerAnother tip which may help with the lag

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Skilling + Spells, Stances and Recipes


Autorepot during skillingMirrabelleSkill spamming while being AFK
Skilling (w/o Buying Blue Potion) using Mercenarycookiemo0kieSaves money
Skilling Without AnimationFrostwindNeat little trick
Skilling WraithAlanMackieFastest ways of skilling Wraith

Spells, Stances and Recipes
Bearscape: New skills level 280darknessdeep00Pics and Video
Different spell/stance names in NPChams4allAvoid confusion by checking this
Dinoland Stancesassassindeath8Explanation + pics of the Spell/Stance animations
guide skills of all the mapslordmigueMagma Flux and Arcana Stances + Spells
Non-Stackable Skills BuffsThunderBlade95List of buffs that can't be active at the same time
Recipes list to avoid unnecessary walking~ [Producers]HisokaProd plan locations
Skill list to avoid unnecessary walking~OswaldLocations of certain Stances/Scrolls
Skill Location/Level/Price Guidedah06Similar to the guide above
Skill Price and Location (Up to Goldenia)ElfangorThe most updated one